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Review of Rippln – A “Viral Mobile App”

Today, we are going to be talking about our product called Rippln, which is kind of a “mystery grab bag” at this stage because nobody signing up at this point really knows what they are going to end up promoting.


So what is Rippln? Well, first let’s talk about what the product creators claim Rippln is. They claim that it is a mobile app that is going to go viral. They are actually claiming that it is going to be the biggest thing since email. They used in their sales videos and they cite some unknown source that I think most of us have never heard of. Actually, claiming you’re the next biggest thing since email is a pretty hefty claim, but I mean that is a whole other issue entirely.



What They’re Claiming Rippln Is

So what they are claiming is that this mobile app is going to go viral and you giving in early just like people that got in early during Facebook or early during Twitter and spread the news to their friends, it went viral and it rippled like if you throw a stone into a lake and it ripples across the entire lake. That’s their claim and that’s what Rippln comes from. But what’s more important is what the creators of Rippln aren’t telling you, and what they aren’t telling you is right now Rippln is free to sign up.


You can go to their website and all you need is an invite code and you can sign up and gain access to the member’s area. But at some point, they even mentioned this once you are in the member’s area they are going to start charging a premium fee and that’s because Rippln is based on the MLM, The Multi-level Marketing Model and that’s what they are talking about when they talk about ripples, is you are going to have multiple levels and that’s multi-level marketing.



Rippln Is a MLM Company – Plain and Simple

And although there a lot of legitimate multi-level marketing companies out there, I am not going to knock that, that’s what Rippln is. It is a multi-level marketing company. And whenever you are talking MLM there’s always a base fee and frequently it recurring in our monthly to be a member that is capable and you unlock the ability to earn commissions from other members.


Okay, so that’s what’s going to happen. At some point they are going to start charging and nobody knows for sure except for the creators, but you will probably have to be paying that fee to get the commissions and I will talk a little bit more about whether I think that’s a little bit dangerous in a bit later in this review. But the point I want to make right now is right now, you have no idea of what you are signing up to promote.



What AREN’T They Telling You?

They say it is a mobile app that they are going to use to promote and you are going to be able to make money out of all the commissions and all the people that you have referred, but you don’t know what you are signing up to promote right now. You don’t know if you are going to be promoting affiliate marketing products or if you are going to be promoting self-help products or if you are going to be peddling porn on the internet. I don’t think that’s the route they are going to end up taking, but my point is you have no idea what you are going to end up promoting right now if you are signing up for Rippln.


So after you get through the NDA, which by the way the non-disclosure agreement on that page is a joke, you don’t have to fill out your name at all. You can just hit the next button like I did with all the question marks filled out.

rippln non-disclosure agreement


Legally I did not agree to any non-disclosure because it is a joke and it is not set up properly. You just click next and go on to the member’s area and once you are in the member’s area you just basically have a kind of a preview of your down line and you have a whole bunch of videos to promote Rippln.

rippln down line preview

rippln geographical down line preview



You Have NO IDEA What You’ll Be Promoting After Launch

I already talked about the fact that you have no idea what you are promoting, you have no idea what you are signing other people up to promote down the road, but you have those videos to start promoting Rippln so that you can start to spread the word and start building your down line before you even know what you are going to be marketing.

rippln promotional videos section


You are just gaining access to a bunch of videos so that you can help people sign up and they are going to sign up not really knowing what they are promoting just like you did.



What’s My Prediction of Rippln Post-Launch?

So since I pretty thoroughly established at this point that none of us know exactly what is going to happen with Rippln all we can really do is speculate and so what is my prediction? What is my educated guess? After being in the internet marketing for many years and also seeing a lot of MLM companies come and go in the night what is my prediction for Rippln?



Rippln WILL Start Charging for Membership

Well, I can tell you without a doubt, they are going to start charging a premium fee to be a member. The creators of Rippln in the member’s area have said that they are going to do that. Okay, so that’s it, given, but my prediction is that you are going to have to be a premium member. You are going to have be paying. It is probably going to be a monthly fee and you are going to have to be paying that to be collecting commissions or at least full commissions for whoever you have already invited, and this is earlier I mentioned that I feel like this is kind of dangerous mentality – kind of a dangerous approach they are taking and that will explain why now.



Why Is that Such a Bad Thing?

Because so many people have gotten in and they feel like they are getting in a ground level because it is in pre-release, but it has been in pre-release for weeks and they will be in pre-release for a few more weeks and so everybody is going to feel like they got in their ground level, and you hear that with MLM companies all the time. Get in the ground level and those are the people that may get rich, they strike it rich. But with the Rippln, I am not exactly sure that’s going to be the case because so many people are joining and you can’t all be at ground level, okay? So that’s my first prediction. I have three.


My first prediction is that you are going to have to start paying to collect full commissions, okay? So what’s my second prediction?



You Probably Won’t Be Promoting High Quality Products

My second prediction with Rippln is that because of the creators behind the product that you know kind of had hit or miss internet marketing histories it also just kind of the whole business model I don’t think you are going to end up promoting a lot of really reputable products. You are not going to have really well known brand names. I don’t think you are going to be promoting Best Buy and places like that.


You are probably going to end up promoting semi-shady products – maybe not shady, but not the best known products. You are not going to be pushing the best brand names out there because that would be, the easiest to make commissions off of and I feel like a lot of people are going into this kind of hoping for that. But just based on the business model alone you aren’t going to be able to get all of that, okay? You are not going to be able to get the best of the best.



Most People Will Just Have Wasted Their Time

My third prediction with Rippln applies to any multi-level marketing company which I guess what Rippln is. Some people, the people at the very top, the product creators are going to get very, very, very wealthy. They are going to make a lot of money off of Rippln. There are going to be a handful of people that worked at the very, very top that got in pretty early and probably already had established multi-level marketing histories and experience. Some of those people are going to make a lot of money too. They are going to make a pretty handsome amount of money.


Now it’s just a handful of people considering all of them. I mean, we were talking between the very top and that level we are probably talking somewhere around 2% to 3% max. That’s the way it is with every multi-level marketing company. And then I guess about 95% to 97% of people are going to have nothing to show for their efforts in Rippln except for holes in their pockets and a whole bunch of wasted time because there are going to be a ton of people that joined that start paying that premium fee and they start wanting to get commissions, but it is just not going to connect. It is not going to line up for them and that’s what happens again in any multi-level marketing company.



The Final Verdict

So what is my conclusion? Now what is my conclusion about Rippln? I think it is pretty clear at this point that I would not recommend Rippln. Of course if you want to, you can sign up, pre-register, get in and just kind of stay posted. There’s no harm in that. It is not going to hurt you. You are just going to get some emails down the line. But as you proceed past that, once they start charging their premium fee and you start looking at it as a valid business model what causing you to really look at it with a skeptical eye and be careful going forward.



Thank You for Watching/Reading!

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Summary: Early signs suggest that Rippln is just another MLM company.
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