Larry Marcus advertises Xplocial as a system that will have you earning big bucks within “weeks.” In reality, Xplocial is a perfect example of what is known as a MLM (multilevel marketing) trap that offers nothing but empty promises. In the space below, I’ll explain exactly what Xplocial is, and how Larry Marcus is using it to rip off people desperate to earn online income.


Pressure to Pay More (and More)

Immediately after buying access to Xplocial for $29, you’ll gain access to what is called the “back office.” Below is an image of what it looks like, and you can clearly see in red ink the word unpaid twice.


Expensive Xplocial Membership Fees


Time and again, Larry Marcus will stress that in order to really make money with Xplocial, you have to buy more expensive membership. Even though the sales page talks about earning “now money,” it turns out the only one spending more money is you.


The higher level membership is not cheap, and it’s even worse once you see what Larry Marcus is trying to make you pay for. For $24.95 a month, you can earn the right to be an affiliate and promote his product. As if that’s not bad enough after already spending $29 to gain access, Larry Marcus has the nerve to push the envelope further and charge $100 a month for platinum membership (see below).


Cost of Platinum Membership


This is important because one of the signs of a MLM trap is that you are constantly harassed to spend more and more money on the business’s products. Larry Marcus is a pro at this, and the entire focus once you join Xplocial is on trying to sell you even more expensive membership.


Terrible Training

The expensive membership might be worth it if the training that you gained access to in the “back office” was actually useful. Instead, the training that Larry Marcus offers on how to make money turns out to be just another attempt at selling his own product. The videos consist of tips and ideas of how to sell Xplocial to other people, rather than explaining the product itself. Below are two screenshots from the training video which explain exactly what I mean.


In the first screenshot, Larry Marcus offers advice on how to sell Xplocial by giving what he calls an “elevator speech.”


Training Video to Sell Xplocial


It turns out this is all Larry Marcus likes to talk about. In the second training video, he continues talking about how to sell Xplocial using three different approaches.


Additional Attempt to Sell Xplocial


If you expected real training on how to make money online, then you’ll be sorely disappointed. All that these training videos are about is selling Xplocial.


Focus on Recruiting

It’s clear from the awful training videos that the goal of Xplocial is nothing more than to sell it to other people. This is important because it’s another tell-tale sign of a MLM trap. In this type of system, it’s common for there to be very little talk about the product itself, and instead the emphasis is on recruiting other people to join the program.


This is because Xplocial itself offers nothing of value to its customers. The “tools” that you gain access to can be seen in the image below, and here too the focus is on selling Xplocial and buying more expensive membership.


Training Tools Are For Selling Xplocial


Take note of this because it shows that Larry Marcus is lying when he claims in the sales page that “you don’t need to sell anything.” Clearly this is not true, and in order to make money with Xplocial you have to sell it to lots of other people. This should be a red flag for all readers, since if Xplocial was a legitimate product, then this would not be necessary.


Never Pay to Join an Affiliate Program

Everything mentioned till now should make you suspicious, but the clearest sign that this is one big rip-off is the fact that Larry Marcus wants you to pay $29.95 a month to join his affiliate program. If Xplocial was a product with real value, why would he make his members pay money in order to promote it?


Anyone with internet marketing experience knows that becoming an affiliate of a legitimate product will never cost money. Product creators are happy to have affiliates promote their products in exchange for receiving sales commissions, and there should be no need to pay a monthly fee. Larry Marcus claims that this ridiculous fee is meant to cover his expenses so that he can offer his affiliates a 100% commissions, but it’s just an excuse to charge his members even more money after they already paid for membership.


$25 A Month To Be An Affiliate


Paying to join an affiliate program is like an employer asking an employee to pay money in order to work. It’s an outrageous idea, and it shows how mediocre of a product Xplocial is. It’s just another attempt of Larry Marcus to suck more money from his members after they already paid for Xplocial itself.


Quick Summary

All of these points come together to give us a clear picture of what Xplocial is all about. It’s an empty promise about making fast money online, and an attempt to convince its members to buy even more expensive membership. This is clear from the fact that the “back office” and training videos are all about recruiting for Xplocial, and that Larry Marcus wants you to pay money to join his affiliate program.


If you want to make money as an affiliate, do yourself a favor and choose from the endless list of legitimate free affiliate programs. Forget about Larry Marcus and his Xplocial trap, which is nothing more than a method to suck you dry.


Share your Experience with Xplocial

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Xplocial reviewed by Ian Pribyl on .
Summary: An never-ending MLM trap
Description: A complete Xplocial review (with screenshots), and why it’s just a trap set by Larry Marcus for you to pay higher and higher monthly membership fees.
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