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Review of Info Cash by Chris Carpenter

Today, we are going to be talking about a product called Info Cash by a guy named Chris Carpenter who claims to be really mad about all of the bad internet marketing products out there, which makes me wonder if he knows his peddling crap or if he actually thinks he has put together something of value here.

info cash members' area


The 1st Problem: Strictly PAID Advertising

My first problem with Info Cash by Chris Carpenter is actually something that I have mentioned about other products that I have reviewed in the past and it rings true with Info Cash as well. In this product, you are going to be using and learning 100% paid advertising. And this is only really an issue if you are brand new to internet marketing or you are fairly new to internet marketing and affiliate marketing and you have never made money in the past, and this is why:


Every affiliate marketer makes mistakes in the early days. It is a part of learning something new – it’s a part of the process. You’re going to make mistakes in beginning. I made a lot and everybody I know that has been a successful affiliate made a lot of mistakes in the early days.


Now, the problem is if you are using paid advertising, you are going to be paying to learn those mistakes. So in a lot of ways you are essentially just setting your money on fire because you are paying to learn a lot of hard mistakes that you can learn with free traffic or with video traffic or with forums or search engine optimization or many other ways. But if you are paying for advertising, you are paying to learn those mistakes and that’s my first big problem with Info Cash.



The 2nd Problem: Chris Explains Basic Concepts Incorrectly

My second problem with the product is actually kind of embarrassing, but it is not embarrassing for me at all. It is embarrassing for the product publisher, Chris Carpenter. Now as you go through the member’s area, Chris is a self-proclaimed paid advertising expert. He claims that he was the first really big affiliate to make it big with pay-per-click years ago when it was much easier to make money with pay-per-click than it is now, and he actually claims to be kind of the father of affiliate marketing at one point.


And that’s really embarrassing because as you go through the videos and as you watch a lot of the lessons that Chris teaches, he gets kinds of confused at points and you can actually hear him forget what he was talking about or kind of lose track of what he was saying and, worst of all, is that he actually explains things incorrectly at points.


There are points in the member’s area where he is explaining very basic things about affiliate marketing and about pay-per-click advertising and he just flat out explains them wrong and I will give you an example. He actually says in the member’s area that you can do direct linking. Now, if you don’t know what direct linking is, it is not that important for this example. I just want to point out how “off” some of the information is.



An Example: Direct Linking within Info Cash

Chris claims that you can do direct linking. That you could still get away with direct linking on Google Adwords and on other paid advertising networks. But if you look around on the websites and you look around on the internet where Google talks about direct linking, it’s actually against their terms of service if you are going to be an advertiser for them – if you are going to buy ads from them.

advocating direct linking


And if you look on their community there are people that have actually been banned for direct linking. So yes, you can do direct linking and get away with it for a period of time but the moment Google catches you, they do not hesitate to ban your account and suspend you, in which case you have to go through a reapplication process where you will later be approved which is very, very, very rare. Google is hard to get back in with once they’ve booted you out or you banned permanently. You get your account permanently banned and you can never buy ads from Google again. So talking about how direct link is still allowed, it is just the completely wrong information.

banned for using direct linking


And for Chris Carpenter (someone that claims to be an expert) to be teaching things like that tells me that he is completely out of touch and out of date with what works in pay-per-click and paid advertising and what doesn’t.



My 3rd Problem: Get Better Lessons for Free

Now, if you are interested in pursuing paid advertisement in spite of what I said earlier in this review, my third problem is going to be the one that you want to pay the absolute most attention to and that’s the fact that you can just find better training and better lessons on the internet for free. And actually, there are a ton of them – a ton of content and a ton of training produced by Google and it is available to you for free and you can find it just by searching “Google Adwords Certification”. If you go online and you search for the words “Google AdWords Certification” you will be able to find their classrooms packed with lessons.

google adwords free training


There are several levels of certification, of material, that you can go through to make sure that you get AdWords certified and it teaches you all of the basics. Everything that Chris Carpenter teaches in Info Cash you can actually learn from Google more in-depth and for free. And they are not going to teach you to do things that are going to get you banned from their network so it’s actually going to be much better for you.


And if after you are done there and you want to kind of dig a little bit deeper than the basic to intermediate levels… Excuse me while I reach off of the camera… You can actually get a book like this. I think this book cost me $20 on Amazon.


This book is called Advanced Google Adwords by Brad Geddes. He is actually kind of the leader in pay- per-click advertising and he has actually spoken at conferences and given seminars by Google because he is that good. He is that advanced. He is kind of the leader in the industry. And a book like that would cost you $10 or $20 as opposed to paying $47 for a bunch of kind of fluff material that’s not as good as the free stuff you can find online and doesn’t dig remotely as advanced as a book you can find on Amazon.



The Final Verdict

So, just to wrap up here should you buy info cash by Chris Carpenter? Well, I think I’ve made it pretty obvious by this point that you absolutely should not buy this product. If you are new to internet and affiliate marketing, you should probably avoid paid advertising altogether. But if you insist on pursuing paid advertising, then you should definitely avoid this product because there are better free resources out there for you and you can even find books on Amazon that are going to teach you much better and much more in-depth for a much lower price.


So I hope you found this review helpful. My name is Ian from Nomorebsreviews.com. And if you are looking to get started in affiliate marketing, I actually have a ton of free resources – 100% free – on my website that I charge absolutely nothing for; very good training, very good instructions and a step-by-step on how to get started in affiliate marketing because I just want you guys to stay safe out there. There’s no reason to buy products like this in this industry. So, until next time, until my next review or my next lesson, best of luck to you all! I’m trying to keep you safe on the internet and I will talk to you again soon.


If you have any questions or comments about this review, feel free to send me an email using my contact page, call me, or comment on this post below! I do the absolute best I can to be a free resource for new affiliate marketers that are trying to change their lives and avoid getting scammed in this dog-eat-dog industry!



Info Cash reviewed by Ian Pribyl on .
Summary: This self-proclaimed “Father of Affiliate Marketing” has orphaned a lot of well-intentioned affiliate marketing pupils.
Description: If you’ve ever wanted to buy a product where the “expert” explains things incorrectly and confuses himself, Info Cash by Chris Carpenter is your product!
Rating: 1 out of 5.