• Easy to get a refund (you’ll want one)
  • You found this review before buying






  • Horrible excuse for an affiliate marketing product
  • More “don’t close this tab!” offers than I’ve ever seen before in my life
  • Scammy, no-value-added upsells
  • Lessons teach you almost nothing
  • Your sites WILL NOT go viral
Review of Commission Shortcut by Chris Freville and Mike Daniels
Overall Grade: F


Before I really dig into this review – one thing you can take away from this and all other affiliate marketing products is if they claim to be a “shortcut”, “works overnight”, anything to do with viral marketing, or you can simply “copy and paste their methods” is almost guaranteed to be a scam. I can’t say they’re all scams for sure because I haven’t reviewed allof them, but I can say with complete confidence and conviction that Commission Shortcut is a ripoff.


The entire premise of Commission Shortcut is create an eBook packed with your affiliate links (they give you all of the content) and then post it on a ton of eBook directories and it will go viral. There are many scam products right now using the buzzwords “viral” and “viral marketing” right now because people think they sound good but it takes a great deal more than plugging your affiliate ID into an eBook a dozen times and posting it on a bunch of directories to go viral. Running a full-time business as an affiliate marketer takes a lot more time than that. Hell, if you posted Harry Potter – the highest selling book franchise ever – onto a bunch of directories it probably wouldn’t go viral, so to think any eBook with anyone’s affiliate links in it could is unrealistic. I wish it were that easy, but it just isn’t.


In the member’s area for Commission Shortcut, Chris Freville and Mike Daniels give you a series of eight videos. That’s right, you’re being asked to pay $46 for a series of eight videos. It wouldn’t bother me so much if those eight videos were packed with valuable content and really taught something of value, but unfortunately they don’t. Here is a summary of each video:


Video 1: How to signup for Clickbank
Video 2: How to put your affiliate ID into the Commission Shortcut eBooks
Video 3: A list of eBook directories as well as a step-by-step of how to submit to one of these directories
Video 4: How to setup a WordPress site and how to setup a simple email autoresponder campaign
Video 5: How to signup for joint venture giveaways
Video 6: How to upload your eBook to
Video 7: How to upload your eBook to
Video 8: How to upload your eBook to


I don’t know about you, but nothing on that list justifies charging $46 in my opinion. You can buy massive packs of private label rights eBooks for $5 or $10 all over the internet (including eBay). A simple Google search will turn up a massive list of eBook directories I can submit to, and I can figure out how to register an account and post with any one of those directories, so what exactly did I just pay for? Oh, that’s right, that little promise about “going viral”. Well unfortunately, eBooks like this just don’t go viral. It just doesn’t work that way.


Long story short, save your money. This program will only waste your time and hard-earned money that you could invest much better in your affiliate marketing business. I wish I could say better things about Commission Shortcut in this review, but Chris Freville and Mike Daniels had it coming with the lack of content and failure to deliver on their promises that they have put together here. It’s not the biggest scam I’ve seen, but it’s far cry from being a product I’d recommend paying for.


Commission Shortcut reviewed by Ian Pribyl on .
Summary: Even though it’s turnkey, it’s still horrible
Description: Commission Shortcut by Mike Daniels and Chris Freville sure is turnkey, but an awful turnkey product creates awful results. Details in this review.
Rating: 1 out of 5.