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  • Not remotely as automated as promised
  • Near impossible to get sites ranked
  • Over-hyped, over-promised, and oversold
  • Claims benefits of viral marketing, but this software can’t achieve what is promised

Review of Mass Income Multiplier by Tom Geller and Tony Perr

Overall Grade: F


I experienced a slight hint of nostalgia when I visited the Mass Income Multiplier sales page. It seems like the traditional long-form sales letter has all but died off and gone extinct. Not for Tom Geller and Tony Perr though. They are bringing affiliate marketing back with old-school style. Imagine going to a hip nightclub, shuffling out to the middle of the dance floor, and dancing disco. That is what the guys from Mass Income Multiplier are doing with this sales page.


I know I’m ribbing on these guys pretty bad, but I really did appreciate it because it allows me to process the information a little bit more easily. It also makes it easier for me to pull claims for my blog. Don’t get too excited though, just because I was happy to see the good ol’ sales letter doesn’t mean I have good things to say about the product. FAR from it actually, but we’ll get to that later.


What Tony and Tom Promise

Here’s what the sales video and letter claim: Tom and Tony have developed a software that allows you to assemble a web page very easily. You don’t need any hosting, you don’t need an autoresponder, and the video specifically says you don’t need, “great content and viewer traffic”. That’s a direct quote which I’ll address later in my review. Tom or Tony really should have chosen their words more wisely there.


Bad Sign #1

The sales page mentions viral marketing a handful of times and doesn’t tell you exactly what you’re going to be doing. You are told the Mass Income Multiplier software uses viral marketing and that it is an automated process. The sales letter states that you don’t have to worry about driving traffic or building backlinks for SEO as well, which is sort of true but mostly isn’t.


My biggest problem is this sales video and sales letter make it seem like the software goes out and brings all sorts of traffic your way automatically without any effort or existing networks of your own, but this isn’t remotely true. You need an existing social following and you have to do a little work yourself before this software could even approach being effective, but again we’ll dig into that more later in this review.


In all fairness, at least it isn’t another corny story about how they found out some multimillionaire’s secret and they’re taking from the rich and giving to the poor by selling you this information at the low, low price of $49. They state the claimed features and benefits of their software and let you move on.


What They Actually Deliver

First off, I want to address something that is really bothering me. Tom Geller and Tony Perr are claiming their Mass Income Multiplier drafts off of viral media to drive traffic to your site and make income online. I have been studying advertising at the University of Texas for almost four years now (I graduate just a couple of weeks from now as I am writing this review). We have one of the most highly regarded advertising programs in the United States which is internationally recognized and we have the only doctorate program for advertising in the entire world.


But It Doesn’t Work that Way!

With that being said, we’re taught and trained by many giants of this industry, and something many of these established professionals have made clear is that nobody completely understands how to harness the power of viral marketing. Not psychologists, not advertising agencies with hundreds of millions of dollars billed to their clients annually, nor multi-billion dollar corporations. To this very day, you either get lucky with viral marketing or you don’t. So to believe Tom and Tony have cracked the code is highly unlikely and hard to believe. If advertisers with huge budgets can’t achieve consistent success with viral marketing, it’s near impossible that you are going to be able to achieve it with a $49 product. Every scam siren in your head should be going off at this point in the review.


Why You’ll Never Get Rankings

As I mentioned earlier, my absolute biggest problem with the Mass Income Multiplier program is how Geller and Perr make it seem like the MIM software drives massive amounts of traffic and takes care of SEO for you. First of all, the reason you don’t need a domain name and hosting for this program is because everything is put on a single domain and hosted on the same server. Search engines HATE this. As someone very experienced with SEO, I can personally guarantee this program would never get you a valuable page one ranking on Google, Yahoo, or Bing without a very substantial amount of additional work on your end. Could you get some long tail first page rankings? Probably, but they’d probably be very obscure and almost completely worthless, if not completely worthless. So the claim that the software takes care of SEO for you is 100% untrue.


Not Very Automated at All

Second of all, the software doesn’t do it near as automatically as they make it seem. Yes, the software compiles your web page within 30 seconds as promised after you have inserted all of your content. It’s pretty cool, but that doesn’t mean it’s useful. After you compile your “shared page” on their domain and servers, you can easily share it on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The idea here is you’ll put some viral content (like a video from YouTube with thousands upon thousands of views) on your website. Your website has ads in the left and right margins, and your site will go viral when you share it with your friends, right? They’ll share it with their friends, which will share it with their friends, and with all that traffic you’re sure to convert one or two sales, right? Well if you could actually get massive amounts of traffic this way – maybe, but viral sharing on the internet does not work this way.


