A No Bull$#!& Review of SEO Zen (Podcast)

Posted on Jun 28, 2014 in Podcast | 3 comments

The highly detailed, blow-by-blow SEO Zen review (with screenshots) can be found at: http://www.nomorebsreviews.com/seo-zen-review-scammy-worthless-piece-trash/   Transcript for this SEO Zen review podcast: In this SEO Zen review, I’m going to explain why Alex Becker, Alex Cass and Mo Miah’s product is one of the downright, lowest quality and scummiest products I have reviewed in this industry in a very long time. The details...

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A 100% Honest Video Review of SEO Zen

Posted on Jun 27, 2014 in Video Reviews | 0 comments

You can find the unedited, highly detailed text review (complete with screenshots) of SEO Zen here: http://www.nomorebsreviews.com/seo-zen-review-scammy-worthless-piece-trash/ Full transcript of this SEO Zen video review below: Today, we’re going to be discussing a product called SEO Zen by guys named Alex Becker, Alex Cass and Mo Miah. This is one of the most low quality, scummiest products that I have reviewed at a long time....

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SEO Zen Review: A Scammy, Worthless Piece of Trash

Posted on Jun 26, 2014 in Negative Reviews | 7 comments

I’m always warning followers that it’s impossible to automate search engine optimization (SEO), and in this SEO Zen review I’ll explain how Alex Becker, Alex Cass, and Mo Miah’s product is a prime example of how scammy and worthless SEO automation software is. This is one of the biggest, most blatant scams I’ve reviewed in a very long time, so if you’re considering buying SEO Zen, I strongly recommend...

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