New Website X claims on its sale page that you’ll get a free website that can have you earning money in just 90 seconds. In reality, you’ll be paying a steep price of $47 a month for a website that won’t earn you a single dollar in affiliate commissions because of Google’s new updates. New Website X is extremely overpriced considering the low quality of the product, and it’s not a website that will attract traffic or make sales.


No Unique Content = SEO Disaster

The biggest flaw in New Website X is that the type of website you’re paying for is no longer effective for affiliates. If you’re looking to make money with internet marketing by making commissions as an affiliate, New Website X is not going to cut it.


In 2011, Google updated their algorithm which changed how it ranks websites in its search engine. This update is called Google Panda, and it absolutely destroyed websites like New Website X’s sites that have very poor content. New Website X is all about giving you an automated website that is loaded with affiliate links, and nothing else.


Google Penalty For Poor Content


Google is very clear that they penalize these type of websites that have “little or no original content.” New Website X creates websites that are exactly the type of “thin affiliate websites” that Google is talking about in the screenshot above. No serious affiliate marketer would spend money on this type of website that is clearly not going to rank well in Google.


If you want to rank well in search engines and convert that traffic into commissions, Google is very clear about what you need to do. You need unique, valuable content, and that’s something that New Website X cannot do for you. That is why their claim of getting a website that can earn you money in 90 seconds is extremely unrealistic, and you should not believe it.


I made a sample New Website X site in the “make money online” niche and you can just how little content your site will come with. This is exactly the type of site that Google Panda will crush.


Blogs Have No Content



Not As Much Value As Claimed

New Website X is full of very bold claims about the high value of their product, but this should all be taken with a grain of salt. On the sales page of New Website X, they claim that the domain you’ll receive is “worth anything from $500 to $1,000 each.” Then once you pay $47 + $47/month to enter the members’ area, you’ll see in the training guide that this claim changes to domains that are worth between “$100 and $2,000”.


Exaggerated Claims About Domain Value


Don’t be fooled by these exaggerated claims—these domains are worth nowhere near $2,000 or even $100. They’re not “aged” or “trustworthy” like is claimed in the screenshot above, they’re just normal domain names that you get from any registry for a few bucks.


The entire members’ area is filled with these inflated claims about how much value you’re getting. New Website X is worth nowhere near the thousands of dollars they claim that it’s worth, you’re just receiving a basic affiliate site loaded with banners and absolutely zero unique content.


Exaggerated Value -- Not Worth Even Close To This Much


A Site With No SEO

One of the major reasons that the site you’ll get with New Website X is worth nowhere near $47/month is that the site won’t be optimized for search engines at all. In order for your site to start bringing in sales commissions, you’ll first need organic traffic from search engines. You’re only going to rank well in search engines once your site is SEO friendly.


For example, your website will need quality backlinks from relevant websites to your niche, and your New Website X website will have zero backlinks. This is why you can’t take the claim on the sales page of having a valuable website in 90 seconds seriously. Your website will be worth absolutely nothing until there is a lot of SEO work done, and there is no reason to pay $47 a month for a site with no SEO value.


All of the emphasis is on affiliate links and banners ads, but that’s not enough for a site to make a profit.


No Content - Emphasis Only On Ads

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, it may seem like a good deal to buy an affiliate website, but that’s only true if you’re buying a site with actual SEO. New Website X provides you with a low quality website that has no backlinks, is not aged, and has no unique content.


Final Word: A Steep Price For A Poor Site

New Website X makes it seem like you could have a profitable website running in just 90 seconds. The reality is that you’re paying $47 a month for a site with no unique content and no SEO value. Once you ignore the exaggerated claim about how valuable their domain names and WordPress themes are, you’ll realize that New Website X is absolutely not worth its high price.

What’s Your Take?

Have had you experience with prepackaged websites that turn out to be a waste of money? Why do you think that a site with just affiliate links and banners is not worth paying for? Let us know by leaving a comment!



New Website X reviewed by Ian Pribyl on .
Summary: Why did they even say it was free? You pay for a worthless site every month!
Description: A complete New Website X review (with screenshots), and why Google will CRUSH your site.
Rating: 1 out of 5.