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Wake Up Now claims on its sales page that it’s a wonderful financial opportunity and just an all-around great product packed with discounts that are worth the membership alone. In this Wake Up Now review, I explain why all of that is an absolute fluffed-up load of crap, and why you should avoid it at all costs.

The first big problem with Wake Up Now is that it claims to be packed with awesome discounts, which unfortunately just couldn’t be further from the truth. In my text review of this product, I give screenshots to show how a $60 pair of earbud headphones on Wake Up Now sells for just $38 on The same is true for all of their vacation/travel discounts – if you just do a little bit of homework by searching Expedia, Travelocity, Hotwire, or any other big-name travel site you’ll be able to beat Wake Up Now’s member discounts easily.

The second problem I discuss in this podcast review is how this is just another MLM product in this industry that has a bogus product (so that they can’t be shut down for being a pyramid scheme) but is really being pushed all over the internet for its “financial opportunity”. Everyone selling Wake Up Now either knows it’s not a membership worth paying for or is an idiot for thinking it is, and either way they’re going around the internet spreading lies about what a great “deal” it is and how big the financial opportunity is, which I explain a bit more clearly in my third point.

The final point I discuss in this podcast review is how Wake Up Now’s founders and early-adopters are making a ton of money, but the vast majority of people joining today are barely breaking even (16%) or not making money at all (80%). If you’re one of the 80% of people making $0.00 – $7.50 a month but you’re paying $99 per month for Wake Up Now’s Platinum membership, you’re LOSING over $1,000 a year. That doesn’t sound like a “financial opportunity” that I want any part of personally.

So there are all of the facts. Wake Up Now absolutely isn’t worth paying for, and if you want extra supporting evidence or need to know more, you can listen to this podcast or view the full review (with screenshots) on

Transcript for this Wake Up Now review podcast:

Well, it’s going to get me some hate mail but I’m going to do it anyways because you all deserve to know. Today, we’re going to be talking about another MLM product called Wake Up Now.

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It seems like every time I review an MLM product, I get a substantially higher amount of hornets flying around my head and hate mail flying into my inbox. That’s because I’m not just hurting one person’s business by telling the truth about a product, I hurt a lot of people’s businesses by telling the truth about a product because there’s so many people promoting these products out there and preying on people that are just looking for an honest way to make money online. I get e-mails seemingly from all of them when I give these honest reviews.

Wake Up Now is no exception. It’s a product that is charging a high membership fee for a mediocre product and really, the main reason anyone’s pushing Wake Up Now is because they are trying to capitalize on the financial opportunity, not because the membership itself is actually worth it no matter how much they try to convince you.

One of the first things that people and Wake Up Now always try to push and it’s been a while since I published the text review of this as I’m recording this podcast, and the push back that I get from people that are promoting Wake Up Now and trying to poke holes in my review is even the discounts, the discounts alone on retail products and travel, save me so much money that it’s worth the membership.

That’s really, just frankly, a load of crap. In the text review of this product, I talked about a set of earbud headphones that on Wake Up Now sells for close to $60 and that’s their discount. That’s your member’s discount price. If you just go on over to Amazon, of course, one of the places with some of the lowest priced retail products online, they are actually just $38 and you don’t have to pay $100 a month for a membership to Amazon to get their “discounts.”

The same thing applies to travel. When you look at the travel deals, you can go over to Expedia or Hotwire or Travelosity or any of those big name travel websites and beat the discounts that they’re offering you. So to say Wake Up Now is worth buying just with the discounts is just a bunch of fluff. It’s just something people are out there saying to try and justify you spending the money on this product so that they can earn a commission.

The second problem that I have with Wake Up Now is pretty much the exact same problem that I have with everyone else pushing an MLM product in the work-at-home or make-money-online industry. That’s that Wake Up Now, as we discussed in the first point, doesn’t really have a product to speak of. The main reason people are pushing it all over the Internet and saying it’s great, you should sign-up, I’m making so much money is because of the financial opportunity.

They are not pushing the product because the membership itself is valuable. They are pushing the product because there’s a financial opportunity to make money there which becomes this kind of self-perpetuating cycle where one person signs up and they try to sign up a friend or family member so that they can recuperate their cost of the membership at the very least and then they try and sign up someone they know as well and it just goes on and on and on.

With MLM opportunities like this, there is actually an opportunity to make some money. There’s a decent financial opportunity to these things. But it really comes down to a kind of moral dichotomy for me and a lot of people out there that I think would be listening to this review. Do you want to be selling a product to people and telling them it’s this great product and there’s all this value and there’s these great discounts when in your heart and in your mind you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there’s not really a product at all? You’re just saying that so that you can make commissions.

If you’re okay with that, if you can cross, what in my mind there is kind of a moral line, you could make a lot of money with the product like Wake Up Now or a product like Empower Network or an MLM product like Newcopia that actually has shut down now, you could make a lot of money with these. But the thing is, can you sleep at night when you’re pushing a product that really isn’t a product at all, you’re just selling it because you want to make a little money off of the people that buy through you?

The third problem that I’ll discuss here in this audio review, there’s more information on the website if you’re looking for screen shots, all that good stuff, but the final problem we’ll discuss here today is that Wake Up Now’s earning disclosure on their website, their income disclosure statement, paints a really clear picture as to what’s happening with their members.

Even though on the sales page, they promise you this great opportunity. They talk to you about how much money you can make. They talk to you about all of the great discounts you can get which we’ve already talked about are bogus. In Wake Up Now, 96% of people are making less than $135.65 a month. That’s only 16% that are making somewhere between $100 and $135. Eighty percent of Wake Up Now members are making less that $7.50 a month. That’s some pretty easy math to do.

If you’re paying a $100 a month to be in the platinum membership at Wake Up Now and you’re only making $7.50 a month, it’s looking pretty bad. That’s a pretty grim financial outlook. You’re losing over a thousand dollars a year if you’re keeping your membership that long. That’s kind of a bogus deal. That’s not really what they’re promising you on what they’re kind of painting the picture for you on their website.

What’s even worse is when you look at the top 4%, the very top, so here we’re talking about the founders and their friends that gotten really early and started promoting Wake Up Now, they are making as much as $45,000 or as low as, on the low end of that 4%, they are making $2,000 plus a month which is kind of unfair, don’t you think?

So with all of that being said, there is absolutely no way that I can recommend Wake Up Now. They’re telling you there are bunch of discounts that’s just aren’t there. On top of that, if you want to sell the product, you have to lie to a bunch of people and tell them what a great product it is and how many great discounts there are and how much money they can make which we’ve discussed here, all of that would be a lie. On top of that, 96% of people, everybody except for the very, very, very small top few percent are really struggling and actually losing money with this product. With all of that being said, again, there’s just absolutely no way in the world that I can recommend for my followers and my subscribers and anyone listening to this review, pick up and buy Wake Up Now.

My name is Ian Pribyl with I want to thank you for listening. I hope you found this review to be helpful and if you’re interested in legitimate, step by step training on how to get an honest start in Internet marketing, visit and look under the free stuff section at the top of the site.