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Review of Commission Cash Code by Blake Mathews

Hey guys, Ian Pribyl here with NoMoreBSReviews.com.  Today we are going to be talking about a product called Commission Cash Code by a guy named Blake Mathews.  And before we dig down into this, I have to tell you I’ve never had a product piss me off as bad as Blake Mathews’ Commission Cash Code just pissed me off when I was reviewing it.  And it pissed me off for you, but it also pissed me off personally because it is just really annoying what you receive.  And I’ll get into the details of what you receive in a second.


What Makes Me So Qualified?

First, I am going to tell you about me and why I am qualified to give these reviews.  Like I said, my name is Ian, and I’ve been in internet marketing now for almost ten years. I’ve been making money in internet marketing for six years.  And I run the blog NoMoreBSReviews.com because I can get into these products and tell you whether or not they are scams, or whether they are authentic and real and packed with really valuable information that will help you get started in internet marketing.


Why Commission Cash Code is a Piece of Crap

So now back to Commission Cash Code by Blake Mathews.  There is no doubt in my mind this thing is an absolute piece of crap.  And a total waste of money. The thing that upset me the most is:  It is not uncommon in this industry to get upsells after you pay, and then there is a better product, and then there is a BETTER product.  That’s not uncommon.  But what happened in Commission Cash Code, is it’s just a web, a large web of upsells of other affiliate offers that are going to make him money of some of his partners, and he is cross promoting their products.  He is just cross promoting all kinds of crap.  And like I said that’s not uncommon.  But what’s really uncommon in what Commission Cash Code does is they give you almost nothing of value.  So you’ve essentially paid a fee to be sold to, for a bunch of other products with no other content or value or anything.


What the Software ACTUALLY Does

There is a piece of “software” within the product, and this is what the software does:  You put it in your website, and you tie it to a GetResponse account, which is an auto responder and it has to be GetResponse.  It can’t be AWeber.  It can’t be IContact.  It can’t be any of those websites. It has to be GetResponse.  And he refers you to them through his affiliate link.  And so what it does is, it takes your website and it takes your GetResponse account, he walks you through how to set up a web forum to put on your website, and then what that does, is he blends it with Facebook so that when someone goes to your website, they click a button to opt in, it automatically grabs their Facebook email and their name so that you don’t have a spammy or a fake email address for that user.  So they don’t give you fake emails, which some people do.


Commission Cash Code Isn’t Anything Special

Here’s the thing.  That is not some proprietary piece of software that he has.  There are people all across the internet doing that without Commission Cash Code.  It isn’t a really difficult thing to do when you can probably pay a contractor $30 or $50 to do it for you, for your website.  So that’s not complex.  And here is the really bad part.  The really annoying part is what the software does, is when they opt in, it gives you their Facebook email and their name.  It automatically posts to their wall, your website.  And that’s what he says is worth all of this money that makes him all this cash, is: You are spamming their Facebook profile.  And then he says, then their friends are going to come and click, and by the way, he is like, a hundred people will come and click, and they will opt in, and those hundred people opt in, you’ll be getting tens of thousands of visitors.  If I post something to my Facebook wall, hundreds of people aren’t going to click it, a hundred people aren’t going to click it, and even if they did, they would still have to opt in.  It is just a completely flawed system that doesn’t make any sense at all whatsoever.


What You’re REALLY Paying For

So what you are paying for when you get into Commission Cash Code, whatever it is, like $37 is the full price, you are paying for Blake Mathews to try and sell you about three more of his products.  When you finally make it through all those really frustrating upsells, you get into the members’ area where he tries to sell you a couple of more of his products, and he tries to also sell you some of his partners’ products, and also pushes you through to a bunch of affiliate offers, and cross promotes a bunch of different services, so that he will make more money off of you, and then he gives you a piece of crap software as payment.  That’s what you paid $37 for.


Sorry This One Made Me So Angry

And I am sorry, I am so angry.  I usually try to keep myself pretty calm but this thing is outrageous.  There is absolutely no way that you should buy Commission Cash Code by Blake Mathews.  It is a waste of time; it is a piece of crap.  And if he ever ever ever put his name on anything else you should NEVER buy it because this man is a complete con-artist – it is a total scam.  This product is a total scam.  And I would take that to the FTC if I had to.  So do not buy Commission Cash Code by Blake Mathews.  Don’t buy anything Blake Mathews ever puts out, or buy anything from someone that promotes one of Blake Mathews’ offers.  Because there is no doubt in my mind, he is not doing you any favors when it comes to internet marketing.


So thank you so much for your attention.  Again, I am sorry for getting so fired up. If you ever want some free resources on internet marketing or affiliate marketing, I have tons of them on my website, NoMoreBSReviews.com.  I give away e-books that I wrote myself that are very helpful.  I give away all kinds of links and point you to blogs and all kinds of things that will actually help you, I have some videos, some lessons that I think are very helpful, and they prevent you from getting scammed by people like Blake Mathews selling products like Commission Cash Code.


So I am trying to keep you guys safe on the internet.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me, and I will talk to you soon.


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Summary: A piece of software that’s actually a piece of S#&%
Description: Commission Cash Code by Blake Mathews infuriated me more than any review I’ve done up to this point. This review explains why.
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