I’m always warning followers that it’s impossible to automate search engine optimization (SEO), and in this SEO Zen review I’ll explain how Alex Becker, Alex Cass, and Mo Miah’s product is a prime example of how scammy and worthless SEO automation software is. This is one of the biggest, most blatant scams I’ve reviewed in a very long time, so if you’re considering buying SEO Zen, I strongly recommend reading this review from start to finish.

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The Red Flags Started Right After Purchase

Immediately after buying SEO Zen, I was taken to an expensive upsell offer, which unfortunately isn’t uncommon in this industry.

upsell sales page

When I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and clicked the cleverly hidden “No Thanks” button, I was taken to a 404 Page Not Found error:

page not found after upsell

I thought to myself, “Well… that’s a good start.” Immediately after paying $97.00 for the single license product, I realized that I’ve purchased from a publisher that cares so little about professionalism or the success of their customers that the post-checkout process has a broken link on the very first page. Fortunately there was a link to setup my membership in my email, so besides the extraordinary lack of professionalism, there wasn’t much damage done here.


So I Setup SEO Zen, but Couldn’t Access the Training…

After you setup your membership, you’re taken to the members’ area home where there are some pretty easy-to-follow instructions for downloading and installing the SEO Zen plugin:

seo zen setup instructionsI followed all of the instructions, successfully installed and activated the plugin without any hiccups, and clicked over to the “Training” tab (seen in the image above) to get down to business. That’s where I received the following message:

instructions to access training

“That’s not so bad,” I thought to myself as I started to follow the instructions. Then I realized that there was something very, very wrong with this picture:

problems with accessing training

The red arrow at the top of the image above shows the “Purchased Products” section that I’m being directed to within the “Training” tab’s message. The “SEO Zen Plugin Training + Bonuses” option doesn’t exist under my “Purchased Products”. Whenever I click the “Access” button on my “SEO Zen Lite” purchase, it just takes me back to the setup instructions, and clicking the training tab takes me back to this same, worthless message.

I clicked all over the members’ area looking for this “Training” section, but it flat-out didn’t exist. Here I’m out $97 after buying SEO Zen and I don’t even have access to training to show me how to use the product. Awesome.


Even After Getting Screwed Out of Training, I Pressed Forward

I’m determined to evaluate this product, so I decide to start playing around with the plugin anyways. It all looks pretty straightforward:

default page after installing the plugin

I didn’t really know how to fill these sections out, so I navigated back to the sales page where Alex Cass shows how to use the product and follow along. I picked a low competition niche that I’ve ranked for easily in the past for a friend’s local optometry business in Sugar Land, TX. When I’m done filling it out, this is what the above section looks like:

creating a new "silo"

In case you can’t tell from the information above, I’m trying to create a silo that’s based around eye doctors/optometrists in Sugar Land, TX. I selected the option to populate the page with an article + a YouTube video, and that’s when things really went downhill.


The Moment that I Knew SEO Zen is a Complete Scam

After filling out all of the information in the image above and creating my first “silo”, this is the page that was created on my website:

the page that SEO Zen created on my website

You can click the image above if you’re having trouble reading it, but the main problem became clear very quickly: this content isn’t related to Sugar Land optometry at all – it’s an article about carpet cleaning in Sugar Land, TX. REALLY?! There’s no shot in hell of getting search engine rankings when the software won’t even pull content related to my industry.

As if that weren’t enough, I scroll down and the YouTube video that SEO Zen has pulled is advertising a local competitor’s business.

ad for a competitor's website

Even if this weren’t a website for a local business, imagine building out an affiliate website and at the bottom of most of your pages there’s an ad for your top competition! That’s pretty worthless. Believe it or not, it gets worse.


Even After “Spinning” the Article, It’s Mostly Duplicate Content

If you know anything at all about SEO, you should know that duplicate content is completely worthless in today’s search climate.  None of the major search engines will rank it, therefore it becomes impossible to generate traffic and revenue with your website.

When I copied/pasted the first paragraph of the page that SEO Zen created, this is what I saw:

duplicate content from my new pageThere are 10 other pages with the exact same first paragraph that my page used. Just in case you don’t believe me, here’s how Google feels about duplicate content, taken directly from their support database:

how google feels about duplicate content

Sure, the page I created through SEO Zen passed CopyScape’s test just like it did when Alex Cass demonstrated it within his sales video, but my article was still PACKED with duplicate content that Google will never rank favorably.


Some Features Don’t Even Function AT ALL!

And if all of the above weren’t bad enough, when I go into the section of SEO Zen that’s supposed to help me find high PR backlinks, I just receive a spinning wheel of death that never goes away:

pr link search function doesn't even work

I let this go on for ten minutes without it ever resolving, and I tried other keywords and options to search with and nothing worked. This part of the SEO Zen software is just completely broken, useless, and another sign that I had just purchased a scam.


The Final Verdict: Avoid SEO Zen at All Costs

I hope that all of the points discussed and screenshots I’ve posted above make it abundantly clear: you should avoid the scam that is SEO Zen at all costs. Alex Becker, Alex Cass, and Mo Miah have put together a thin, worthless, buggy product that makes claims it couldn’t possibly deliver on in today’s search climate.

Unless you want to waste $97 and a pretty decent chunk of time, avoid SEO Zen at all costs. Avoid anything that Alex Becker/Cass or Mo Miah release in the future, and unsubscribe from the list of anyone telling you that it’s a good product. It’s one of the most blatant ripoffs I’ve ever seen, and anyone with an ounce of integrity would tell you that this product is a worthless piece of crap.


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