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Today, we’re taking a product called My Top Tier Business by a guy named Matt Lloyd which uses some of the most dishonest, sleaziest, shadiest sales tactics I have ever seen in the Internet marketing industry.

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On the My Top Tier Business sales page, Matt Lloyd has put together what, as far as I am concerned, is the best sales pitch I have ever seen in the Internet marketing industry. That is, give me $49 to gain access to the My Top Tier Business members’ area, go through the 21 steps, if you are unsatisfied or you haven’t made any money by that point in time, I will give you $500 out of my own pocket.

I don’t know how many people could resist that. It sounds very tempting but it also makes raise an eyebrow. It makes you think, what’s the catch? In this case, there’s a big one. That is, once you get into the My Top Tier Business program, you start going through the steps, just a few steps in your blot. You cannot complete the 21 steps until you pay $1,997 for what they call the MOBE license, which I think is pretty ridiculous.

That’s probably the biggest beef that I take with this product because your first impression is, I’m in the product now and I was just absolutely lied to. There’s just no other way around it. They promised me, pay $49, if you’re unsatisfied I can get $500 and now, the thing in between is, oh, by the way, pay us $2,000. I don’t know about you, I think that’s pretty ridiculous. I think it’s extraordinarily dishonest and it’s an absolutely horrendous first impression of the product.

The second problem that I want to discuss with My Top Tier Business is the fact that you have to pay to be an affiliate. That $1,997 MOBE license that they’re selling you is just a really fancy way of saying, hey, in order to sell our product, you have to pay almost $2,000 for a license for the rights to resell it. Across the affiliate marketing industry, almost nobody charges to be an affiliate for them because your job is to go out and sell their product. Why would someone charge for you to have the ability to sell their product?

My third problem with My Top Tier Business is what I perceive to be an extraordinarily unethical sales model. That is, in My Top Tier Business, whenever you pay for that $1,997 license, if for some reason you decided to spring for it, which you are actually paying for, is you’re paying for access to resell the product. You don’t even really have to do a whole lot of the selling which is awesome in theory, Matt Lloyd’s team under the My Top Tier Business umbrella is going to do the selling for you. Anyone you want to refer into My Top Tier Business will be contacted by a My Top Tier Business sales professional and then they will pitch the opportunity on your behalf.

Let’s think about this. The person at the head of the company that trains the sales team is the same person that wrote the sales page that uses extraordinarily dishonest sales tactics and withholds a ton of information. And now, you’re letting the same company take your friends, your family members, anyone you refer through a website or any of those leads you collect elsewhere, you’re letting them now pitch this person a product that they may or may not buy and if they buy, statistically speaking in this industry, are way more likely to never make their money back than they are to make a singe penny.

So although I think there’s some decent financial upside here if you want to do this, if you’re okay with this, if ethically, this is something you’re okay with and you want to do, I think there’s some money to be made here. Personally and for pretty much everyone I know, I could say without a doubt, ethically, that crosses a line. You’ve got a low quality product, you have dishonest sales tactics used and now you’re entrusting these people with the names, numbers, e-mail addresses of other people just so you can try to make a couple of thousand dollars off of each sale.

For me, that crosses a line. I won’t make money with any of my businesses at the expense of someone else if they’re going to buy something that’s not going to give them any value. For me personally, that crosses a line. For you, it may not and if it doesn’t, My Top Tier Business might be a good program for you to look into. For that and the other two reasons I’ve discusses in this podcast, personally, I cannot recommend My Top Tier Business by Matt Lloyd. I think it’s dishonest, I think it’s shady. I think, personally, it represents a lot of the things that are bad in this industry and that are driving down quality of products and quality of websites and sales pages within this industry and I won’t personally contribute to that all.

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