If you’re anything like me, when you first laid eyes on Jay the “Lazy Ass Stoner” you thought that a homeless person mated with a nappy Shih Tzu, and their offspring had released an internet marketing product called “Screw95”, as in, “Screw your 9 to 5 job”. Well, you’ll be just as surprised as I was to realize that’s not the case (not to mention physically impossible), and as I’ll try to clearly illustrate throughout this Screw95 review – the product actually isn’t that bad at all. In fact, there’s something refreshingly dank about this Lazy Ass Stoner’s approach. Screw95 review thumbnail

Hear Me Out: A Map for this Screw95 Review

If you’re familiar with my site at all, you know that the VAST majority of products I give non-biased reviews receive negative ratings. Trust me, I’m as shocked as you are that I’m writing a positive review for a guy that refers to himself as “Lazy Ass Stoner”, but hang in there and I think I’ll be able to clearly illustrate why.

Also, this product is highly specialized and definitely not for everyone. By reading this whole review you’ll get a clear idea of whether or not Screw95 is what you’re looking for.

The Screw95 members’ area is split up into five different “stages” plus three “bonus” stages. Each one consists of anywhere from a couple to several videos, all ranging from a couple minutes each to about 15 minutes each. All of the stages (in order) are:

  • Stage 1: Choosing a Niche
  • Stage 2: Setting Up a Site
  • Stage 3: Adding Products
  • Stage 4: Dominating Search
  • Stage 5: Dominating Social
  • Bonus 1: Scaling Up
  • Bonus 2: Case Studies
  • Bonus 3: Private Forums

welcome page I’m going to go through each of these sections one-by-one, briefly explaining what they cover, and telling you what’s good and/or bad about each one. The only section where my negative feedback will severely outweigh my positive feedback is Stage 4, which I frankly believe the product would have been better without. However, I can see why Jay put it in there for the sake of completeness, and I will make sure to review it from an experienced internet marketer’s perspective.

This is going to be a long review, ladies and gentlemen. Skim through it at your own pace, pay attention to what’s important to you and skip over what’s not, and if you decide to buy Screw95 I would greatly appreciate it if you help keep NoMoreBSReviews funded and giving honest reviews by purchasing it through this link. Send me an email if you do and I’ll make sure to send some awesome bonuses your way, as always. Here we go!

Stage 1: Choosing a Niche

stage 1: choosing a niche I’ve seen several different recommendations on how to go about choosing a niche, but I’d never seen an approach quite like what Jay teaches in Screw95. This course walks you through how to create a very specialized type of affiliate site that will only work in certain niches, and Jay does a really good job outlining exactly what it takes to find those niches.

He very clearly (and surprisingly articulately) guides Screw95 members on how to avoid non-profitable and non-product related terms. He uses a personal experience from his past of ranking for the term “how to make a bong” and getting a ton of traffic but not being able to convert that traffic into affiliate commissions (something many affiliate marketers face early in their journey).

I can’t say too much about this section without giving away some of the strategies that Jay teaches, but I can very comfortably say this: They’re unconventional, they’re not like anything I’ve seen, but they’re also effective at accomplishing what Jay wants you to complete during this first stage.

If you choose to follow Screw95, you’ll be building out a very particular type of affiliate site which is highly product-related and not like the sites that most internet marketing products teach you how to build these days. Over the years, Google and the other major search engines have made a major shift toward rewarding websites with more in-depth, frequently updated content.

Screw95 does not teach how to build one of those sites, but it doesn’t exactly teach you to build a 5-10 page niche site like a lot of bogus products out there are teaching, which is a method that hasn’t been effective for years now. Jay teaches how to build something akin to eCommerce sites in Screw95, tying back to all of the products with your affiliate links rather than stocking inventory and having to pack, ship, and deliver items yourself.

I know that this method works because there are several internet marketers running sites like this to this very day. It’s not my cup of tea personally (I prefer running fewer, larger sites rather than more, smaller sites), but as I write this review it’s still effective in many niches, and this Lazy Ass Stoner does a pretty good job outlining how to find them.

