A lot of people view Warrior Forum as the go-to source for new internet marketers to soak up as much information as possible and get help when they need it. Over the past few years, the creators and moderators of Warrior Forum have unfortunately transformed their site into a safe-haven for “gurus” and scummy product publishers to prey on innocent, honest people looking to get a start in internet marketing. If you think that’s a bold statement that couldn’t possibly be backed up with evidence, then read my Warrior Forum review below in its entirety. It echoes and mirrors the experiences of multiple honest, hardworking internet marketers across the internet, which I’ll link to toward the bottom of this review as well.

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Many People Warned Me About Warrior Forum, but I Didn’t Listen

As someone that runs a website exposing dishonest sales tactics and internet marketing scams, many of my followers warned me that the Warrior Forum would probably fight back someday. I didn’t listen because I interacted on the Warrior Forum for several months without facing blowback or resistance of any kind. After a while I just assumed that, because I was following all of the forum’s rules, the moderators were allowing me to speak openly and protect their members from getting scammed. That changed one day when I apparently “crossed a line” and stepped on a landmine.


One of the MANY Con-Artists on Warrior Forum (a.k.a. My Undoing)

I found a WF member that was buying classified ads on the Warrior Forum and ranking on Google for all kinds of scammy products – most of which I’ve reviewed negatively on this site. All of his reviews were overwhelmingly positive, and in each review he ranted and raved about how much money each of these products makes him. He bragged about how powerful Google Sniper was, he talked about how he made $10,000+ his first week with Empower Network, etc…

It seemed like every product that I had reviewed negatively because I know without a doubt that these products are illegitimate, unhelpful, and outdated – this Warrior Forum member was reviewing all of them positively and (of course) posting an affiliate link for people to purchase through him and receive a “bonus”. His “reviews” on the Warrior Forum were ranking at the top of Google for several terms and I can’t imagine how many people he ripped off (and continues to ripoff) over the months or years he’s been up there. In one of the reviews that I read, it was obvious that he hadn’t even purchased the product before writing his review because what he claimed the product taught was completely inaccurate and didn’t line up with the content of the product at all. I know because I actually purchased it for my review! In another review he misspelled the publisher’s name throughout the entire “review” he had done. It was becoming more and more obvious that this guy was creating fake reviews without even buying the products, bragging about how much money he was making, posting an affiliate link, and promising bonuses to anyone that purchased through his link.

One day I got fed up, and decided to protect the consumers he was trying to scam with his fake reviews. I posted a lengthy reply to one of his reviews, linking to many of his other “reviews” on the Warrior Forum and exposing the pattern of fake positive reviews that he was leaving all across the forum. I pointed out that he didn’t even know what information was being taught in most of his products, that he paid so little attention to detail that he did things like misspell publisher names, and made it crystal-clear that this guy was ripping people off.

I signed off pretty happy that day. Sure, the post took a lot of time to type up, but it was an impossible-to-argue-with exposé and I was proud of myself for standing up for what I believe in and continuing to protect consumers from dishonest affiliates. That was until a Warrior Forum Moderator completely deleted that reply, all of my posts on past “review” threads, and my forum signature site-wide.


You Read That Right – A Warrior Forum Moderator Effectively Muted Me

Not only did they delete the post on that thread which clearly exposed this member as an illegitimate reviewer that was ripping people off (nothing in my post was defamatory or against forum rules, mind you), but they deleted ALL of my posts within the internet marketing product review section. Again, none of these violated thread rules or personally attacked publishers, they just exposed products that were completely illegitimate and outdated to Warrior Forum members that had asked for help and insight on these products.

In addition to that, they replaced my signature site-wide. My signature linked to my site and explained that I gave 100% honest, no-holds-barred internet marketing product reviews. When I noticed all of these other changes, I was really creeped out to find that my signature hadn’t simply been deleted – no – it had been replaced to make a clear statement against my website and what NoMoreBSReviews represents:

warrior forum replaces Pribs' signature

Is it just me, or is that really, REALLY eerie? Not only had they wiped my original post on that thread and ALL of my posts helping prevent people from getting scammed in the product review section, but all remaining posts on other sections of the website now sent a message: Warrior Forum doesn’t want you linking to a website that exposes our active members as con-artists and scammers.

If I’m selling a product that’s 1o years out-of-date and a complete ripoff at $97 a month, I can link to that. If I’m selling a coaching course that will cost you  $5,000 and leave you stranded after you pay, I can link to that. But if I give away solid, up-to-date free training and consumer protection information that exposes fraud artists and deceptive advertising which reveals many of your members and their products to be con-artists, I can’t link to that.


So Naturally, I Filed a Complaint with Support

Pribs' support ticket at Warrior Forum after being censored

I thought the questions were pretty reasonable and level-headed, all things considered. I had just had MONTHS of work and conversations within the forum wiped without any notification or explanation. I wanted to know why my posts had been deleted and why my signature had been replaced. To say that Warrior Forum’s response was unsatisfying is an understatement:

How Warrior Forum rationalized censoring meIn case you can’t tell by reading it, this response is complete bull$#!&. I don’t currently and have never had a site loaded with affiliate links. Less than 5% of my website’s content contains an affiliate link of any kind. In addition to that, the Warrior Forum support representative didn’t even address the more important part of my support ticket – why were ALL of my posts in the review section deleted? After Thomas submitted this reply, he marked the ticket as resolved without a care in the world that they had just muted an honest voice trying to protect consumers on their forum.


This Is Why Warrior Forum is COMPLETELY Unsafe for Newbies

Warrior Forum slowly weeds out the honest, truly helpful internet marketers that make a living through legitimate means, but continue to allow publishers to sell whatever they want without a care in the world. People get scammed and ripped off several times a day at Warrior Forum. Within their forum there are hundreds of con-artists, thousands of low-quality, outdated products being sold and the Warrior Forum protects them.


I’m Not the Only One

Unfortunately this is not rare. There are stories like mine all over the internet, and a few basic internet searches will turn up the following:

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Confessions of an Internet Marketing Scammer by Eric Holmlund

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What Matt Cutt’s of Google’s Spam Team says about internet marketing forums like WF


The Warrior Forum is a Safe Harbor for Deception, Lies, and Scams – Avoid It at All Costs

The truth about the Warrior Forum is out there, it’s just hard to find. Any negative feedback like this on the Warrior Forum is deleted almost immediately and the members posting such information are frequently banned. Regardless of whether or not it’s intentional, the Warrior Forum has created a place where dishonesty is protected and honesty is banned forever, and that is why I deleted my Warrior Forum account:

Ian Pribyl deleting his Warrior Forum account


What Are Your Experiences with the Warrior Forum?

Have you had negative experiences at the Warrior Forum – whether it was getting ripped off or being personally attacked by their sometimes over-zealous community? Do you think that this is an overreaction and that Warrior Forum is actually a great place for new internet marketers? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!