Usually when I’m reviewing a product, I review everything step-by-step. I go through the sales page and talk about their claims, then I review every major section of the product individually, then I conclude. I’m not going to do that for Commission Shops. “Why?” you ask? Because this product is almost identical to Tom Geller’s other product, Mass Income Multiplier, except for a few small differences.


Tom Geller and I actually exchanged comments back and forth on the Warrior Forum when I posted my review publicly, and you can see Tom Geller completely wreck any remaining credibility he had by reading through our posts on the Warrior Forum. Anyone that would defend themselves with such weak responses should not be trusted to sell you any product at all, ever.


They are so similar, in fact, that I could copy/paste many of the negative things I said from the Mass Income Multiplier review I created a couple of weeks ago. Instead of doing that, I’m going to list the things that hold true for this product as well and you can read my review about Mass Income Multiplier too if you’re interested in more detail.


I’ll add some notes about the differences after, but since these two products were created by the same publisher, are sold with the same promises, and work off of the same flawed concept there is a lot of overlap. Here are some of the things I said in my review about MIM that hold true for my review for Commission Shops as well.


-The promise that this product will make you money from viral sharing is such a lie. There is no way any of your friends would share these shops if you put them on Facebook or Twitter and they look so awful that nobody would click anything and convert into sales even if they did.


-The claim that you don’t need any technical skills to make money in this industry. You don’t need many technical skills to use Commission Shops, but that’s one of the many reasons it doesn’t work and neither does Mass Income Multiplier.


-You would still need a large social following to share your Commission Shops with for this concept to be at all valid, which they neglect to mention on the sales page. Even if you had a large social following, this product would still come up short because the sites look like crap.


-Just like Mass Income Multiplier, Commission Shops promises to be a shortcut for you, but in the process of getting you from point A to point B the product cuts so many corners it is virtually useless as a money making tool.


The Differences Between MIM and Commission Shops
Well for starters, at least MIM had more attractive website themes. Here is a shot of the Commission Shop I created using the software so you can see how awful they look for yourself:



Tell me that thing doesn’t look awful! I didn’t shrink that screenshot disproportionately either. That’s just how my site looks. Not very impressive, is it? I know for a fact I wouldn’t click anything on that site, and neither would any of my friends. Clicking through your links is a pretty important step between not making money and making money.


I will say that Commission Shops has more features than Tom Geller’s other product, Mass Income Multiplier. There are a lot more automated features in Commission Shops like automated content and a content spinning feature, automated video embedding, a built-in support system, etc…


I’m going to get pretty crass her for a minute and I want to apologize in advance if I offend anyone, but I just can’t think of anything else to express this perfectly. In the south, many people use the expression “As useless as tits on a boar hog”. Pretty in your face, I know, but it doesn’t matter if that boar hog had six tits or twenty five, it would still be just as worthless. That’s how I feel about Commission Shops’ extra features – they’re no good because the product still doesn’t do what it promises.



The Final Verdict
When I initially went through the Commission Shops sales page by Tom Geller and Josh Vacek, I experienced horrible deja-vu. It was like signing up for Mass Income Multiplier from Tom Geller all over again, which scored a 17 out of 100 on my grading rubric. Commission Shops managed to almost double that by scoring a 32 out of 100, but it’s still so far away from being a good product and achieving what it promises.


First of all, the concept is flawed. Just because you post one of your affiliate websites on Facebook and Twitter doesn’t mean your site is going to go viral. Viral marketing just doesn’t work that way. If it did, we’d all be rich by now. Or social networking would tank because we would all get sick of seeing so many crappy affiliate websites.


Secondly, after you make it through the billion upsells Josh Vacek and Tom Geller hit you with, you’ll find yourself pretty disappointed by the member’s area. Many of the training videos have horribly distorted, annoying audio recordings. Not to mention you’re going to be pretty upset when your put your first commission shop together and it looks like total crap.


Finally, there’s no training on how to drive traffic to your sites which is an essential component for making money in affiliate marketing. The program acts like adding social media plugins like Facebook sharing, tweeting, and email will give your site the lifeblood necessary to make money, but it won’t. Affiliate marketing takes a lot more than that, and the program stops there.


Needless to say, this product is definitely NOT worth buying, even at the low $47 price point. Tom Geller is officially on my sh*t list, and I would advise you to avoid any product he releases in the future along with anybody that promotes any product he sells. He’s clearly a publisher that sells mediocre products using pie-in-the-sky promises in the hopes that unsuspecting customers will think the problem is how they’re using the software instead of the software itself. It’s not you, it’s the product. If you’ve purchased it, get a refund. And if you’re reading this review before purchasing the product, I’m glad I could help save you the $47.


Details at a Glance
Commission Shops
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Publisher: Josh Vacek and Tom Geller

Score: 32/100 points
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Commission Shops reviewed by Ian Pribyl on .
Summary: Another product promising viral results but delivering nothing
Description: Commission Shops by Tom Geller and Josh Vacek does NOTHING that it promises to do and will not make you any money. Details in this review.
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