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Review of e Wealth Blueprint by Matt Carter

Hey guys, Ian Pribyl here with NoMoreBSReviews.com.  Today we are going to be talking about a product called e Wealth Blueprint by a guy named Matt Carter.  And I am going to tell you right now, it is not going to be really a positive review.  And that’s because I’m known for giving 100 percent honest reviews. I am not going to give you some fake review and then hand you an affiliate link and you go out and buy it and make me $40.  That is not what I am about.  I am going to tell you exactly what is wrong with e Wealth Blueprint and I am going to give you the details.


What Makes You So Qualified?

But first I want to tell you a brief bit about me.  My name is Ian, like I said I run the blog NoMoreBSReviews.com.  I do reviews like this very regularly and I also give a bunch of free resources for people to get started in internet marketing, because it is flooded with scammers, and it is actually really unsafe for someone to look in and buy a lot of these products because of the fake reviews and all the really bad products with a lot of outdated information.  So I come in. I have been in internet marketing for ten years now studying, and six years making money.  And I come into these products and I review them for you and tell you if they are crap, so that you don’t get scammed out of your money.


The REAL Concept of e Wealth Blueprint

So back to e Wealth Blueprint by Matt Carter.  The concept – we will go there first.  The concept is:  You are going to build these simple websites that capture lead information.  Just to be clear so we are on the same page, lead information is like someone’s first name, last name, phone number, address; so that you take that information, they say they are interested in buying something, or they are interested in shopping quotes for say, contractors.  You take that information, and you go and sell it to contractors.  And those contractors pay you money for that lead that has shown interest.


So that is the concept of e Wealth Blueprint.  Matt Carter is going to teach you how to build these little websites, and people are going to come by, give you their information, and you are going to go sell it to people.  And the fact of the matter is:  It is not that easy.  It is not remotely as easy as he is making it sound.  He is not teaching you how to get websites that generate 2000 or 5000 visitors a day.  He says that on his sales page.


Will You REALLY Get Visitors to Your Site?

What Matt is claiming he is going to do is get you websites that get 10, 30, or 50 visitors a day.  The problem is… one of the root problems is sites like this without much content that are like lead capture forms don’t rank very well in Google.  Unless you do a lot of search engine optimization which they don’t cover very in-depth in the program.  What they do cover is actually wrong.  They don’t have a good teacher.  I will explain that in a minute.


The Root of the Problem

But the root of the problem is that this is being presented as something that a new person can go out and just be free, and make money.  And it is not going to be remotely as easy as he is making it sound.  It doesn’t even really teach you how to sell the leads once you get them, if you can get them.  He doesn’t teach you how to sell them very well because he gives you like one email to send out to people.  He shows it on video.  And it is a decent email.  But he doesn’t talk about a whole lot of follow-up, he doesn’t talk about sales closing, he doesn’t talk about how you talk to these people, any of those things.  And those are necessary if you are going to be selling businesses leads.  And they are just skipped. They are not in the program.


The Big Problem With the SEO

And so what is wrong with the search engine optimization (SEO) within e Wealth Blueprint?  And if you don’t know what that is, that is how you get ranked high so when someone searches for something, you are towards the top of the page.  The problem is there is a guy in the program, he has got a really unique name, it is Eric Lancheres and he does not know what he is talking about.  He is just going to come out and say… he is kind of clueless. He talks about search engine optimization and keyword research like he hasn’t been doing it a very long time.  He actually comes across to me as a newbie.  And anybody that was an experienced internet marketer would see that when they look at his lessons.


For example, there is something in search engine optimization called page rank or PR and you may have heard of it.  And page rank, a lot of people that are new to this industry think page rank applies to an entire website.  So Page Rank 9 which is really high like CNN.com, they give in the example, it actually applies to CNN’s homepage page rank.  It doesn’t apply site wide.  Eric doesn’t seem to know that.  Eric Lancheres doesn’t seem to know that.  He talks about page rank, he’s like “CNN Page Rank 9, if you get links, blah blah blah…” no it doesn’t work that way.  And he says if you have a page rank to website, you don’t have a page rank to a website, you have a page rank to website home page.  It doesn’t apply to the whole site.  So that is one big newbie error.


BIG Mistake that Will Screw You When Researching Niches

He makes another one too when he is doing keyword research.  He doesn’t tell you to tick the exact matchbox which can really screw you down the road.  You don’t have to know exactly what that means right now, but basically it will show the keyword tool. Instead of showing you that there are only 200 searches a month or 10 searches a month, it will show you there are 8000 when you researching niches and that just completely does you in; it completely screws you over and sets you up 100 percent for failure.  And they don’t even teach that.  They don’t teach the exact match. And Eric Lancheres does not teach that all.  And I don’t know why Matt Carter got him to do these lessons because he clearly doesn’t know what he is talking about.


The Final Verdict

So e Wealth Blueprint, overall, can I recommend it?  What is the final verdict?  Obviously, I cannot recommend this program at all.  There is no reason for you to buy this program.  Buying this program is not going to start letting you make $10, $12, or $14,000 a month like he says.  It is not even going to make a couple of hundred dollars a month. You can go out and figure out how to make simple lead websites that capture someone’s name, address, phone number. You can do that even if you have never built anything.  You could figure that out in two or three days’ of research on Google.  It is not hard.  Especially with the tools we have these days. But overall, this program is just not setting you up for success in internet marketing in anything with this business model even. It is not setting you up for success. It is not giving you enough tools.


So, again, my name is Ian Pribyl with NoMoreBSReviews.com.  I have a ton of reviews on my website, if you are ever researching other products.  Also I give away a ton of free resources, things like e-books and stuff that I have written myself and tools that I have developed, and all kinds of free information. So if you are ever looking for something and you are tired of getting scammed, feel free to stop by my site anytime.  And I also like to hear from my people.  So feel free to write me your comments.  In the meantime, I will keep doing these reviews trying to keep you guys safe on the internet.  And I will talk to you soon.



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Summary: Teaching you something very hard while pretending it’s easy, which sets you up for failure.
Description: e Wealth Bluprint by Matt Carter under-delivers on about every level it possibly can. You’d be lucky to make $100 – Read this review to find out why.
Rating: 1 out of 5.