Product: Prosper Inc.
Price: $8,000-$15,000

My Recorded Phone Call with Isa (the screening process)
My Recorded Phone Call with Jason (the actual salesperson)


I was asked about Prosper Inc. by a follower a couple of weeks ago and decided to investigate it since Ben Moskel and Dave Clabeaux referred users to it through one of their products, Six Figure Program, which I blasted last week for being a complete waste of money. When I initially called, I thought it was Ben and Dave’s personal coaching program but quickly discovered they are coaches for Prosper, but they apparently don’t own the company.


I have included both of my calls (there’s an “approval process” first where they screen you, then you are passed on to the actual salesperson) at the top of this message. You are welcome to download them and give them a listen to hear everything that was discussed. I posed as a person that was familiar with affiliate marketing but couldn’t break through and start making money, which is why I was seeking a coach.


It’s important to note that I have a lot more knowledge and experience than I let them in on and have made a full-time living in affiliate marketing for almost four years next month as I’m writing this. I didn’t want to give the sales representatives full knowledge because I felt I would have a more realistic experience this way.


Highlights from My First Call with Isa (the Screening Process)

“We understand we’re not perfect.”
This is what Isa told me when I mentioned the fact that there were 270 complaints filed with the BBB. I’m not sure that’s good enough for me if I’m going to pay upwards of $10,000 for coaching. Walmart has 595 filed complaints and just like Prosper, they are all closed. Walmart pisses me off pretty frequently, but the difference between the two is you spend $200 for some groceries rather than $15,000 for coaching. I suppose with the volume these guys are doing, 270 isn’t too bad. But for me to sign up, having half as many complaints as Walmart is quite a few too many… like 250 too many.


 “I just want to make sure that you’re committed to yourself, okay?”
Throughout my conversation with Isa, he made me commit to statements like this around 10 times. Keep in mind they record all of their calls, so if they get you to verbally agree these statements, they have legal proof that you knew what you were signing up for. If you don’t agree to these statements, I’d imagine they don’t pass you through to the real salesperson


That’s about it for Isa
I don’t want to spend too much time talking about my conversation with Isa because, frankly, he didn’t really have any information. He is a screener. His job is to make sure they cover their legal bases and that I’m not a waste of time before passing me through to the real salesperson.


Highlights from My Second Call with Jason (the Salesperson)

“That’s the thing… Ben and Dave, you know, they’re great guys and you’re right they did make the majority of their wealth after the first. Because they have documented. They made their first million with affiliate marketing solely, um, with all their sites. But I’m talking a hundred plus sites that are involved. So with that, um, you know after that a lot of it does come from the Six Figure kit – the $27 purchase the (obscured) Cash Program, and all their other affiliate links”


This is after I told Jason that I would be very unhappy if I received coaching from people like Ben Moskel and Dave Clabeaux. I know the information they teach is out of date because the product they sell people for $27 is godawful. If I’m going to pay someone $15,000 for coaching, I better not get coaches that I know are ripping people off in the affiliate marketing world. The interesting thing is later in the conversation, Jason spoke as though he knew Ben and Dave personally and made it sound as though he was directly affiliate with them. Uh oh. That’s a really big deal in my opinion, and Jason flat-out admits here that these guys make the majority of their money by selling their out of date “Six Figure Program”. I’ll get into more detail about Jason be affiliate with these guys in a couple of moments.


“Ben and Dave… They’re not the coaches. They look to these coaches and they learn from the coaches.”
Again, something Jason told me to put my mind at ease about these guys being on the coaching staff. This is just a flat-out lie though, because Jason and Ben are clearly listed on the website as coaches. Now someone is lying to me, and that’s a REALLY bad sign when I’m talking to someone about spending around $15,000 for coaching.


“A warranty has contingencies whereas a guarantee is steadfast.”
This is toward the end of the conversation when I asked Jason about a guarantee. He explained that they do not give a guarantee, but instead they have a warranty. Their warranty is this: If you don’t recoup the entire value of your tuition a year after you sign up, you’ll get another year for free. There is no money-back guarantee. Jason told me he likes to compare it to the Greek general that burned the boats before he and his men went to war. This way you’re sure to fight very hard and not lean on a money-back guarantee. Again, and I hate to say this because Jason genuinely seemed like a nice guy, that’s just not a good enough “warranty” when I’m talking about investing $15k. Far from it, actually. This means if I pay up front and get a coach that I’m completely unimpressed with, THEY GET TO KEEP MY HARD EARNED MONEY. Nuh-uh, that doesn’t jive with me.


Other Important Notes
First, I want to direct you to one of the most incriminating things I found concerning Prosper Inc. I found a post from an ex-employee that discusses what Prosper is like behind closed doors.


