On the My Top Tier Business sales page, its creator Matt Lloyd makes bold claims about how effective his product is. He’s so confident that you’ll be earning money in 30 days that he backs it up with a $500 guarantee. In this review, I’ll share with you why the guarantee is actually a load of crap, and I’ll explain how the marketing on the sales pages is full of inaccurate claims. In fact, even if you just want to test out the My Top Tier Business training videos for his 21-step system, you’ll have to spend thousands of dollars.


Extremely Dishonest Marketing

The My Top Tier Business sales page is very clear about Matt Lloyd’s “NO-RISK Guarantee,” and this is why internet marketing newbies get sucked into buying his product. Basically, Matt Lloyd claims that all you need to do is test out his 21-step system, and if you don’t make money, he’ll give you $500. Those are his exact words, as you can read for yourself on his sales page.

Matt Lloyd's Guarantee


The sales video is even clearer: Matt Lloyd emphasizes many times—not just once—that you won’t need to pay any more money. So I decided to get My Top Tier Business a try, and I paid $49 to check out some of the training videos. Then after just one week, without any notice whatsoever, I was told that in order to continue watching the videos I’d have to pay a $1,997 licensing fee. I was very angry, since the sales page didn’t say anything about paying this massive fee just to finish the videos.


When I tried to watch one of the later training videos, my access was blocked, even though I already paid for the product. Now I can’t watch any video after the first several, and in order to continue with the training, the support team is insisting that I pay two thousand dollars! I’ve been in internet marketing for years, and I can’t think of a single time that I saw such dishonest marketing. Think about it, what use is a $500 guarantee when you have to pay $2,000 just to test it out?

Access Denied



Paying to be an Affiliate

At this point you’re probably asking yourself, how can Matt Lloyd possibly justify this $1,997 upsell? It’s presented as a “licensing fee” which is just fancy language for paying two thousand dollars in order to be an affiliate. Any time that an affiliate is forced to pay money in order to receive sales commissions, it is a major red flag.

No Access Even After Paying for Product


Legitimate products don’t need to charge affiliates money to sell their products, and that’s why you’ll never see an affiliate for an Amazon or Clickbank product being charged money. But that doesn’t stop Matt Lloyd from asking for thousands of dollars just to sell his products to other people.


Even worse, you’re still left completely in the dark at this point. Matt Lloyd expects you to pay $2,000 in order to become an affiliate for a product that you haven’t even seen yet. In my opinion, that’s simply crazy—how on earth could anyone spend so much money without first seeing the quality of the product? Why would you even pay money to be an affiliate in the first place?


Unethical Sales Commissions

Even if you’re willing to fork over the $2,000 (which I think is very foolish), you should also be asking yourself whether this is a legitimate way of earning money online. Basically, you’re being asked to vouch for a product when you don’t even know if it’s valuable information or complete garbage.


Is that how you want to make a living, by selling people a product that you’re not even familiar with?  Personally, I am only comfortable promoting a product if I know that it’s actually helping people make money, and with Matt Lloyd’s product I have no way of knowing if this is true. All I can see is the titles of the steps, but without watching the actual videos, there’s no way of knowing if this system is actually worthwhile.

$2,000 to Unlock these Videos


Matt Lloyd is hoping that you feel okay going along with his plan as long as you’re making high commissions. But as someone who’s making an honest living from internet marketing, I can’t in good conscience promote this program until I know it’s legitimate. Unfortunately, with My Top Tier Business, there’s simply no way of knowing until you invest a massive amount of money.


Conclusion: Don’t Fall For It

It should be obvious by now that I think you should stay far away from My Top Tier Business. The sales page is extremely dishonest when it says you’ll only have to pay $49—the truth is you’ll have to pay over $2,000. Moreover, you should be extremely skeptical any time that you are paying in order to be an affiliate, especially if you’re not even allowed to see the product until you fork over the money. Lastly, as an internet marketer I only want to earn money when I am actually helping people with honest information, and I won’t sell myself out just to get a high commission from Matt Lloyd.


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