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Today, we’re going to be talking about a product called DS Domination by a guy named Roger Langille who claims that you can make money listing stuff that you find on Amazon for sale on eBay and dropshipping it directly to the customer. Today, we’re going to discuss all of the reasons why it really doesn’t work with Roger’s product in today’s review from

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My first problem with DS Domination is just the fact that it seems flat out impossible to find an item on Amazon that’s selling for less money than it is on eBay so that you could realistically pull it over to eBay and sell it for a price that competes with other retailers online which would be necessary to actually make sales and turn a profit.

Roger Langille in the DS Domination sales page members’ area claims that there are millions of products out there that you can turn and flip for a profit on eBay but you don’t have to have a DS Domination account to go on Amazon and see if you can find the items that are actually cheaper than you can find them on eBay and realistically turn a profit.

That’s the big, big problem at DS Domination, is that it’s just seemingly impossible to apply the business model anywhere which leads me to my second problem with DS Domination which ties in very closely with the first problem and that is that you’re being charged such high fees on eBay when you’re taking these products off of Amazon that it makes it almost impossible, that even if you find a product that’s selling for less on Amazon than it’s selling on eBay, your margins have to be pumped up so high due to the fees that that product’s just never going to sell. I’m going to give you an example of this.

Say you look around, you search for several hours and you finally find a product that’s selling on Amazon for $90 and everyone on eBay is selling it for around $100. So you go, perfect, I can compete here. You take that $90 product, you list it on eBay and if that product sells, you have usually somewhere around 10% fees on eBay approximately and around 3% fees on Paypal which add up to a total of 13% fees.

If you just took that $90 product from Amazon, listed it on eBay for $100, you’re actually taking a loss because if you sell it on eBay for $100, you have about $13 in fees which takes you all of the way down to -$3 on that transaction which isn’t a very good business model. If you; re doing that day in and day out, you’re going to be bankrupted, you’re going to run out of money. You’re just eating your money away.

In order to sell that product to compete on any level, if you even just wanted to make a $10 profit, you would have to take that $90 product and sell it on eBay for $113. If everyone else is selling it on eBay for $100, again, you have an overpriced product on a retail market that’s just not going to sell.

That brings me to my final point with DS Domination and I discussed some other things in the written review so if you want more information, you want more detail or emphasis, you can check out the review on The thing that I want to discuss here in this podcast is Roger Langille’s support and very specifically, their refund policy.

DS Domination does state pretty explicitly upfront that they have a “no refund policy” which you encounter from time to time in this industry. The argument is usually, we have a digital product, you can’t buy it, look at all of it after you’ve gained access and then, as for refund, because we can’t take the knowledge we just gave you back out of your brain. That’s basically the argument.

It’s a pretty invalid argument as far as I’m concerned. I don’t think it’s legally enforcible on any level because if you sell a product to a customer that’s extraordinarily unsatisfied because they think your product’s crap and they’re never going to use it anyways and they ask for refund, there’s no harm, no foul there, in my opinion. If you’re selling a product that’s low enough quality in someone’s mind that it takes them off to the point that they want a refund, give them the refund and let them go on in their life and in the world. That’s just running a good company in my own opinion.

When I went through this product, it was so low quality and there were things in there, the lessons in there, the videos were just so low quality that morally, ethically, I didn’t feel like these people earned my money at all. I decided to go through the refund process. I filed a support ticket, said I wanted a refund, heard the “we don’t offer a refund” response as you would expect. I said again, “No, I want a refund,” and they said, “No, I’m sorry, we don’t give refunds.”

And so, what you should do in this industry if you’re ever in this situation with any product is like exactly what I did. I threatened that I was going to report them to the Better Business Bureau, I threatened that I would report them to the Federal Trade Commission here in the United States as well. And then, the support representative perked up a little bit and said, okay, I’m going to escalate this ticket and we’re going to talk about getting your refund.

What I received was a response from Roger Langille himself. The response is “laugh out loud, okay, I will send you your $19.95 back before you hire the attorneys.” That is who is at the head of this company. That is how little he cares about his customers or their success or their satisfaction level. When he gets someone that’s so irate that they’re threatening to report his business, he starts his reply off in their support system, laugh out loud, okay. I think that speaks volumes to the product. I think that speaks volumes to the character of Roger Langille and it’s just kind of the cake topper as to why I absolutely do not recommend anybody by DS Domination by Roger Langille.

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