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If you look around my blog, you’ll see me talk about the exact same form that so many of these sales pages use: the publisher found out about some secret, he’s going to share that secret with you even though other people are going to hate him for it, sign up now because he doesn’t know how long he’ll be able to keep this going. Commission Killer really doesn’t break away from that cookie-cutter format. Except this cookie is sprinkled with bad grammar and punctuation errors!


One of the many huge flaws that concerned me in this particular sales pitch is how the narrator talks about what an internet marketing expert he is, but he doesn’t know HTML and he says he has “0% technical experience” and no technical skills. I haven’t met a single internet marketer that didn’t know at least basic HTML and had several technical skills (article marketing, video marketing, SEO, PPC experience, etc…). For me this was a screaming contradiction.


We’re told about some great system he’s developed where all you have to do is push a button on “the Bridge” he’s developed to strike it rich. Your Clickbank account will be flooded with commissions faster than you can count your money. This works by tapping into the “secret internet” where tons of money is just ripe for the taking.


If you’re reading this review, your BS meter was likely screaming at full blast while you were listening to all of this. And you were right to be so suspicious.


The Product
Within the first minute of the welcome video, you’re told that Commission Killer “is not a get rich quick program”. Is that so? Because five minutes ago when I was watching the sales pitch I was under the impression that I could make a lot of money very quickly. Well, now that I know I was lied to, I guess I’ll start testing out the software.


Before I begin, I want to make it very clear that I think the Commission Killer software sucks. I have never said that before on this blog as I actively avoid such a condemning statement, but it really does. It’s buggy, doesn’t work as promised, and even if it was used as directed it would not generate the results promised in the sales letter. Now that I’ve gotten that off of my chest, let’s get down to business.


The Commission Killer software is broken into seven tabs that in theory build a website for you complete with content and affiliate links. It’s kind of a cool concept, but again only in theory. I’ll walk you through the first five tabs, because to use the sixth tab you are required to buy an affiliate product (some private label rights product) and the seventh tab is simply for loading any projects you’ve created within the Commission Killer program previously. The other five tabs are:


Start Cash Creator
In this tab, you input your Hostgator hosting username, password, email, and the URL you’d like to build your website on. After you push the “Play” button, the Commission Killer software takes several technical steps (all of which I could explain but would probably bore you horribly) and voila! You have a WordPress website setup and running on your server. Granted, that is kind of cool. This part of the software bugged out on me the first couple of times, but I finally got it to work properly and it set everything up as promised. The video walkthrough was very clear and easy to follow so I can’t complain about much here.


This is where the real problems started for me. The video walkthrough was very easy to follow just like the first tab, but the software did not work as promised. In this tab you input the headline for your site and change the text for the links on your website. The default text for these links is “Category 1”, “Category 2”, and “Category 3”. Although the headline and color scheme updated properly for me as promised, nothing I did would change the default link text. Just “Category 1”, “Category 2”, and “Category 3” staring me straight in the face. I know I could go in and change these manually because I’ve worked with WordPress for a long time, but I also know the average customer wouldn’t know how to do this and the Commission Killer support area offers no help on this matter, so I chocked it up to failure #1 and moved on to the next tab.


Clickbank Product Sniper
Here you fill in your niche along with your Clickbank credentials and the software finds the best affiliate offers to place on your website and grabs affiliate banners. This is a pretty cool feature too, because with a little information and the click of a button your website is populated with affiliate graphics from high converting affiliate products on Clickbank.


Cash Ads Setup
This tab simply finishes the job from the previous tab. You put in your Clickbank account information again and your affiliate banners receive functional affiliate links so you get credit for any sales coming through your website.


Turbo Content/Videos
This was the feature I was looking forward to the most. As far as I was concerned, the program would be made or broken right here. In the walkthrough video for this tab, you are shown how simply putting in your niche keywords and selecting a couple of options prompts Commission Killer to reach out to Google and Bing and grab content for you, spin it (so you aren’t punished for duplicate content), and post it on your WordPress site. In the member’s area, the walkthrough video shows this feature working seamlessly.


So what did my software do? Well, my niche was “affiliate marketing” and there were a total of 1,000 results. I set the software to pull enough content for five pages which should have been accomplished within the first 2-3 pages of search results. That’s not what my software did though. Nope. Not even close. My Commission Killer software kept going, and going, and going just like the Energizer Bunny until it reached the end of the rope. Don’t believe me? Here is a screenshot so you can see for yourself. It ran all the way to result #1,000 without pulling a single word of content for my website.


And that, my friends, is when I gave up and decided the Commission Killer program absolutely sucked. There’s just no other conclusion to be drawn here.


The Final Verdict
I think it goes without saying at this point that the Commission Killer software is a buggy, noneffective ripoff that builds half-baked, half-complete websites. The software might be affective if you found domain names with a large amount of existing traffic and the software worked as promised without any bugs, but you are never told you need high traffic domains and worst of all, the software is riddled with bugs. Although it sets up WordPress on your Hostgator server automatically with one click, once you move over to work on appearance and build content (two extremely important things), Commission Killer starts bugging out and falls extremely short of making you the mounds of money and massive commissions you were promised on the sales page.


I’ve seen a lot of software and a lot of ripoffs, but most publishers at least ensure the software is fully functional and bug-free before they start taking people’s money. This software has the nerve to stop shy of even that. If you’re looking for something that throws together websites from a template in similar fashion to a brain-fried chimpanzee, Commission Killer is probably for you. And for the low, low price of just $146!


Stay away from it and boycott anyone you see endorsing it. They’re lying to you if they say it’s anything but a waste of time and money.


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Publisher: Craig Kaye and Rob Walker

Score: 12/100 points
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Commission Killer reviewed by Ian Pribyl on .
Summary: The piece of crap software didn’t even work… AT ALL
Description: Commission Killer by Craig Kaye and Rob Walker didn’t even work for me. It didn’t pull a single page of content. Details in this review.
Rating: 1 out of 5.