According to their sleek sales page, WakeUpNow was founded in 2009 in order to “help you live better.” They make bold promises in flashy videos claiming that if you join WakeUpNow, you’ll be able to rise out of debt and start prospering immediately. While they claim that they’re offering products with outstanding value, you’ll soon see that basically everything they are promoting can be found for free with basic internet searches. Even worse, even though it costs an expensive monthly fee to join, most of their users are only making pennies each year. And this is according to their own records, which I will post below for your convenience.


Paying for Free Information

As someone who enjoys finding great discounts on the internet, I was excited to hear WakeUpNow talk about the amazing corporate discounts that they offer. So I paid for the Platinum membership which costs a whopping $99 a month to learn what WakeUpNow was all about.   The sales videos make it seem like you’ll gain nearly unlimited benefits, but I was extremely disappointed with these so-called discounts. Most of the products that they promote won’t save you a penny, and even their featured deals offer pitiful “discounts” that won’t actually save you money. For example, when I logged in to my WakeUpNow account I saw that they were promoting a pair of Audio Earbuds (White Night) for only $58.99.

WakeUpNow Featured Deal


The only problem is that we can all buy the exact same pair of earbuds on Amazon for more than $20 less! Amazon Price is Cheaper

Why on earth should I spend $99 a month to take advantage of “deals” that are actually more expensive than where I usually do my shopping for free? The same is true with all of the price comparisons that I did with WakeUpNow. Whether it was airline tickets, vacation discounts, or grocery coupons, I was easily able to find better discounts with really simple Google searches.


Need to Sell to Others

So now that we can see that WakeUpNow isn’t offering discounts with much value, why do people stick with it? The reason is simple: in order to make money with WakeUpNow, you have to continue selling products to other people. And in order to do that, you have to continue paying steep monthly fees, even if you’re not gaining anything from your WakeUpNow membership. WakeUpNow Monthly Fees


Like any other MLM structure, you can only make money with WakeUpNow if you continue selling it to other people. If you’re new to making money online, you may not realize that this is a major red flag. But any time that you can only earn money by promoting it to other people, that’s a pretty clear sign that the product itself is not of much value.   WakeUpNow is actually a great example of the type of make-money-online products which should be avoided. With WakeUpNow, the only way to make money is through selling the product to others, and that’s usually just a way for product creators to get rich at your expense.


Pyramid Structure = Avoid

Perhaps the biggest red flag about WakeUpNow is that nobody is earning money besides a tiny minority of people at the very top of their organization’s structure. They don’t talk about this in any of their promotional videos, because then nobody would buy their product. But if you take a look at their Income Disclosure Statement, then the truth comes out. Actual WakeUpNow Earnings


I’ve highlighted the most important statistic from WakeUpNow’s income disclosure. The majority of their IBOs (people like me who paid the expensive monthly fee) make less than ten cents a year. Let’s be very clear: if you invest $99 a month into buying WakeUpNow, the statistics above show that you probably won’t even earn a dollar each year.   If I’m going to invest serious cash into a money making system, I want to be absolutely sure that it’ll actually work. But the numbers above clearly tell a different story, that most WakeUpNow IBO’s can’t even earn their investment back. Forget about rising to prosperity – most people actually lose money when they invest in WakeUpNow.”


Final Word: No Value Here

Don’t get lost in all of the hype in their professional sales videos, and keep your eye on the ball. The discounts that they are offering can easily be found for free, as I showed above with even cheaper prices on Amazon. The high monthly expense is not justified, and the very fact that you need to sell it to other people to make money is a red flag. But worst of all, the majority of users don’t even earn a dime, and that is why WakeUpNow should absolutely be avoided.


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