Well, this one was interesting. I haven’t done a lot in mobile affiliate marketing outside of research so I was interested in giving this product a shot. About ten days ago I bought Mobile Money Machines by Frank Lucas to review here on NoMoreBSReviews. I got it all setup the first evening and have been tracking my results ever since. We’ll get back to that towards the end of this post, but judging by the score listed at the top of this post, you’re not going to be impressed.


The Sales Pitch
While watching the sales pitch for Mobile Money Machines, a lot of those same old “scam alert” red flags began flying up in my head. Most sales pitches are the same in this industry: there is a protagonist (the creator of the product) an antagonist (someone trying to stop them or someone they want to one-up) and a motive (show everyone they were wrong, piss a bunch of people off, live the “good life”, etc…).


They ALWAYS sound like they’re doing you a huge favor because you’re their best friend even though they’ve never met you. That’s why people can be such effect scammers and con artists in this industry. Frank Lucas’ sales presentation for Mobile Money reviews was no different. Protagonist + secret + antagonist + motive to show them all up = a product for all of us to drool over and purchase. In this case, it was Mobile Money Machines. You don’t need hosting or web development knowledge and you won’t have to know PPC. Click a few buttons and you’ll be counting your money in no time.


The Product
The Mobile Money Machines “Secret Member’s Area” isn’t secured in any way, so you can follow that link to verify my review for yourself. If at some point that link stops working, it means they’ve finally learned a very basic lesson about securing their member’s area. Aside from that, Mobile Money Machines is split into six steps:

I’ll go through each one of these one-by-one to explain what’s inside each section.


Step 1) Set Up Your Mobile Money Machine
Step 1 consists of three parts: Registering a domain name (and hosting, but he kind of slips past that part as quickly as possible), download your “Money Machine”, and create and promote your mobile money app. The first part of this section is the first time Frank breaks a promise he made to you in the sales pitch – not needing hosting. You need hosting and a domain name for this site, so you’re three minutes in and already spending more money while being funneled through one of Frank’s affiliate offers he’s using to make more money from you. He claims it’s free, but it’s not.


Downloading your “Money Machine” is easy for those with a little technical experience, but probably a little tasking for others. I know it sounds sexy and mysterious, but all you’re doing is putting a page up on your website. Luckily there is a decent video tutorial to walk you through this part if you need it.


Promoting your mobile money app doesn’t really happen here even though the section says it does. All this part of the training does is refer you to a company called Conduit and gives you a tutorial from that company on how to set up a mobile app from a template and put it up on the app store. By the way, if you don’t have a mobile developer account at this point in the program, you’re going to have to spend a little over $100 to make it happen. I’m not recommending you do because I don’t think this is a good product, but I’m just illustrating the fact that Frank Lucas didn’t give you all the information you needed to know on the front end before purchasing the Mobile Money Machines program.


Step 2) Profit Stack #1 – Email
This section of training is a joke. There was virtually no effort put forth here and Frank and his team just put up three videos from Aweber showing you how to use their email marketing service. It’s a great service, don’t get me wrong, but what Frank has done once again is funneled you through and affiliate link and hung you out to dry. You learn the technical details of setting up an email marketing campaign (i.e. how to set it up) but he teaches nothing about effective email marketing here, which would be essential to a user’s success with the Mobile Money Machines program. “Secret Video Content” my butt.


Step 3) Mobile Money Ignition
Again, the title makes it sound far more interesting than it actually is. All this section shows is how to get a Facebook API key (application programming interface – it’s what allows two pieces of software or websites to communicate) and plug it in to your website. Now I know this may sound super impressive and like a huge accomplishment, but unless Frank Lucas or any other publisher shows you how to harness a piece of information, it’s pretty much useless. Besides, you can find plenty of free video tutorials online that show you how to get a Facebook API key and even those will give you a better idea of how to use it effectively.


Step 4) Next Gen Squeeze Pages
The title of this section is telling a half-truth about what you’ll learn. The Mobile Money Machines team will give you access to a template and voila! You have a squeeze page! Is it a “next gen” squeeze page? Far from it. It’s about as plain and simple as a squeeze page gets. Aside from how completely dull it is, there are no instructions or pointers about writing good copy – the most important factor of an effective squeeze page. This is another great example of Frank Lucas and his team giving you half of what you need and sending you on to the next step.


Step 5) Profit Stack #2 – Auto Cash Funnels
Another really cool sounding thing?! Man… I must be getting my money’s worth. Apparently what Frank Lucas means by “Auto Cash Funnels” is “how to setup follow-up emails on Aweber”. This time the Mobile Money Machines team gives a little direction of what might be in a good follow-up message, but it is still FAR from enough information for you to go out and make money online; particularly substantial sums of it.


But that’s not all! Frank says he’ll see you one half-assed instructional email follow-up video, and he’ll RAISE you another video that he pulled from somewhere else to save himself a little work. It’s not like you paid for the program, right? Then he refers you to another service where you’ll have to spend more money on a service necessary to send text messages. There is a setup fee, a per-text fee, and a monthly fee. It seems like Frank Lucas has devised a way for you to give everyone else money instead of making some yourself…


Step 6) Turning On The Cash
This was my absolute favorite part about the Mobile Money Machines program, strictly because it’s so screwed up. You remember that part in the sales video where Frank Lucas promised you wouldn’t have to spend any money on PPC? Well take a look at how this section opens:


“First I want to tell you about the BEST way to get started getting traffic to your Mobile Money Machines. And that is – solo ads.


Ahh yeah! That’s exactly what I wanted! To spend even MORE money before I’ve made any! Frank Lucas, you’re like some kind of magician mind reader that magically peeks into my brain and gives me exactly what I was hoping for!


In this final section of training, Frank and the Mobile Money Machines team walk you through setting up an account and campaign with AdMob – Google’s mobile branch of Adwords. Again, it’s just an instructional video on how to setup a campaign. There is little to no help on how to write good copy – something that is crucial to an interactive (web) campaign’s success.


And that’s it! That’s literally the end of the program. Nobody even took the time to type “Good luck!” at the end of step six. It just… ends. It’s kind of poetic though, because Frank Lucas spends the entire program finding unique ways to hang his buyers out to dry and in the end, he hangs you out to dry the best way anyone could – without even taking the time to write a conclusion!


The Final Verdict
So should you buy Mobile Money Machines or not? If you’ve read a single paragraph above, you know the answer is no. Overall, it’s not the worst program I’ve seen. There is some information that’s not complete crap and some of the sources Frank refers you to are very useful in the mobile marketing industry. But he doesn’t give you all of the pieces, he clearly put forth minimal effort to make this program, and he over-promises on the sales page and under-delivers horribly after he’s taken your money.


Mobile Money Machines’ execution is half-assed, it will cost you a lot of money between now and getting off the ground, and it will cost you even more money in trial and error over the first several weeks/months/years you spend filling in the blanks this program leaves you with. Do not buy this program and avoid anyone that says they’re making large sums of money using it’s methods.


Details at a Glance
Product: Mobile Money Machines
Sales Page: http://www.mobilemoneymachines2.com/sp/indexmmm2.html
Publisher: Frank Lucas

Score: 28/100
Original Rubric:Mobile Money Machines Review
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As always, if you have questions about this program or anything else in this industry feel free to drop me an email or call me. I love hearing from my followers and helping every way I can!


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Summary: A six-step program leading to complete disappointment
Description: Mobile Money Machines by Frank Lucas is just one huge disappointment after another. Details in this review.
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