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Review of Traffic Accumulator by Shawn Clarke

Hey guys, Ian Pribyl here from no more NoMoreBSReviews.com.  Today we are going to be talking about a product called Traffic Accumulator by a guy named Shawn Clarke. And I am going to ruin it in the beginning and I will get into details in a minute, but it is an absolutely awful product. Traffic Accumulator by Shawn Clarke is nothing worth paying for and it seems like Shawn didn’t even try to deliver something of value to give you something worth the money you paid for and I will explain all of that in great detail here in a minute.


What Makes Me So Qualified?

First, I want to tell you a little bit about me.  Like I said, my name is Ian, and I run a blog called NoMoreBSReviews.com. There are a ton of people out there reviewing products like Traffic Accumulator and telling you that they are good because if you buy it through them, they make $20. And I don’t do that, I don’t give fake reviews just because I want to make $20 off of you. I have been in internet marketing now for 10 years almost and I have been researching it and I have been making money in it for six years. And so I get into these products and I give them completely honest reviews so that people like you don’t get screwed by people like Shawn Clarke.


What Makes Traffic Accumulator so Crappy?

So with that being said, back to his product Traffic Accumulator. He claims on the sales page that this is going to be a software that just drives automatic commissions to your ClickBank account and that’s not at all what it is. Once you get in and you see the software, it is not even geared to be that. And before you even get to the software, when you log in for the first time, you get your log-in credentials after you pay, you go, you log in and there are just five steps. And these five steps, one through four are just upsells. These things that he is trying to sell you are extra services and then there are also affiliate offers that he is referring you to that if you sign up for them like CoolHandle hosting is one of the things he is and it’s a hosting service. When you sign up for that, he is going to make a commission.


Steps 1-4 of 5 In Member’s Area Are Just Upsells

So, one through four don’t even pertain to the software. You finally get to step five and you get to download the software and actually see what it is. And you may be all really excited. “I am about to plug in a software and fire it up and it’s just going to drive automatic commissions like Shawn Clarke promised me in the sales video” and you are going to be horridly disappointed. Because what the software is, is it’s a keyword research software essentially where you can research competition and you can research keywords and get keyword ideas for your website or your blog. And on top of that it’s not even a good one. Traffic Accumulator isn’t remotely good compared to the other keywords software that I have used in the past.


Disappointing Section #1 of 4

And so when you get in, there are going to be four components to this software and I am going to need my notes, I keep looking down, forgive me, because there is a lot of information here. When I was going through and researching a keyword, I kept it consistent and used “holistic remedies” is what I researched because it’s a niche I have researched in the past. So the first section is the Research tab on the left side and the Research tab, the first thing is you put in a keyword and it spits out a whole bunch of suggestions. The problem is it probably spits out too many suggestions.


When I put in “holistic remedies,” I got 641 suggestions and to show you how worthless the Traffic Accumulator software is at given keyword suggestions, these are the first 10 of a list of 641 very similar ones. The first keyword is “remedies,” second “may,” third “health,” “remedy,” “its,” “healing,” “person,” “particular,” “holistic” and “listen.” What the hell? Like seven-tenths of those had nothing to do with holistic remedies. Okay? So that’s the first tab wasting your time and money.


Disappointing Section #2 of 4

Second tab is called SEO Submission, search engine optimization submission. The first part of that is web directory submission. Of the directories in that section, I haven’t heard of any of them. I have never heard of a single one of them and on top of that you really aren’t supposed to do automated and automatic directory submission. It’s actually very very bad because it leaves a pattern that Google can detect very easily. So you are not supposed to do that and he is setting you up for failure there as well. Thanks a lot Shawn Clarke.


Disappointing Section #3 of 4

The third section is called Penguin Links and so you are putting your keyword, “holistic remedies” in my case and half of those didn’t even have a place for me to comment. When I went in, I clicked and I followed through because the point is to get a link from that website apparently and half of them didn’t have a space for me to comment, and the other ones used Facebook as a common platform which isn’t helpful for my search engine rankings at all whatsoever. They use the Facebook plug-in.


The Last (and Most) Disappointing Section

And finally the fourth tab was Syndication is what it was labeled and I am going to tell you the first five results. The purpose of this is so that you can go right write guest posts and the purpose of this section is you put in your keyword and it’s supposed to give you relevant blogs that you can contact and try to do a guest post for him. These were my first five results, the titles of the blogs. One was gHacks, which is a technology website which has a lot to do with holistic remedies. The second one is Natural Cat Cancer Treatment. The third one was Pop Crunch. The fourth was Cats and Dogs with Allergies. And the fifth was Twenty Remedies for Chapped Lips. Again, Shawn Clarke, thank you so much for this Traffic Accumulator software. I don’t think I could have wasted my money in a more horrible fashion.


The Final Verdict

My final verdict: should you buy it? Absolutely not. There is no way in hell I would recommend buying Traffic Accumulator. Take it from an experienced expert. He is over promising and under delivering.


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So I am doing my best to keep you guys safe out there. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me and I will talk to you again soon. Bye-bye.


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Traffic Accumulator reviewed by Ian Pribyl on .
Summary: A worthless software the delivers on NONE of its promises
Description: Traffic Accumulator by Shawn Clarke is an overpriced software that delivers on exactly zero of its promises. Read exactly why here.
Rating: 1 out of 5.