I thought it was best to follow up my really negative Warrior Forum review with a post that shares the top 3 Warrior Forum alternatives. All of these alternatives have just as much high-quality content (if not more) without the drawback of scams and ripoffs being advertised and sold at every turn like the WF does. Also, all of these sites encourage honest discussion and don’t censor honest users that share helpful information for the rest of the community.

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Alternative #1: Black Hat World

Alternative #1 to Warrior Forum: Black Hat World

Pros: Just as much great content, free, very active community, isn’t monetized by WSOs, doesn’t censor honest members

Cons: The title is a little off-putting, but it’s not what it sounds like

Black Hat World is the most apples-to-apples alternative to Warrior Forum there is. You get even more great, free content without all of the drawbacks and downfalls that WF has.

I actually avoided Black Hat World for a long time due to its title alone, which is unfortunate, but I think I share this in common with many internet marketers. There’s actually a very active, very helpful community active within the Black Hat World forums and almost all of it is directly related to internet marketing. Many people with successful businesses actually come to the forums and share everything that’s made them money for FREE, whereas the Warrior Forum usually charges for this information in the form of WSOs, most of which you buy only to find out they’re total crap and a waste of your time anyways.


Alternative #2: Wealthy Affiliate’s Free Membership

Warrior Forum Alternative #2: Wealthy Affiliate

Pros: A ton of free lessons, a super friendly and supportive community, doesn’t censor honest members, zero advertising within the members’ area, and it’s my #1 rated product here on NMBSR

Cons: You have limited access with a free account, you only have communication abilities for the first 7 days with a free account

Whereas a site like Warrior Forum is a forum that incorporates lessons here and there, Wealthy Affiliate is the opposite. This site’s free membership has a ton of free training and lessons, but the entire members’ area is also a living, breathing forum where members of the community can interact with one another. For example, if you have a comment on a lesson – just ask. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, just create a new discussion within the “Classrooms” section and other members will come to help. It’s really cool, and unlike anything else I’ve reviewed in the internet marketing industry. You’ll have to pay if you want access to the more intermediate and advanced lessons or if you want unlimited communication with other members, but the free membership alone is worth its weight in gold (Get it? Because it’s free :)).


Alternative #3: Digital Point Forums

Warrior Forum Alternative #3: Digital Point Forums

Pros: A lot of great content, a pretty active community

Cons: Not as good as alternative #1 or #2, but it’s free and a great place to look if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the other alternatives

Digital Point is another great place that I would recommend long before I recommend Warrior Forum. It’s a safe community with great information on SEO, PPC, content creation, conversion optimization, and a lot of other topics you need to familiarize yourself with if you plan to be successful in internet or affiliate marketing. Unlike Warrior Forum, they don’t censor users for standing up and exposing internet marketing scams or immoral members ripping other people off within the forums, so it’s a safe haven where you can get free information, but also not have to worry about someone scamming you as you click through the forums.


Use These Sites as Alternatives to Warrior Forum

There are pockets here and there within the Warrior Forum that have great information, but there exponentially more pockets that are unsafe for new internet marketers because the owners/moderators of Warrior Forum protect vendors and publishers more than they protect their own members’ interests. All of the alternatives I’ve listed above have incredibly valuable content, generous communities willing to help you (and are much less insulting than many “Warriors”), and best of all, you don’t have to worry remotely as much about being scammed or swindled by the members on these other free resources.

I’d recommend any one of these alternatives five times before I recommended Warrior Forum again based on my experiences there. Sign up with any or all of the sites above and you’re sure to be 1o0% safe and get all of the answers you’re looking for.


Share Your Experiences with the Community!

Do you have experiences with any of the Warrior Forum alternatives that I’ve listed above? Have you had negative experiences within the Warrior Forum that led you to look for alternatives, and that’s what led you to this page? If so, please share your thoughts/comments in the section below!