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  • This software DOES NOT WORK
  • The software doesn’t produce traffic
  • Can lose you A LOT of money
  • Requires a large amount of start-up cash
  • Claims benefits of viral marketing, but this software can’t achieve what is promised

Review of Profit Siege by Steven Rounds

Overall Grade: F


On the Profit Siege sales page, we meet Steven Rounds a.k.a. “The Ex Paypal Guy” who tells us he is the guy that invented the software that freezes Paypal accounts when there is suspicious activity. Regardless of whether or not that is true, he goes on to tell use how he felt he should be able to build a software that does the opposite.


Instead of freezing account activity, Steven decided he could develop a software that blew up accounts and made him a ton of money. He recounts the back-alley exchanges he had to have with software developers before he finally found a team that would create it for him. Apparently it was a very under-handed exchange, which I don’t understand why the software I purchased would need to be developed under-the-radar like it was illegal, but we’ll come back to that later.


What You’re Promised

Amongst other things, Rounds claims that you will not need technical experience like SEO, PPC, article marketing, blogging, and pretty much any other thing you need to know to have a good shot at making money online. Rounds also says you will not need to know anything about media buying, which is essentially buying advertising in any form. That’s definitely a stretch when you’re working with CPV/PPV (cost-per-view/pay-per-view) which is media buying by definition. What’s that you say? That’s a technicality? Well no, not really. It’s just a straight-up lie. I always know that a product is in trouble when I’m talking about lies before I’m even out of my review of the sales page.



Another thing Steven Rounds says on the sales page is this:

This is true to a degree. It’s true in the sense that you are going to be really upset when you see what you got for your $47. He’s going to be public enemy #1 because he’s promised you that this software is easy to use, that you will not need any technical skills, and that it’s going to make you rich. You’ll find when you get into the software that so many of the claims he makes are untrue and CPV/PPV is not anything a new internet or affiliate marketer should be playing around with.



I don’t say that because I don’t have confidence in you as an internet marketer, I say that because even extremely experienced internet marketers could lose their asses in CPV/PPV. There are several reasons for this, which of course I will discuss later, but playing with CPV/PPV is very similar to gambling when you’re new to this industry and don’t have many technical skills.



What You Actually Get

After you’ve purchased the product you’re pitched about four or five upsells. This is pretty standard routine in this industry, unfortunately, but ones like this particularly tick me off. Let me show you why:



That’s what you have to click to refuse the upsell. I see these things pretty often, but ones this in-your-face really set me off. What the hell did I just pay for? It was supposed to be a super easy, super fast product to use. Now I’m being told it’s going to take hours to do it myself? Well I’ve already paid so I guess it’s too late to turn back now.



When you get into the member’s area you have to download and install the software manually. That is unless you sign up for the hosting service Steven Rounds is an affiliate for! No thanks, I’ll pass on making you even more money.



The How-To Videos Aren’t Very Helpful

The installation videos are pretty easy to follow if you’re even moderately experienced with cPanel, but if you’ve never logged into a server and completed basic actions in cPanel you’d probably get lost. The rest of the training videos are pretty easy to follow too, and the software does work well with CPV/PPV which isn’t the bone I have to pick with Steven. The bone I have to pick is that he claims this software is super easy to use and that it will make you extremely wealthy while running on autopilot. These claims are simply not true.



Why This Program is VERY Dangerous

Many people have tried to make money in CPV/PPV and lost a pretty big bankroll trying. What Rounds doesn’t tell you is that you’ll need $150-$200+ to deposit in these CPV/PPV accounts before you can run a campaign. When someone signed up to view ads on one of these CPV/PPV networks you’re buying from types in a keyword you’ve placed a bid on, your ad pops up on their screen.



And It Doesn’t Even Work!

There are so many reasons why this is a horrible way to reach customers with your affiliate offers. These people signed up to receive something for free if they volunteered to be bothered by these ads, so closing them without looking is almost second nature. That’s why they’re only $0.01 or less per exposure: because that is about what the exposure is worth! In order to convert traffic like this, you have to be a damn good advertiser and make ads that visually captivate someone, stop them dead in their tracks, and then convince them with incredible sales copy that they should sign up for whatever offer you’re pushing. So saying you don’t need any technical experience is a far cry from the truth.



The Final Verdict

Profit Siege fails to delivers on so many levels. This product is being pitched as “newbie friendly” and the sales page makes you think you can set it up, let it run, and then count the money as it rushes into your bank account. This is so horribly misleading. CPV/PPV is not something to mess around with. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can really lose your ass (pardon my French).



Not at All for New Affiliate Marketers

If you are experienced with CPV/PPV, this product could very likely be a good addition to your business. If you aren’t already familiar with CPV/PPV, DON’T fall into the trap this product is setting. Profit Siege is not anywhere near comprehensive enough to teach you how to make money in that aspect of affiliate marketing. Just because someone types in a key phrase like “Best Buy” and an ad pops up with your affiliate offer does not mean you’re going to make money.



Requires Hundreds of Dollars to Use

If nothing else I’ve said makes you want to avoid Profit Siege, then the fact that you’ll need a few hundred dollars to deposit into your CPV/PPV accounts before you can start using the program properly ought to do it. That’s never mentioned on the sales page because it would keep many people from purchasing.



Closing Thoughts

In summary, Profit Siege teaches you just enough to become very dangerous to you and your bank account. Many people will buy this program and spend several hundred dollars experimenting just to make $10 or $20 in affiliate commissions. On top of that, there are rumors that the developers spy on their customers to see what keywords they’re bidding on and steal any profitable campaigns out from underneath you. I don’t know whether or not that’s true, but I can confidently say everything else I’ve covered in this review is.



Still thinking about springing for Profit Siege? Don’t do it. If you’ve purchased it recently, request a refund from the publisher. If that doesn’t work, contact your credit card company and have them charge back your purchase because you’re unsatisfied and the product failed to deliver on its promises (just make sure your credit card company allows that first; some do not).



Also, make sure to unsubscribe from anybody that told you this product was a great way to get started in affiliate marketing. They’ve just proven they are a completely non-credible source and are only interested in you for the commissions you’re worth.



Details at a Glance

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Publisher: Steven Rounds

Score: 26/100 points
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Profit Siege reviewed by Ian Pribyl on .
Summary: Not at all what you’re promised and nothing you should pay for
Description: Profit Siege by Steven Rounds requires a few hundred dollars MINIMUM to get started and then it’s nothing more than a gamble. This review explains why.
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