Rob Jones wants you to think that the Trust Jacker plugin works by doing things that you already do online every day. The truth of the matter is that it’s much more difficult to earn money, and Trust Jacker won’t help you unless you already have access to a large audience on social media. The training is extremely inadequate, and you’ll have to be an experienced marketer to do anything with this plugin. Lastly, I’ll explain why the Trust Jacker plugin makes me uncomfortable, and why I don’t recommend this as an honest way of earning money with internet marketing.

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Why Rob Jones’ Main Claim About Trust Jacker Is Very Misleading

The whole idea behind Trust Jacker is that you can earn money by doing the exact same things that you’d be doing online anyways. That’s the main selling point that Rob Jones focuses on during the sales video and he repeats this many, many times.     Trust Jacker Sales Claim The only problem is that this only applies to people who are already experienced marketers and social media experts. If you’re not used to driving traffic to websites, then using Trust Jacker will be very different from your everyday internet activities. Trust Jacker Claims No Selling For example, even though Rob Jones tries to make it seem like you won’t have to sell anything, that’s not exactly true. The Trust Jacker plugin works by making a popup appear on the screen when a visitor exits out a link that you’ve shared, and you’re only going to get a commission if they complete the CPA ad or buy a Clickbank product. That means there’s actually a large amount of traffic-building and selling involved, much like with normal internet marketing. You’ll have to perform complicated tasks in order to get paid, including building up the number of followers you have on social media and learning how to drive sizable traffic, none of which are part of most people’s normal internet activities.

Trust Jacker’s Training Could Not Be Less Helpful

So now that it’s clear that Trust Jacker is actually a lot more complex than Rob Jones wants us to think, it’s time to take a look at the training that they provide. Since earning money with Trust Jacker involves a lot of social media knowledge and other marketing skills, it’s important that the training section teach all of these concepts to its users. Unfortunately, Trust Jacker comes up way short of the mark. Almost all of the training is squeezed into two short videos that are barely five minutes long. That’s not even scratching the surface, and not nearly enough training for those who are learning internet marketing skills for the first time. Trust Jacker Short Training  Trust Jacker can only earn you money once you’ve mastered the techniques of driving traffic through social media. That’s a lot easier said than done, and you’re not going to start making money instantly like the sales page makes it seem. This plugin should have come with much more serious training, but instead it leaves its users hanging with only several brief video clips. Trust Jacker Claims Instant Earnings

Why Trust Jacking Unsuspecting People Is Not A Method I Recommend

The concept behind Trust Jacker is that you can send a user to a reputable website like WebMD or a popular news website, and make it seem like the website itself is recommending your affiliate offer. With this technique, when the popup appears from your link, the person reading it will assume that the offer has a lot of credibility. Trust Jacker Using WebMD To me, this seems like a dishonest way of making money off of people. Basically, you’re taking advantage of your traffic by selling things without them realizing that your affiliate products are not actually recommended by the reputable website. Essentially, you’re abusing the trust that people have in the organizations that work really hard to build up that level of confidence. Rob Jones seems to have no problem with this, but to me this seems like a sleazy way of earning money. You’re misleading people into thinking that an offer is recommended by experts when it’s really just a random affiliate link. Trust Jacker Abusing Trust I’d rather be upfront with people I’m selling to, so that they know exactly what they are buying. Instead of being disingenuous, I’d rather provide actual value so that nobody is confused about who is recommending a particular product.

Conclusion: Trust Jacker Is Not What It Claims To Be

Trust Jacker is far from the picture that Rob Jones paints in the sales video. First, using this plugin effectively is very different from what most people usually spend their time doing on the internet. The training is extremely thin and unhelpful, and you’ll be completely lost unless you’re already an experienced internet marketer. Lastly, I have strong misgivings about promoting an offer by abusing the trust that people have in reputable websites, so I absolutely cannot recommend Trust Jacker.

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