The mission of this website is simple: To be an honest, objective voice in an industry riddled with fake reviews and lies.

A website like this is long overdue. Every day there are hundreds of videos, blog posts, and articles added to the internet by people that are trying to make a quick buck. Many of these reviewers haven’t even tried the product. Many of them have tried the product, know it’s worthless, but also know they can sell it easily so they endorse it anyways for the commission checks.

That won’t ever happen on this website. I have been in this industry for many years and know crap when I see it. If and when I see a crap product, I will tell you it’s crap. If it’s not so bad but really not worth what they’re charging, I’ll tell you that too. And if I think it’s truly a great product that will help almost anyone that uses it, I will say that as well (but that won’t happen very often).

I’ll do my best to buy and review 1-2 products a week and my ultimate goal for this website is to have a collection of reviews large enough that this website is the go-to source for internet and affiliate marketing products. Things will probably get somewhat controversial, but through it all I will be doing my best to protect the people researching these products and looking for an honest review.