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Review of Tube Launch

Today, we’re going to be talking about a program called Tube Launch, which charges you for a whole bunch of information you can find online for free!


Now, there are two major problems with the Tube Launch product. The first one is the quality of the information. It’s just not high quality. As I said in the intro of this video, you can find anything you find in the Tube Launch member’s area for free very, very easily and you can also find it explained in a much more condensed manner because they are just filling it up with a whole bunch of crap that you don’t really need to know.


For example, I don’t need 12 minutes to explain to you what Clickbank is – which is one of the first videos when you get in the member’s area. The second major problem with Tube Launch is going to be the quantity of license they give you. Well, I will talk about both of those things as we go a little bit through here.



When You First Login to Tube Launch

Now, I want to start at the beginning. When you log into the member’s are for Tube Launch for the first time, you may be kind actually kind of excited because they put together some graphics. You know, they put together something that looks kind of good and if you’ve bought a lot of products in this industry you know, that is kind of rare. There are a lot of publishers in this industry that throw together crap and something that just looks like a skeleton on the back end because they already have your money.


Review of Tube Launch members' area

 So you log in and you think, “Okay, Tube Launch. I think I might be able to do this. This looks pretty good,” but as you scroll down a little and you start to look at the content, the training that you are being provided by Tube Launch, you might have second thoughts and to start to think, “What is this? What have I just paid for? Is this it?” And so the Tube Launch member’s area is broken into three different sections. They call them phases.



The 1st Phase of Tube Launch – Extremely Basic 

The first phase is very simple. What you are going to be talking about in Phase 1 is you are going to be talking about getting to know Clickbank or in other words an introduction to Clickbank. You are going to be talking about how to shorten links, how to use a service like Bitly, where you take a long link and you shorten it and you condensed it into something really small which is very, very simple.


review of phase 1 of tube launch

You are also going to be talking about how to go to other programs or websites and take their video, rip it off of their website and be able to put it up on yours. They are going to show you how to do that with some software which by the way in almost every case is going to be this funny thing called copyright infringement. I don’t think I need to tell the people watching this video, you guys that’s kind of a serious thing and something you want to be careful of. It is something lot of internet marketers do when they are getting started and it is something you want to avoid, and products like these are the ones spending kind of bad information like that. So that’s Phase 1 of Tube Launch.



But What About When I Click On the Lessons?

Now, you might be thinking you have seen the screen shots now, “Maybe, I can go ahead and click one of these lessons and it is packed with something really valuable.” and unfortunately it is extremely the basics still. You’ve got the description and you’ve got a video. For example, this video that I am showing here is a Clickbank, getting introduced to a Clickbank video, which as I have mentioned at the beginning of this review is something that shouldn’t take 12 minutes to explain.

 what a tube launch lesson looks like


2nd Phase of Tube Launch – Still REALLY Basic

So in the second you know, the Phase 2, mind you at this point you are third of the way through the program that you’ve paid for. So hopefully you know, usually we are getting into something intermediate stuff by now, but in Tube Launch at the beginning of Phase 2 you are going to start learning really fancy things like how to create a Youtube Account.

tube launch phase 2 review

Now, I would almost bet money on the fact that you know how to create a Youtube account or if you don’t know how to create a Youtube account, you can figure it out pretty easily. I think if you could get online and buy Tube Launch, you probably know how to fill out a few fields and create a Youtube Account. And if you don’t, you can find a lesson and a really good walkthrough online for free to do it and you don’t need someone like Tube Launch charging you for lessons that you can get for free.



What Else Will I Learn in Phase Two?

So in Phase 2 besides creating Youtube account, you are also going to figure out how to put links in your videos and you are going to learn how to upload multiple videos at once which again is stuff that Youtube will teach you for free as you are in their member’s area and uploading videos. It is very, very quick and very easy to use. You don’t need to be paying for lessons for stuff like this. So that takes us all the way into Phase 3 and at this point keep in mind we are almost 70% through the product.


part 2 of tube launch phase 2


3rd Phase of Tube Launch – We’re Not Getting Anywhere

We have gone through Phase1, we have gone through Phase 2, and now here we are in Phase 3. So hopefully we are starting warm-up to some cool stuff here, but unfortunately, that’s really just not the case. In Phase 3 of Tube Launch you are going to be learning things like how to link your videos together, how to sign up for “view exchange programs”, and also how to buy views for your videos.


phase 3 of tube launch reviewed

Now, not only are things like View exchange programs and view purchasing programs highly ineffective, but for example purchasing views is going to cost you money, which is something, again, ineffective and Tube Launch is taking you down the wrong counter and teaching you the wrong things. These are not the things that you should be doing to try and make money online and ultimately that’s what they promise you they would teach you. Now as we have moved through Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3, so we have moved through the entire training section of Tube Launch.



The Disheartening LACK of Content

I want to kind of make my next point and this is my big, big gripe about Tube Launch is that the quality of videos just isn’t there. We already talked about quality and you can find all these stuff online for free very easily and you can find better lessons for free, but on top of that they are not even giving you a whole bunch of lessons. They are giving you kind of a handful.


For example, you paid $34 for Tube Launch and if you go into the member’s area, there are less than 34 videos, significantly less. So you are actually paying over a dollar for a video which in my opinion means that those should be pretty high quality videos, but whoever published Tube Launch apparently had something a little bit different in mind. They thought that they could justify those costs by teaching you really, really basic things and not giving you a whole lot of lessons.



What is Tube Launch Missing?

And so I want to talk next about what Tube Launch needs and what it is really lacking. And of course I think by this point in the review, it is kind of self-evident what Tube Launch is lacking and that they are lacking at multiple levels, but I want to highlight two points.



It’s Teaching You the Wrong Things

The first point is if you are looking at selling things on the internet, whether it is through a video, through a written content, or through email, any of those things, the number one thing that you should be focusing on is high quality content. How can you make the highest quality content possible? Because that does two things, it is going to build your credibility in whatever you are talking about, because it is going to show that you know what you are talking about.


On top of that, because you are building your credibility, you are also building trust with whoever is interacting with your content, whether it would be a video again, a blog post, or forums or email. Okay, so you want to make sure if you are trying to make money online through content of any kind, you want to make sure that you are giving the highest quality content possible.



Tube Launch Lacks Key Components of Selling with Video

The second thing that I want to highlight Tube Launch is really lacking is they are claiming to be video marketing course essentially, “We are going to teach you how to make money through video” but they never highlight how to create compelling videos, they never highlight anything about sales copy, and creating highly effective sales copy, which is just words that you are speaking out loud or that you are writing down. They are just teaching you really, really basic things that you can find online for free and most of them on Youtube’s resources, on their very own homepage.



So is Tube Launch a Scam?

Okay, so that in the end is what Tube Launch sums up to. You are summing up to a product that gives you very low quality lessons that you can find for free and they are not giving you very many of them. Okay, and that’s just what Tube Launch breaks down to. It is not worth your time and it is not worth your money. So thank you for watching the video and my name is Ian from Nomorebsreviews.com. I hope you found that helpful and be safe out there on the internet.



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