All-in-all, I don’t have much negative feedback for Stage 1. Jay’s instructions are remarkably easy to follow, and new and experienced internet marketers alike can learn a thing or two from his unconventional niche discovery strategies.

Stage 2: Setting Up a Site

stage 2: setting up a site Any legitimate internet marketing product will walk users through how to get a domain, secure hosting, tie the two together, setup WordPress, and get a site up and running. The days of making any real money in affiliate marketing without a website are long behind us, and so the best you can hope for are really good instructions on all of the above.

For the most part, Jay delivers exactly that. He quickly and accurately describes what you should look for in a domain name (.com, brandable, contains keywords). He also does the best job I’ve ever seen of explaining how to link your domain name to your hosting account (referred to as updating your DNS, if you’re familiar with the process), which he accomplishes with less than two minutes of video. You’ll see this a lot throughout the Screw95 members’ area – Jay taking normally difficult and complex concepts but showing how to tackle them very quickly and easily.

Jay also walks customers through how to install WordPress, how to get your site’s framework for search engine optimization (SEO) put together very accurately, how to begin structuring your site based on whatever niche you chose, and how to add an “About Us” and “Privacy Policy” page, two things that are important for search engine rankings these days.

He does all of this very, very well, but there’s one thing that Screw95 doesn’t cover very well at all, and it’s something that I get a lot of questions from my followers about: How to setup a site in a way that looks good. Jay quickly gets everything setup and tied together, but he doesn’t go into much detail at all on how to setup the design of your site.

There’s nothing about how to resize images for banners, icons, work on the colors and aesthetics of your site, etc… and the topic is skirted over very quickly. Jay doesn’t even link to external resources that might help such as the WordPress Codex that gives all kinds of free lessons on setting up your WordPress site.

Honestly, this isn’t too big of a drawback because you can easily find free resources like the one I’ve just linked to, but it’s little things like this that go to show that it’s not possible to make a “perfect”, one-size-fits-all program in this industry. All-in-all, Stage 2 is another very well constructed and easy-to-follow section.

Stage 3: Adding Products

stage 3: adding products As I mentioned earlier, the sites you’re being taught to build out in Screw95 are very similar to eCommerce sites. So you’ll  be pulling products that your niche might be interested in from across the web and listing them on your site.

As with the rest of the training videos, Jay does a pretty good job outlining the exact criteria for what you should look for and gives you a decent amount of places to look for products. He clearly knows the rules of SEO very well and is up-to-date with the latest algorithmic updates because he explicitly states not to copy/paste product descriptions from other sites. This will kill your ability to rank in the search engines, and Jay makes that very clear.

Many products that teach methods similar to what Jay teaches in Screw95 don’t make this clear or actually instruct you to copy/paste from other peoples’ websites, which is a BIG no-no.

Finally, Jay gives an example from one of his own sites and goes into great detail on all of the things your product page should contain (what kind of picture, what kind of description and how long that description should be, a button image to click-through your affiliate link, where to place other links, etc…).

All-in-all, a fairly brief but very clear section that I have no complaints about. As with other sections within Screw95, you’re taught everything you need very concisely but without leaving you wondering, “What should I do next?” All steps and requirements are outlined very clearly.

Stage 4: Dominating Search

stage 4: dominating search This is the only section within Screw95 where I have big complaints.

As far as on-page SEO (putting keywords in your meta data, header tags, throughout the post, etc…) I have no complaints at all. Jay does a really great job there – just as great of a job as he does throughout the rest of the stages. But where Jay really loses me, and what I advise you to just throw out and not use at all if you buy Screw95, is all of the linkbuilding strategies that he teaches.