As one who is very familiar with the inner workings, let me tell you the truth. The phone consultation is NOT to determine your strengths and weaknesses and determine your area of training. Rather, it is to get you to feel pain enough so that you will charge the cost of the program on your credit card, agree to the terms (which include only a 3-day window during which you may obtain a refund), and take your money. What happens next, we at Prosper could care less about, because we already have your money. The coaching sessions are overvalued and end up costing about $600-1,000 per session for only 30-45 min. The materials you receive in the mail are full of grammatical and spelling errors. We really try to be professional–yeah right.


Behind closed doors in our boardroom, and guiding our crafty lawyers, is this motto: “Your credit cards are our business. Making us prosper is yours.”




When I came upon this, I was extremely concerned. This doesn’t seem like someone making stories up and I can’t imagine why anyone would make something like this up in the first place. Take it as you will, but when I see things like this and there’s $15k of my money on the line without a money-back guarantee, it’s enough to keep me from buying.


Another thing I didn’t like about the coaching program is something Jason and I discussed. Your coach will call you once a week, but you will be able to call in to a hotline whenever you want and you will speak to the coach on staff. That’s not really the best setup in my opinion, because it’s like being passed to someone on a technical support call without the first associate briefing the second associate on what you’ve covered. It’s important to always be talking to the same mentor that’s familiar with your situation. For $15,000 I would fly to my student’s home and stay with them for a month while working eight hour work days with them the entire time I was there, let alone splitting their coaching between myself and several of my colleagues. But maybe that’s why I’m not a coach.


Finally, and I mentioned this earlier, something I found very fishy was Jason’s apparent association with Ben Moskel and Dave Clabeaux. I have reviewed one of their products, the Six Figure Program, and it was absolutely horrible. When I was discussing the flaws within that program, Jason referred to himself included with Ben Moskel and Dave Clabeaux by saying, “we”, “our”, and “us” when talking about decisions made with the product. That was very strange to me and he didn’t it too many times for it to be a simple slip-up. It makes me wonder how big of a role Ben and Dave play in the Prosper coaching program, and if their role is big enough I would undoubtedly avoid it like the plague.


The Final Verdict
So is the Prosper Inc. program a scam? Is it worth signing up or not? Well, I can’t tell you for certain because I was too uneasy with it to pay the $15,000 to test it. There were too many funny things going on and not a strong enough guarantee to protect me if I was unsatisfied.


Regardless of whether or not the program is a scam, it’s fairly difficult for me to justify a $15,000 price point. Even the low end of things, $8,000, is pretty massive in my opinion. You can buy a lot of products, a lot of tools, and get in a lot of learning for $8,000-$15,000. A lot of the things you would be learning in the first few months are things you could easily teach yourself (basic web design, basic SEO, basic PPC, etc…), so rather than spending six months with a coach that you speak with once a week for $7,500, spend a couple hundred bucks on good information products and software.


Also, I’ve seen several very legitimate affiliate marketers offer coaching clubs for $1,000-$2,500 in this industry which makes it infinitely more difficult for me to justify this giant $15k price point.


So all-in-all, is it a product I’d be comfortable spending $15k on? Definitely not. Otherwise I would have done it! Anything this closely associated with internet marketers that I know make money ripping people off like Ben Moskel and Dave Clabeaux with their “Six Figure Program” (they’re on the coaching staff for Prosper) is something I am very uncomfortable investing in. Unfortunately I can’t tell you for certain whether or not it’s a ripoff, but my instincts (which are very sharp at this point since reviewing scam products is what I do full-time) tell me that it’s too high of a risk and too much money.


It really all amounts to the fact that you could do SO much in this industry for $8,000-$15,000. You could have a massive amount of content built on any topic of your choice, have a brilliant website designed and built for you, have someone install your Adsense ads on there, and pay for a ton of SEO with that kind of money. Then you’re almost certain to have a website making a couple thousand dollars per month if you hired all the right people. Then you’d have a small full-time income so you could buy all the information products your heart desired and study/learn affiliate marketing full-time! That’s what I’d do with the money if I had it to invest in the early days of my affiliate marketing career.


Do you have questions or comments about Prosper Inc. that I didn’t answer in this post? Have you personally signed up for coaching with Prosper Inc. and had good or bad experiences you’d like to share publicly? Just leave a comment below, email me, or connect with me on Facebook or Twitter! I love to hear from my readers, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything.


Prosper reviewed by Ian Pribyl on .
Summary: VERY expensive coaching not AT ALL worth paying for
Description: Prosper Inc. will charge you a TON of money (up to $20-$30k) and leave you with almost nothing to show for it. Details in this review (and comments)
Rating: 1 out of 5.