So you’re thinking about buying Coffee Shop Millionaire by Anthony Trister and you’ve probably seen a bunch of reviews RAVING about what a great product it is. I don’t make reviews for affiliate commissions – I make them to help people, and in this honest review of Coffee Shop Millionaire I’m going to give you several reasons why you should avoid it like a plague.

Your introduction to Coffee Shop Millionaire


Coffee Shop Millionaire’s Core: Selling to Local Businesses

This is the ultimate downfall of Coffee Shop Millionaire, but it’s not because selling to local businesses is an invalid business model. Selling marketing services to small businesses is actually a very legitimate business model.


The problem is that Anthony Trister only teaches you a fraction of a fraction of what you need to know to make this business work. Coffee Shop Millionaire gives you crumbs when you need an entire loaf of bread.


The main source of training in the Coffee Shop Millionaire members’ area is broken up into 13 modules. In these 13 modules, Anthony Trister introduces you to the idea of selling internet marketing services to local businesses. What’s wrong with that? Well, if you’ve never sold internet marketing services to local businesses, let me tell you – it’s a nightmare.


I used to own a local SEO company where I had a team of highly experienced salespeople under me, and even they struggled greatly when closing accounts. So how does Coffee Shop Millionaire teach these extraordinarily complex subjects to everyday people looking to make money on the internet in just a handful of modules? It doesn’t. Anthony Trister introduces you to the concept of selling to local businesses in Coffee Shop Millionaire, and then, well… that’s it.

very little help on selling to local businesses

Teaching how to sell services like this would take several weeks if not months from a very experienced sales manager, which judging by this material Anthony Trister definitely is not. It’s certainly not something you can teach in a handful of modules like CSM offers.


CSM Instructs You to Outsource, but Doesn’t Teach How

You’ll encounter a very similar problem when it comes to outsourcing in Coffee Shop Millionaire. I wish outsourcing were as easy as telling you to do it and referring you to a few websites where you can outsource work, but outsourcing is a type of project management, and project management is very complex work that requires a lot of practice.

not much help with outsourcing


I’ve been outsourcing jobs on Elance, Fiverr, oDesk, Freelancer, and more for several years now. I’ve outsourced almost $50,000 worth of work across all of those websites and managed dozens of projects, and I STILL learn more every year. Again, this is not a skill that Coffee Shop Millionaire is capable of teaching you in a handful of modules.


Similarly to how Anthony Trister gives you just enough information to get you in trouble with selling to local businesses, you’ll encounter the exact same problem when it comes to outsourcing. You’re given just enough information to lose a lot of money, cause yourself a lot of stress, and ultimately hang your internet business out to dry.


An Extreme Lack of Training for Complex Topics

As I think I’ve made very clear, Coffee Shop Millionaire gives a very minimal amount of training for topics that take months if not years of practice to master. But exactly how much is “minimal”?

Coffee Shop Millionaire only has 14 modules


See that little drop-down menu on the left with only 13  modules? Yup, that’s the core of the product. And most of those other tabs are upsells that you don’t have access to unless you forked out a whole lot more money.


What’s even worse – the maximum length of a video throughout ALL of the Coffee Shop Millionaire modules is just under 27 minutes. Most of the videos in these modules are between 10-15 minutes, whereas some are less than four minutes.


So you’re getting about 250 minutes of training TOTAL. That’s just a little over four hours! If you think Anthony Trister is going to teach you how to sell to local businesses, carry out the work yourself, outsource the work and manager projects if you DON’T want to do it yourself, and hand you everything you need to build a legitimate internet business in under 250 minutes – I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you’ve got another thing coming.


Just to be clear, that “other thing” is disappointment. And a hole in your bank account.


My Final Verdict on Coffee Shop Millionaire

Don’t buy it. If you’re looking for the most basic, logical information you could get for starting a business selling internet marketing services to local businesses then Coffee Shop Millionaire MIGHT be good choice. But you could just search Google and read a few blog posts, which would also be free.


coffee shop millionaire is a scam


Have Any Experiences with Coffee Shop Millionaire?

Do you have any first-hand experiences with Coffee Shop Millionaire by Anthony Trister? If you do, please share them with me in the comments below! I’d love to hear your take on the product and the rest of the internet will benefit from your insights as well!



Coffee Shop Millionaire
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Coffee Shop Millionaire sets you up for failure in about every way possible
Anthony Trister gives you just enough information in Coffee Shop Millionaire to get you in trouble, but NOT enough to set you up for success. CSM sets you up for complete failure.
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