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Apparently a lot of people have cell phones! Did you know that? I didn’t know that. Okay, I knew that. What does that have to do with making money though? Keeping in style with a ton of other internet marketing how-to programs, Chris was let in on a “huge secret” by a bunch of very rich people.


Apparently he went to some sort of cell phone orgy with a buddy of his where supermodels showed up but the people he was with were too engrossed in their cell phones to notice. As a very happily married man, let me tell you: if a bunch of supermodels show up in a concentrated area, any man will put down his cell phone for at least a couple of minutes- even if for no other reason than sheer curiosity of why the supermodels are swarming. Are they in season again?


Anyways, he was let in on their “secret” and became super rich, and now he’s sharing the “secret” with you out of the kindness of his heart for the low, low price of $47. Or $37 if you try to close the sales page in your browser.


By the way, after you purchase the initial product, you’ll be pitched about four upsells telling you how much better they’ll make the product. If the product wasn’t good enough to stand on its own in the first place, why did you just take $37 from me?!


The Product
The concept of this product can be summed up by their introduction video when you login to the member’s area. Go to AdMob (a mobile PPC advertising service) and set up some ads that lead to your web site. On your website, you’ll have ads to some affiliate offers which visitors will click through and buy products through your affiliate links.


I can’t say this enough: affiliate marketing doesn’t work that way. The only way this works is if you’re getting MASSIVE amounts of traffic, and if you were driving that much traffic to your website using pay-per-click you’d be paying thousands of dollars a day and making only a fraction of what you were spending through affiliate product sales. It just doesn’t work.


There aren’t many lessons in the Mobile Blog Money program either. They show you how to set up an ad on AdMob which you could easily figure out yourself for free. If you couldn’t figure it out yourself, Google will teach you how to set up ads on their AdMob network in their support documentation for free. The Mobile Blog Money team also teaches you how to pull a hoplink from Clickbank in the program, which is an extremely easy thing you can figure out on your own for free. So what are they charging you for? I’m not too sure honestly. There is nothing back here in the member’s area to justify taking your hard-earned money.


Also, there is a place for you to build your “mobile website”, but really it’s just a basic HTML editor embedded on their website which, again, you could easily find on the internet for free and is nothing special at all. To me, this was just another slap in the face from the Mobile Blog Money team.


The Final Verdict
There is absolutely no way you should buy this product. Save yourself $47 and search these three things on Google:


“How to setup an ad on AdMob”
“How to get a Clickbank hoplink”
“Free HTML editor”


Read over that information and you will have learned everything the Mobile Blog Money team is going to teach you in their program. I buy a lot of these products to review, and this was one of the biggest, most undeniable ripoffs I have ever seen. They take $47 of your hard-earned money, package a few pages of information you can find for free, and give you an ineffective, dumbed-down definition of affiliate marketing.


There are programs that I review and think someone will someday come along and argue with me because they didn’t think the product was that bad. There is no doubt in my mind that someone who purchased Mobile Blog Money would 100% agree with my evaluation of this product. It is a complete and total waste of money. Avoid it at all costs.

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Mobile Blog Money reviewed by Ian Pribyl on .
Summary: A program that charges for information you can easily find for free
Description: Mobile Blog Money by Chris Waldron teaches you nothing worth paying for and gives very, VERY bad advice. Details in this review.
Rating: 1 out of 5.