You’re taught things like creating forum accounts just upload a picture, link to your site within your profile, and then post a few links to products on your site throughout the forum. Video 5 on “Building Links on Authority Sites” isn’t what I would consider building links on authority sites either – you’re basically setting up miniature websites, blogs, etc… on other platforms and creating spammy mini-sites that mainly serve the purpose to get a few links back to your site.

Video 6 on “Using Social Networks to Build Links” is the only backlinking video that I wouldn’t discount and throw out entirely, but it’s covered in MUCH greater detail in Stage 5. Google is becoming better and better at identifying linking patterns, and the vast majority of methods that Jay teaches here leave VERY distinct patterns, even with the sort of “camouflage” that he shows you (posting things like “Welcome to the forum!” in a couple of threads, creating some pages on your mini-site that don’t contain links, etc…).

When Google notices linking patterns that try to “game the system”, they often punish your site and revoke your rankings. If you want your site to have a shot at a remotely long life, DO NOT FOLLOW THESE LINKING STRATEGIES. Even if they work now, Google will pick up on the patterns sometime in the very near future and your site could be severely punished as a result, leaving your affiliate income destroyed in its wake.

Even though this is my only major problem with Screw95, historically this has been enough for me to negatively review a product in the past. But in this particular product, Jay really makes up with it in Stage 5 and if you ignore these efforts but focus diligently on the tactics taught in Stage 5, you’ll still get search engine rankings over time because you’ll naturally receive links through social followers.

If you absolutely insist on doing linkbuilding, what Jay teaches here is about as good as the directions get these days. But Google has made it very clear – don’t intentionally build links to game the system. Focus on your content, and natural links will grow over time which will earn you rankings with Google and other major search engines. This comes from experience – I’ve had sites destroyed by algorithmic updates. You don’t want to get on Google’s bad side – trust me.

Stage 5: Dominating Social

stage 5: dominating social As I said above, Jay really makes up for Stage 4 with Stage 5. The tactics he teaches to build social accounts with a large amount of followers quickly are very effective if used properly. He covers this for all of the major social platforms like Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, etc…

Even if you’re unfamiliar with any or all of these platforms, Jay walks you through it all very clearly and even shows how to setup accounts. Personally, I think Stage 5 alone might be worth the $97 price of admission. Anyone could apply these methods to their niche, even if it weren’t the highly specialized, product-centered, eCommerce-like sites that Jay teaches how to setup in Screw95.

I can’t go into great detail on this section without giving away Jay’s methods, but I can say that I’ve read a lot of social tactics over the years and the methods that I learned in this program were not like anything else I’ve seen.

All-in-all, another very strong section that teaches techniques that even I hadn’t learned in 10 years in the industry. I’m sure they’re out there somewhere, but not in the books and resources that I’ve read – especially not on this scale.

Bonus #1: Scaling Up

bonus 1: scaling up When you’re following the tactics that Jay teaches in Screw95, one or two affiliate sites won’t cut it. Sites like this are going to make anywhere from a few bucks a month to a few hundred, but if you’re looking for a site that will make $2,000+ then this product-centric type of affiliate website isn’t what you’re looking for.

I prefer to have a maximum of 2-3 sites producing a few thousand dollars a month each rather than having 10+ sites making $50-$500. You’ll be very lucky and have to work very hard to get sites like this consistently earning over $1,000 per month. Jay knows that, and in this bonus stage he teaches how to automate your social sharing using HootSuite (a free software program), how to use a software called uBot to automate account creation, social media followers, etc…, and how to hire writers to help with some of your site’s content.

Jay makes it very clear that you should not use these methods for your first site, as it’s very important for you to go through the motions and learn the ropes on your own at least once before trying to scale. That’s true for most businesses, and Screw95 sites are no exception.

The only complaint I have with this section is that some of the automation, especially when it comes to uBot (a premium software that requires a separate purchase), might be a little more advanced than most customers are up for. If you’re patient and you follow the Screw95 videos in this section closely, I think you’ll be fine and it will absolutely save you a lot of time.

With all of that being said, know what you’re getting into. This is fairly advanced territory that isn’t for the faint of heart.

