Alex Goad claims that with the RankBuilder software, you can do all of your website promotion during a spare five minutes. He doesn’t tell you that RankBuilder is a repackaged product which uses outdated SEO techniques that no longer work. Even worse, the automated link building techniques that RankBuilder uses will have your site harshly penalized by Google.


Google Penguin Penalty

The major flaw with RankBuilder is that with the new Google updates to their algorithms, you are taking a big risk by using SEO automation software. The two new Google updates are called Penguin and Panda, and Penguin especially cracks down on software like RankBuilder.


With the Penguin update, Google now punishes websites which violate the Google Webmasters Guidelines very harshly. Things like buying links and keyword stuffing are now being penalized by Google, and those websites will not come up in Google’s search results. Most importantly, as you can see in the screenshot below, Google now forbids the use of “automated programs or services to create links to your site.”


Google Guidelines Forbid Automated Backlinks


This is exactly what RankBuilder does, so if you use the software to build backlinks, your website will likely be penalized by Google. Several years back, it was common for marketers to generate their content and backlinks by using software, but Google now completely banned those practices. It is a terrible idea to violate the Google Webmasters Guidelines, and Alex Goad is not looking out for you when he promotes the use of automated backlinks.


Misleading Claims on Sales Page

The RankBuilder sales page is full of very bold claims by Alex Goad, but it turns out that they should all be taken with a grain of salt (or many). Time after time Alex Goad says that once you start using the RankBuilder software, you’ll be able to blow your competition out of the water. He refers to RankBuilder as a “secret weapon” which will do everything you need relating to SEO.


Yet, as soon as you actually buy the product, Alex Goad doesn’t waste any time before trying to sell you more SEO products. You can see below one of the upsells that is built into RankBuilder, and it costs an additional $77.


$77 Upsell


Even within the training guide for RankBuilder itself, Alex Goad tries to upsell another product called Linkpipeline. An elite membership to Linkpipeline costs $97 a month, and Alex Goad tries to convince you to buy it by saying that it integrates well with RankBuilder.


Upsell In The Training Guide


This should be a giant red flag for any buyer, since these upsells do exactly what RankBuilder is supposed to do. So why is Alex Goad trying to sell you more SEO products right after you just bought one?


Repackaged Product with Poor Functionality

SEO automation used to be the craze in the world of internet marketing, since it allowed marketers to save tons of time. But even if these methods did actually work at some point, now it’s known that backlinking tools no longer help websites. This didn’t stop Alex Goad from repackaging and releasing RankBuilder as a new product, even though it uses the same outdated techniques.


Outdated SEO Techniques In Training Guide


This would be one thingif RankBuilder actually did what it was supposed to do. Unfortunately, there are tons of bugs in the product that constantly need fixing. Below you can see a screenshot taken of RankBuilder from my laptop, and you can see the long list of bugs that are recognized. Sadly, the list of uncorrected bugs is even longer and makes the RankBuilder software extremely ineffective.


Bugs in RankBuilder Software


Beyond the bugs, I was very disappointed to realize that the RankBuilder software crashes on my computer frequently, even though this doesn’t happen with other programs. This leads me to think that the problem is with RankBuilder itself, and it’s another reason why I can’t recommend this product.


To top it all off, I don’t have any good things to say about their technical support either, and you shouldn’t count on your needs being taken care of. There is nothing user-friendly about this product, and it seems to be nothing more than an old backlinking tool that is repackaged and barely works.



Conclusion: RankBuilder Will Hurt Your Website

Don’t be fooled by Alex Goad’s claim that RankBuilder can automate all of your SEO needs. First of all, if that were true there would be no need to upsell you expensive products even after buying RankBuilder. Also, the product itself has lots of bugs, crashes frequently, and has very bad customer support. But most importantly, if you use this type of software, your website will be slapped by Google and you will not see any traffic coming into your website.


What’s Your Call?

Have any of your websites been slapped by Google for using automated tools? Why do you think it is best to stay away from products like RankBuilder which violate Google’s terms of service? Let us know by joining the discussion below!



RankBuilder reviewed by Ian Pribyl on .
Summary: Automated linkbuilding that will DESTROY your search engine rankings – Thanks RankBuilder!
Description: A full review of Alex Goad’s RankBuilder software (with screenshots), which uses “automated” SEO tools that are completely outdated and ineffective.
Rating: 1 out of 5.