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Review of Automated Paydays by Jamie Shaw

Hey guys, Ian Pribyl here from NoMoreBSReviews.com. Today we’re going to be looking at Automated Paydays by a guy named Jamie Shaw. And I have a lot of problems with this program. But I’m going to pinpoint three of them today because I think they’re the three that really hit on what the main problems of Automated Paydays are:


What Makes Me So Qualified?

And before I do that, I just want to take a couple of seconds to really introduce myself. Like I said, my name is Ian, I run NoMoreBSReviews.com, if you’ve never heard of me. I’ve been in internet marketing now for about 10 years, making money consistently for six years. So, I can get into products like this and tell you whether or not they’re crap by looking at the stuff because I know a lot about internet marketing.


I’ve studied all different kinds of it. I can tell you whether or not the information is out-of-date or up-to-date because things change very rapidly in this industry, and a couple of years can make a very big difference. And so, I buy these products and I review them and I post the reviews, so that people like you doing your due diligence and doing research before you buy the program, you can find these reviews and know don’t buy these product, don’t buy Automated Paydays. And so, that’s what I’m going to go over right now. Why it is that you shouldn’t buy Jamie Shaw’s product.


The First BIG Problem

So, first big problem, I’m going to start small and I’ll work my way up to my main problem with the program. The first small problem is that the program is not organized very well. When you log-in, you’ll get three steps, and there is step one, step two, step three and there’s a lot of information in each step and it’s just this list. So, you almost need sub-steps in each one of those three steps, but there’s not, I mean, it’s just a massive list.


For example, one is like “Get your site set up,” that’s not that big a video; step two “Get traffic.” And when you click to view those lessons, I mean, it’s just this massive list of article marketing, of SEO, of video stuff, of press releases of all these things and you’re not given any direction as to which ones you should chose, which path you should take, so that can lead to a huge feeling of being overwhelmed and ultimately cause you to not succeed at internet marketing. So, that’s one, not enough structure and not enough organization.


Another HUGE Problem

The second biggest problem that I have is, a lot, a lot, a lot of this product is PLR content, and you may not know what PLR content is, it’s private label rights content, which means that, Jamie Shaw went out and when he was putting together Automated Paydays, he just went out and bought a whole bunch of lessons from other people, all kinds of articles and videos and he posted those as part of his product.


Now it may not sound like such a big deal, but I’ve been in internet marketing a long time, I’m an expert compared to most people. If I develop a product, put my name on it and try to sell it to you, and I say this is my product, you may want to buy it because you know that I’m an expert, you know that I have the experience to teach you a lot of things that have made me successful.


However, if I were more straightforward and I said, “I’m selling this product; however, I did not create 75% of the lessons in it, I bought them for cheap online, they might be out-of-date, I don’t know, I haven’t really looked at them. I just know that they have titles that kind of sound like something you might be looking for, so I’m going to post them as part of my product.” Do you want to buy it now? The odds are no.


And that’s what Jamie Shaw did here, was he just packed his product with a whole bunch of PLR content, stuff that he bought off the Internet probably for cheap, and he’s packed it in there as part of his product and part of his offering. That’s my second problem, is if you’re paying for someone to teach you Internet marketing, they should be teaching you Internet marketing, not giving you a whole bunch of stuff they bought off of the Internet. So that’s two.


The Absolute BIGGEST Problem

My BIGGEST problem. My third and BIGGEST problem with Automated Paydays, is that it’s out-of-date. I mentioned earlier that you have to keep information very up-to-date in this industry; two years, one year can make a huge difference. The past year we just went through all kinds of changes for article marketing and for SEO and that’s huge.


I mean the lessons that were made a year ago, some publishers are updating them because they know they need updated. Not Jamie Shaw. This stuff is so unbelievably out-of-date, and it is going to be so detrimental to you trying to get started in internet marketing, I can’t even describe. It’s setting you up for a complete failure.


And the way I know the lessons are out-of-date – I was going through them and I’m going “Why is all this information so out-of-date?” But what is the exact date, so I can tell my followers. So, as I was going through the lessons, I was looking and looking for a place to find a date, and I finally found one when he was on Google Trends, he’s in the middle of 2009, when he is doing these recordings.


So, I just told you one or two years can make a big difference, but we’re talking about almost four years now in internet marketing, that’s like 20 years. I mean, the information progresses so quickly, you have to keep up and you can’t keep presenting that outdated information.


The Final Verdict: Can I recommend Automated Paydays?

Can I recommend Automated Paydays by Jamie Shaw? I think you know, between me complaining about the lack of organization, me complaining about the fact that he uses a ton of content that he didn’t develop himself, a ton of lessons he didn’t develop himself. And then on top of that, he teaches you a whole bunch of outdated information when he is actually teaching the lessons, I think it is pretty clear that I cannot recommend this product.


I don’t recommend anybody buy this product ever. And I think that you should look into other things out there on the internet that would be much more up-to-date, much more organized and have lessons that are taught by an actual internet marketing expert and given to you.


So, again, my name is Ian, I run NoMoreBSReviews.com. If you are looking for some resources to get an honest start in internet marketing, some free resources, I have tons of them on my blog. I have an e-book I give away that I wrote myself. I have videos professionally developed to help explain concepts to you. All available for free. Links to legitimate websites that will really help you in internet marketing. I give all that stuff out for free on my blog, NoMoreBSReviews.com.


So, check it out and until then I’ll keep doing these reviews and try to keep you all safe on the Internet. Take care, guys. Bye-bye.



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Automated Paydays reviewed by Ian Pribyl on .
Summary: A dangerous product that will leave you broke
Description: Automated Paydays is a seriously dangerous program to new or relatively new internet marketers. Read this review to find out why.
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