All-in-all, after you’ve built your first successful site, you’re going to need to build several more following the methods in Screw95 to have anything resembling a full-time income. Some of your sites will fail and never get rankings at all (be prepared for that) and for that and many other reasons, learning how to automate all of the methods taught in Stages 1-5 and saving as much time as possible is essential if you decide to take this path in affiliate marketing.

Bonus #2: Case Studies

bonus 2: case studies Of the three bonus sections, this one is my favorite. Jay takes you through two of his successful sites following the Screw95 model, and it becomes clearer than ever that he practices what he preaches. This guy has clearly made some money in affiliate marketing, and the sites he shows you are WayCoolGadgets.com and CannaSwag.com. Both have thousands of social followers collectively (REAL social followers, not the kind that you “purchase”) and each generate a few hundred dollars a month in income for Jay.

There’s not a whole lot to say here, but when you get into this section after watching all of the other Screw95 lessons, it really helps to see it all come together.

Bonus #3: Private Forum

bonus 3: private forum As you can see in the screenshot above, the Screw95 “Private Forum” isn’t very active. The community aspect of the site isn’t too strong, which might change in time as the product continues to grow. You’ll likely be able to get a little help if you need it though, and Jay makes himself available to customers directly in case they need help. Gotta love a publisher that stands behind their product with good support.

One of my favorite things about my #1 recommended product is how much community support and activity there is. For some people, that’s very important. For others, it’s just a distraction and they don’t want to deal with it. If you’re a person that’s seeking community interaction from like-minded people on the same journey, Screw95 isn’t your product – at least not at the present time as I’m reviewing it. You’ll get a small taste, but it’s just not big enough to have a strong community presence yet.

Review Summary: Who Should Buy Screw95?

Overall, Jay the “Lazy Ass Stoner” is a surprisingly incredible teacher. He’s succinct and concise without skipping over important information, and he’s very methodical and easy to follow along with.

It’s also very clear that he’s run his own affiliate business in the past and that everything he teaches comes from experience, which unfortunately is all to rare with product publishers in this industry.

The only other negative point that I want to mention about Screw95 that I haven’t mentioned yet is that there aren’t any text transcriptions of these videos. If you’re not a person that learns well through video then Screw95 definitely isn’t your product. There aren’t any text-with-picture instructions in this program – it’s 100% video. Here’s who should buy Screw95:

  • People open to learning new approaches to affiliate marketing
  • People that are okay spending $97 just to learn a few new very helpful techniques
  • People looking to build out a dozen or more sites
  • People hoping to learn how to build a large social following quickly
  • People not looking to build authority sites
  • People that are okay with building out many sites, some of which will never produce results
  • People recognizing that these sites won’t be huge money makers; a few hundred dollars per month at most

Here’s who should NOT buy Screw95:

  • People looking to build one or two sites that make larger amounts of money ($2,000+ monthly)
  • People that don’t want to build a bunch of websites
  • People that are extremely hesitant to adopt and use social media
  • People that are easily offended by drug use (a small amount of Jay’s content centers around this)
  • People that expect to make a bunch of money quickly
  • People looking for shortcuts – this still requires a lot of work even though it’s a different approach

Overall, it’s a surprisingly good product hidden in the mind of a lazy ass stoner – who would have thought to look there?

This is one of the few products where I felt like I got my money’s worth, and if you’re going into it with the right expectations then I think you’ll find it to be very helpful. There are hours of videos, and a lot of great strategies sprinkled throughout the dozens of videos. It’s not my favorite product ever, but it’s certainly one of the best I’ve seen.

Again, if you’re going to purchase Screw95 it would be awesome if you do it through this affiliate link. Commissions from the very rare positive reviews on this site are what keep NoMoreBSReviews funded so that I can continue exposing scams, protecting consumers like you, and seek out the products that don’t suck, like Screw95. This is by far the best way that you can say “Thank You” if this review has helped you.

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