When I first arrived at Bruce Kelly’s Commission Breakthrough website, I was annoyed that I had to sit and watch a video for a few minutes before I could purchase the product. But since I have to read through the entire sales pitch to give a fair review on this website anyways, I got over that pretty quickly. As I listened to/watched the sales pitch there were so many red flags going up in my head.


This man claimed to be a millionaire yet he couldn’t pay a couple thousand dollars to have a better sales pitch developed? And what’s with making internet marketing millionaires sound like some sort of mob? You wanted so desperately to give away your money making secret so others could join you but the internet millionaire club came and stopped you? I’m going to take a wild guess and say that never actually happened.


The Promises Were So Perfect…

Despite the red flags, I was intrigued by his sales pitch. The product he described definitely sounded mysterious and like nothing I had ever seen or reviewed before. Given the mixture of red flags and mystery/intrigue, I found myself hating and loving this product before I ever purchased it for review.


I hated it because I was pretty confident it was going to be a bogus product once I got it, but I loved it because if it was all true, this would prove to be a very worthwhile investment. Even after all these years of buying products and making money in this industry, even a skeptic like myself can become excited over a product like what Bruce Kelly was promising Commission Breakthrough to be.


I Bought ALL of the Upsells

After sitting through the sales pitch, I finally was able to checkout and I couldn’t wait to dig into this product. After I bought the $34 product, I was offered a $97 upsell on the back end. I thought, “Why not?” and justified spending the money by telling myself it would give my readers (you) a better, well-rounded view of the product. After I sprang for that, I was offered yet ANOTHER upsell, this time for $197. I was already this deep, so I figured I might as well double down. I poured myself a glass of red wine and got to work.


Really Bad Sign #1

The first step Bruce Kelly takes you through is getting setup with hosting and makes a pretty hard push for Brainhost, the web hosting service he is an affiliate for. Uh oh, things were starting to look bad. I’ve just started and Bruce Kelly is making me feel like Commission Breakthrough is going to be significantly more effective if I make him more money by signing up for a service through his affiliate link. I know enough about hosting to get a site setup myself, so I passed. His Brainhost push is just a way to make another few bucks off of whoever buys the Commission Breakthrough program.


Commission Breakthrough Success = Random Numbers

After that, he took me to the part of the program where I pick my niche. I’m very experienced in niche research (been doing it for years) so I was interested to see his take on this. His “software” is a webpage where you put in a keyword and it throws out a seemingly baseless, arbitrary number (Bruce doesn’t really explain how these numbers are calculated) that will justify whether or not you should go into a niche.


There’s nothing in here about competition, which is VERY important in niche research. Bruce’s software basically looks at search volume and popularity with no other justification, so this was time for “uh oh” #2. Still, I picked the niche “money” because it checked out with all of the criteria he specified in the Commission Breakthrough program.


It Was Just Disappointment After Disappointment…

As I continued through my review and my hopes died step by step while going through Bruce Kelly’s Commission Breakthrough program, I downloaded the template he recommended using for my niche site. I got to download the spectacular “Ninja Tweak” template because I had paid the extra $97. Expecting some sort of ninja bad-assery (as one would expect based on the title), I was disappointed to find this.


The template was lacking in about every way imaginable, but I continued through the program expecting the Ninja bad-assery to catch up with me when he started talking about traffic generation. Would Bruce have to be a magician to make this template convert? Absolutely. But it wouldn’t be fair to my readers if I just gave up here.


Traffic Generation is a Joke

After I filled in all relevant information and affiliate links for my niche, I continued on to traffic generation. I’m expecting this to be the point that Bruce Kelly’s “software” he spoke so much about in the sales pitch to kick in, but it’s not. He has you download some other software (which I’m pretty confident was an affiliate link as well) which basically spams your message to 50 users unless you pay for the upsell.


I didn’t spring for that one as I was pretty ripped off and pissed off at this point. I typed up my message and sent it to the 50 users I could access for free (feeling very bad for spreading SPAM mail into anyone’s inbox) and continued down the page hoping for some traffic generation miracle. It would be the only thing that could save Commission Breakthrough from a searing review at this point.


Did I find a traffic generation miracle? Hardly. I found another upsell to a product that would “Get me top 10 Google rankings in 7 minutes or less” (Please! Steal more of my money!). At this point I was pretty furious. Bruce Kelly offered a few other half-baked, ineffective traffic generation techniques and sent me on my way.


The Upsells Saved the Day! NOT.

But what about the $97 and $197 software upsells you purchased Ian? Oh, well let me tell you about those. The $97 software upsell was a ripped off version of Brad Callen’s “Niche Finder” that I use regularly and highly recommend, but I already had that installed on my computer from over a year ago when I purchased it at launch. Worse yet, I couldn’t even get Bruce Kelly’s version to activate properly. It said “invalid email” every time I tried to register. Thanks for nothing, Bruce.


The $197 software was only better in the sense that it wasn’t a ripoff, bootlegged software (as far as I know). The really bad part is: versions of this software are available all over the internet for free, but I had just paid $197 for a dumbed down, crappier version from Bruce Kelly. The worst part was knowing he had grown just a tiny bit richer by ripping me off. I can’t imagine how many well-intentioned, good-hearted people have purchased this product and any of its upsells just to feel completely let down. If you’re one of them, I’m sorry I didn’t write this review for you sooner.


The Final Verdict

Should you purchase Commission Breakthrough by Bruce Kelly? I answer that question with a resounding “NO!” You should run for the hills if you ever see Bruce Kelly’s name on any other product in this industry. As a matter of fact, if you know anybody named Bruce Kelly, you should probably punch them in the face in one final, desperate attempt to balance the universe.


This product was so bad. There was no new information, the creator of this product hardly knew what he was doing as he taught the lessons, and he never fulfills the promises he makes on the sales page. He just attempts to make another dime off of you at every turn, along the way giving you horrible directions that you could never make money with.


Anyone with a half-developed knowledge of affiliate marketing or internet marketing would know the methods taught within this program will never make money in this industry. Don’t buy it. If you’ve bought the Commission Breakthrough program within the past 60 days and are now reading this review, get a refund from Clickbank.


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Commission Breakthrough reviewed by Ian Pribyl on .
Summary: Outdated information taught by someone that seems to be very confused
Description: Commission Breakthrough by Bruce Kelly is one of the worst products I’ve ever reviewed. Read why in this review.
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