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Review of Instant Passive Profits by Greg Wood

Hey guys, Ian Pribyl here with NoMoreBSReviews.com.  Today we are going to be talking about a product called Instant Passive Profits by Greg Wood.  And it is a CPV program; cost per view is what CPV stands for.  And if you’ve seen any of my other reviews about CPV products, you probably know what’s coming.  And if you have it, I am going to spoil it.


I will get into details in a second, but you absolutely should not buy products having to do with CPV (cost per view) when you are fairly new to this industry, and if you’re researching this product, because that’s what they pitch it as, you are probably fairly new to this industry.  So I will give you the details as to why Instant Passive Profits isn’t a good buy in just a minute.


What Makes Me So Qualified?

Before I do that, I want to establish myself as a credible source. Like I said, my name is Ian.  I run NoMoreBSReviews.com.  And I review products like this, to make sure people like you don’t get scammed because I have been in internet marketing now for about ten years studying it, and I have been making money in internet marketing for about six.  So I can look at these programs and tell you whether or not they are going to be useful for someone just trying to get started because I’ve been there, and I know now where I am at, what works and what doesn’t.


The First Sign of Trouble: Endless Upsells

So with that being said, back to Instant Passive Profits by Greg Wood.  First of all, and I think we are all pretty used to this at this point, like we’ve bought products before, most of the people watching this video, and you see the upsells afterwards, usually one or two or three upsells that you have to close out before you actually get into the members’ area.


Instant Passive Profits slams you with upsells.  I mean upsell after upsell after upsell, you get coaching offers that are outrageously overpriced.  And then you get done-for-you websites like they have tons of them pitch.  It is the same old but it is like two or three times, what you usually see.  Outrageous prices, and outrageous offers, that ultimately aren’t going to get you any further.  What you need is a good product, you don’t need a whole bunch of upsells.


Details About the Mediocre Software

With that being said, when you get into the core product, for Instant Passive Profits, and you get into the members’ area, you are going to find CPV (cost per view) marketing, and a mediocre software at best.  And I think that is being generous.  The software has to do with CPV, and like I said, if you are new, you shouldn’t really be messing with CPV, I’ll explain that in a second. But on top of that, even if you were someone that really needed a piece of CPV software, cost per view software to help you with your campaigns, this wouldn’t be your software. So that’s why I say mediocre at best.


The Problem with CPV Marketing (which IPP recommends)

So the problems with CPV: CPV is cost per view, which means basically some people have software installed on their computer, that when they type in a certain keyword and they search for it, the CPV software is going to pop up a website for them, okay?  So if you bid on that keyword, it is going to pop up your website in front of them.


Well, if you really think about that type of marketing, it is very flawed.  Because this is not someone that is actively seeking your website and the information, they may be seeking something related, but you are popping your website in front of them is almost a guaranteed closed website every single time.  So that’s why CPV isn’t that good.


A lot of people just think they have a virus on their computer, I mean that’s really bad for your brand, and really bad for your website. If your website pops up, and he going, “Ah, this damn virus,” and they shut it, that is not good for your brand. So personally, I’ve avoided CPV since I have been in this, because of stuff like that.  And even the people that make money in it, it is very difficult to make money with, which is why it is no place for a beginner in internet marketing, or someone that is fairly new to this.


You Need Several Hundred Dollars to Start with IPP

On top of that usually you have to pay at least $100 upfront for them to deduct your advertising fees out of, so if you want to apply to all these CPV networks, that Instant Passive Profits and Greg Wood are going to refer you to, then you are going to need a few hundred dollars.  And if you are new to this and you are just getting started, most people don’t want to spend a few hundred dollars.  Most people don’t have a few hundred dollars to put into their internet business in the beginning.  Most people are running on a shoestring budget.  I know I was.


Another HUGE Problem: It’s Paid Advertising!

And so that is another reason is, because you are just thrown straight into paid advertising.  And I don’t recommend anybody that is new to internet marketing unless they have received very in-depth training to start doing paid advertising. Because essentially what you are doing is you are paying to learn mistakes that you could be learning from free traffic and not paying out of pocket for.


So there is no testing ground for your methods, you are paying to learn lessons. On top of that you are doing CPV advertising, which is something I definitely don’t recommend for a new internet marketer. And you are given a software that really isn’t worth paying for, even if it were the total price of the Instant Passive Profits product, I wouldn’t recommend it even for the software.


Can I Recommend Instant Passive Profits by Greg Wood?

So with that being said, can I recommend Instant Passive Profits by Greg Wood?  There is no absolutely no way I can recommend this product.  It is not for new internet marketers.  And it is really not even for experienced internet marketers.  It is not going to help you further your business, or it is not going to help you get from making nothing in internet marketing to being able to make a living in internet marketing like he promises.  And that is ultimately what you are looking for.  So I can’t give it a passing grade; it flunks out absolutely without a doubt.


So, again, my name is Ian Pribyl.  I run NoMoreBSReviews.com.  If you are ever looking for some free resources in internet marketing, I wrote a free e-book that I give away on my website to help people like you not get scammed and give you a very clear idea and a very clear path of how to get started in internet marketing. I also have some videos that I’ve had professionally developed, that don’t have me on their animations to help explain some things, and I also link to other blogs and websites and forums that you should find really really helpful as a young or a new internet marketer.


So check out the blog if you get a chance.  And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me too.  I love to hear from people watching my videos, and on my blog.  So with all that being said, I am trying to keep you guys safe on the internet.  And until next time, I will keep on working.  And I will talk to you soon.  Bye-bye.



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Instant Passive Profits reviewed by Ian Pribyl on .
Summary: Another product that doesn’t help you get started in internet marketing AT ALL.
Description: Instant Passive Profits gives you sub-par lessons, a mediocre software at best, and a bunch of methods no new internet marketer should be using. Details in this review.
Rating: 1 out of 5.