Ewen Chia promises his customers that buying Autopilot Internet Income will give them access to “7 full-length” videos, but this turns out to be a major exaggeration. Autopilot Internet Income will not provide you with enough training to make money online, and you’ll come to see that Ewen Chia doesn’t care about his customers. Worse, you’ll be pulled into a trap that could leave you thousands of dollars in the hole.


It’s An Expensive Gateway

As soon as you buy Autopilot Internet Income ($29.97), Ewen Chia will pressure you to spend even more money. On the Autopilot Internet Income sales page, you’re told that you’ll receive everything you’ll need to set up a profitable business. This turns out to be nonsense, since Ewen Chia immediately tries to sell his members a $1,497 product.


A $1,497 Upsell


As if this isn’t bad enough, Ewen Chia also promote others costly products in the members’ area. Almost the entire members’ area is used as a space to pressure you to buy more expensive products, such as membership to the Empower Network.


The Empower Network is a major MLM (multilevel marketing) trap that can end up costing you thousands. At first, they persuade you to buy a cheap product for only $25, but then that is used as an upsell for a $3,500 product. On top of this, you can be charged a $140 recurring fee every month.


$3,500 Empower Network Product


You might be drawn to purchase Autopilot Internet Income because it’s under 30 dollars, but as you can see it might end up costing you thousands more.


Lack of Training

Autopilot Internet Income is supposed to provide its members with full training in order to start a profitable internet business. Unfortunately, the actual members’ area of Autopilot Internet Income tells a very different story.


You might be expecting a lot of guided training, but the entire series is just seven videos. You can see in the screenshot below just how small the actual training area is. Users have access to this list of video clips offering tips on subjects like finding keywords and driving traffic, but don’t get your hopes up.


Autopilot Internet Income Training Videos


Some of the webinars are only a few minutes long and don’t cover enough ground to actually help you get a business going. As you can see, the training video below is only 3:53 long.


A 3:53 Training Video


The little training that does exist in the videos is not even helpful information. For example, in the webinar on how to increase web traffic, one of the recommended tips is to post your link on Yahoo Answers. The video says that this is a way of building up backlinks that will help your website’s search engine rankings.


Training Video Recommends Yahoo Answers for SEO


This is a load of crap, since that is not how backlinks work. Backlinks need to come from high-quality relevant webpages to have value, and so a backlink from Yahoo Answers will be meaningless. Moreover, backlinks from Yahoo Answers are known as “nofollow” which means that search engines do not give the link any SEO value. With this type of SEO advice, you will not be earning money online anytime soon.


Customers Are Left Hanging

Once you buy Autopilot Internet Income, it becomes clear that Ewen Chia doesn’t actually care about his customers. If he did, he would spend more effort on the actual training, and not spend all of his time trying to upsell expensive products.


Also, if Ewen Chia really did care about all of his members, he would certainly be the one giving over the Autopilot Internet Income webinars. Instead, he outsourced the training videos to someone else, and they are very poor quality webinars as I described above.


Ewen Chia pretends to be very interested in his members’ success by selling them an exclusive product. But it turns out that the information you’ll receive is basically common knowledge, and there is nothing secret at all. You don’t even need a password to access the webpage, so there is little reason to spend money on Autopilot Internet Income.


As if all of this was not bad enough, the “live” webinar at the top of the members’ area is nothing more than a recorded clip with a fake live audience. There is no reason Ewen Chia would need to be dishonest to his members if Autopilot Internet Income did what he claimed.

Autopilot 6


Conclusion: Avoid Ewen Chia’s Trap

Autopilot Internet Income is nothing but an overhyped product which fails to deliver to its customers. After buying the product, Ewen Chia will try to upsell products that cost thousands of dollars such as full membership to Empower Network. The training videos are outsourced, too short, and contain misleading information. If you’re looking for a system to help you earn passive internet income, Autopilot Internet Income is not it.


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Ewen Chia USED to be considered one of the good guys, but now he releases crap like this.
Don’t expect to buy Autopilot Internet Income by Ewen Chia and expect it to deliver on its promises. This review details why with screenshots and evidence.
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