Would YOU Share a Site Like This?!

Think about this logically. If one of your Facebook friends or Twitter followers shared a web page for dieting that was plastered with advertisements on the right and left side but had a video of Dr. Oz smack-dab in the middle, would you click the ads on the sides and purchase the products through that person’s affiliate link? That’s the exact example that Geller and Perr show you in their walk-through video to demonstrate the power of this software.


Furthermore, would you share it with the rest of your social network following and help it go viral? There’s no way! I don’t care if the funniest video I’ve ever seen in my life is placed between all of those ads. If I want to share the video, I’ll grab the link from YouTube and show it to my friends. I’m not going to knowingly extend the lifespan of a website that appears to be spam just because it has a funny or interesting video on it.


Other Shortcomings

There are many other ways this software falls short of something that could consistently make you money on the internet. You don’t have access to highly-detailed analytics which are invaluable to experts in this industry. You have access to basic analytics (number of views, unique visitors, amount of subscribers, etc…), but that isn’t enough if you plan to get serious about making money online and truly understand what’s working and what’s not working on your site. The claim that you don’t need great content is a massive understatement as well. The absolute most sure-fire way to make money in affiliate marketing is to offer valuable content, develop credibility and a following, and add value to their lives using affiliate offers that are relevant and useful to them. Even if you paste a viral video in the middle of your shared page, you’re still going to need some kind of content on your site. You’ll also need to write solid content to reach out to your email subscribers and convert them into affiliate sales.


The list of flaws just goes on, and on, and on. There are so many automated shortcuts being sold to people trying to learn how to make money in affiliate marketing. If you’re serious about starting your own business in this industry, roll up your sleeves and get ready to do the work any business needs to get off of the ground. Stop looking for automated programs like Mass Income Multiplier. You’re exponentially more likely to get ripped off than you are to find something of the value or worth what you paid for it.


The Final Verdict

If you read the review above, it’s probably clear that anyone should avoid this product. Although the Mass Income Multiplier system does build websites quickly like it claims and that’s kind of cool, this program cannot possibly live up to the rest of the claims that Tom Geller and Tony Perr are making on the website. In order for this program to be remotely close to effective you would need a pretty massive social following. Even content with the best viral potential these days usually takes some kind of celebrity-sized following to get well on its way to going viral. Yes, the software makes it easy to share your websites socially, but the software doesn’t automatically generate traffic and links like they make it seem on the sales page. YOU do that by sharing it with your friends and followers through the software, but just as I said earlier in the review, how likely are you to re-share a page one of your friends posts that’s plastered with ads on the left and right side just because it has viral content in the middle of the page? Not very likely.


Nobody Can Promise Viral Value… NOBODY

Nobody on the planet Earth understands how to fully harness the power of viral marketing on a consistent basis. Advertising agencies with hundreds of millions of dollars to spend and multi-billion dollar corporations haven’t figured out how to do it, so the odds that a $49 product you find on the internet can show you how to consistently and easily use viral marketing to make money on the internet is highly unlikely. Companies all across the world lose millions of dollars every year creating viral campaigns that never catch and ultimately fail. The most educated people on this topic (scientists, psychologists, and industry experts) will tell you it’s a coin toss. Just because you take somebody else’s popular content and put it on your website between a few advertisements then share it on Facebook or Twitter certainly doesn’t guarantee you any income.


Closing Thoughts

All-in-all, this is just another product that throws out a lot of fancy words hoping that you get excited enough to believe it works. Viral marketing is a huge mystery and anybody that tells you they can consistently make money drafting off of a piece of viral media is lying to you. This program is based on the idea that you can borrow the popularity and success of something viral and leverage it to your benefit using social media. You share it on Facebook and Twitter, then your followers will re-share/re-tweet it, their friends will do the same, etc… If I linked my friends to the shared page I created with this program, I wouldn’t be surprised if they marked it as spam and thought my Facebook account had been hijacked by a virus, let alone click on my affiliate links, purchase the products, and share it with their friends.


There’s just no way I can justify spending $49 on this product. The authors massively under-deliver on their promises for the Mass Income Multiplier software and if multi-million and multi-billion dollar companies haven’t figured out how to leverage the power of viral media, it’s absurd to think Tom Geller and Tony Perr have cracked the code and are selling you their secrets for $49.



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Summary: Promises of a viral website just lead to massive disappointment
Description: Mass Income Multiplier by Tom Geller and Tony Perr promises to help you harness the power of “viral marketing” but really just sets you up for failure. Details in this review.
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