Auto Blog Samurai advertises itself as breakthrough software that can have you earning cash from multiple income streams in no time at all. In just “ten minutes or less,” Paul Ponna claims that you’ll have a blog that generates content and automatically updates by itself. In this review, I’ll explain why his claim that you can earn passive income from Auto Blog Samurai is a load of crap.


Auto Blogs Won’t Generate Any Traffic

Paul Ponna says that each auto blog that you create can earn $1 per day, and you can make an unlimited number of these blogs. One reason why this claim is a massive exaggeration is that none of these blogs will generate any type of traffic. Websites don’t create traffic by themselves, and certainly not a blog that just copies content from other sources.


It would be one thing if the $77 price tag attached to Auto Blog Samurai came with tips on how to bring traffic to your website, but no help whatsoever is provided. In fact, as I show in the screenshot below, the word “traffic” does not appear in the Auto Blog Samurai user guide a single time.


No Advice on Generating Traffic


It doesn’t matter what type of blog you create—without traffic, it won’t earn any money.

Auto Blog Samurai will not help you attract visitors. In fact, if you do want advice on how to bring traffic to your worthless blog, Paul Ponna charges an additional $37 a month!


Additional $37 a Month for Premium


Terrible SEO for New Search Engine Updates

Even if you spend the extra $37 a month for premium membership, your self-generating auto-blog still won’t bring in any traffic. For one, your website will have zero backlinks, which is one of the key factors search engines use to rank websites. Backlinks need to be natural and from high-quality, relevant websites similar to your niche in order to have value, and high quality content is what earns your site those backlinks (something you won’t get stealing content from other websites across the internet).


More importantly, Google recently updated how it ranks websites in its search engine, and the new rules are devastating for any blog created with Auto Blog Samurai. The new updates are called Penguin and Panda, and according to Google’s own rules your Auto Blog Samurai website is pretty much worthless.


Google Regulations on Duplicate Content


Google rewards websites for having unique content, and penalizes websites that do nothing but repost content from other sources. Any attempt to “manipulate search engine results or win more traffic” by faking unique content will mean facing a harsh penalty from Google.


The days of getting traffic from content generators are over, and search engines will no longer rank such a blog. Google has made clear that you can forget about the idea of making money from content created by software like Auto Blog Samurai.


Paul Ponna claims that search engines “value websites that post new content regularly” and this is absolutely true. The problem is that search engines want unique content, not rehashed material from other RSS feeds.


Very Poor Content

Paul Ponna stresses time and again in the training videos that the articles you create with Auto Blog Samurai will “be much better than article spinners.” But as you can see in the image below, Auto Blog Samurai just rips off material from other RSS feeds.


Content Is Not Unique


Search engines will know immediately that the material is not being posted by a human, and your blog will suffer the consequences. The content that Auto Blog Samurai creates does not improve it in any way from its original source, but don’t expect Paul Ponna to mention this.


It’s Available for Free

With all of these flaws in the Auto Blog Samurai product, it’s ridiculous that Paul Ponna expects anyone to fork over $77 to buy his software. Software creators know that there is very limited value in such a program, and so content generation software is actually available for free.


You can try out content generating software for yourself without spending a penny, and you’ll see why it’s a waste of your time. One popular place you can download a product that does the same thing as Auto Blog Samurai is FeedWordPress, which doesn’t cost a penny.


A Free Alternative


It’s not a secret that you won’t make money with auto-blogging, so this software is given away for free. There’s no need to waste $77 on Paul Ponna’s product which has no chance of living up to its sales hype.


Auto Blog Samurai in a Nutshell

Paul Ponna’s claim that Auto Blog Samurai can create a massive blogging empire is impossible. Your blog won’t generate any traffic, and it will have zero backlinks due to a lack of unique, quality content and terrible SEO. Even worse, Google has made clear that it will punish websites that use this type of content. And if all of this is not enough, you can test out software that does the same thing as Auto Blog Samurai without spending any money (but your sites will be equally worthless, it just won’t cost you any money to learn that hard lesson).


Share your Experience

Have you used Auto Blog Samurai or any other content generating software? How have your websites been affected by the recent Google search engine updates? Let me know by posting a comment below!



Auto Blog Samurai reviewed by Ian Pribyl on .
Summary: An overpriced “software” that won’t do anything but hurt you.
Description: A review of the Auto Blog Samurai software by Paul Ponna, and why your “autoblog” won’t get any visitors or make any money.
Rating: 1 out of 5.