The Paid Social Media Jobs sales page tells the story of “Annie Jones” who claims to know a weird trick that she uses to earn thousands of dollars each month. She says that there are hundreds of social media jobs online that are waiting for us, and all you’ll have to do is write simple Facebook posts and Twitter updates. The reality is that this is extremely dishonest marketing, and social media jobs are not easy to come by. The niche is oversaturated, which means that you’ll be putting in long hours of dull work in return for little income. In this review, I’ll also show you how you can find social media jobs online for free.


Paying to Work?

The first major red flag when it comes to Paid Social Media Jobs is that you’re paying a fee for the opportunity to work. Social media jobs are just like any other profession, and there’s no reason why anyone should be paying money for the chance to do a job. The fact that they’re charging a steep price just to get access to a social media jobs board is outrageous.


You can easily find many social media jobs on freelance sites such as Elance, Odesk, and Freelancer, and you can join all of these sites for free. In fact, Paid Social Media Jobs actually links to many of these jobs from their members area, which just proves what a waste of money it is.

Elance Social Media Jobs


After all, why should you pay money to Paid Social Media Jobs when you can apply to these jobs directly for free? I’m skeptical any time that I’m expected to pay money without even the guarantee of finding work, and Paid Social Media Jobs is no exception. If you want to be a social media manager, go for it—there’s no need to pay a membership fee to Paid Social Media Jobs.


Dishonest Marketing

Paid Social Media Jobs says explicitly on their sales page that you’ll learn a “trick” to earning several hundred dollars each week. They repeat many times that you won’t need any experience and that you’ll be able to start earning immediately.

Exaggerated Job Promises


Like I mentioned above, the truth of the matter is that social media work is just like any other job, and you need to be qualified in order to get hired. There’s no “trick” to getting fast cash, and you’ll need to put in the long hours just like any other content writing job. Don’t be fooled by the way that Paid Social Media Jobs make it seem like these positions are fun—these can be very tedious tasks like other data entry work.

playing round


Maybe being a social media job manager is the right job for you, but don’t be fooled—it is definitely not a cakewalk.


A Very Saturated Niche

Their promise on the sales page that you’ll be able to “begin right away” is extremely misleading, and you should be aware that the reality is not as bright as they make it seem. The main reason that it’ll be nearly impossible to earn as much money as the Paid Social Media Jobs claims is because it’s an extremely saturated niche.


There are many applicants for each open position, which means that people are willing to work for very low hourly wages. You can see this for yourself on the Paid Social Media Jobs marketplace, where users advertise their services.

Saturated Market


You’ll find a very long list of users, many of whom are willing to perform work for just a few dollars. There’s so much competition that nobody can get away charging a decent amount of money for their services, and the actual paychecks are much, much lower than the $700 a week advertised on the sales page.


Moreover, many companies outsource these positions overseas, which means that you’ll be competing with freelancers in developing countries like India who are willing to work for awfully low wages. This makes it even more difficult to earn a decent hourly wage through social media jobs, as you can see below.




Conclusion: No Reason to Pay

 Paid Social Media Jobs is hoping that you’re fall for their hype that being a social media manager is your dream job. In reality, it’s not much different than any other job, which means that there’s absolutely no reason to pay money to work. Also, be aware that these jobs can be tedious and that you’ll probably have a difficult time entering this oversaturated niche. Put simply, this may be the right line of work for you, but there’s no reason to spend money in order to find out. You can do so for free by applying to social media positions on numerous sites.


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