• Easy to get a refund






  • The software is VERY simplistic
  • The software doesn’t produce traffic
  • Info taught is shallow and unhelpful
  • Sales page misrepresents the product
  • This product, overall, is an inaccurate representation of affiliate marketing

Review of Affiliate Profits Blueprint by Chad Trent

Overall Rating: 1 out of 5 stars


Affiliate Profits Blueprint (also known as 100Grand No Selling) by Chad Trent is a crappy product, just like almost every product I review. When I was preparing to write this review, I kept thinking, “But why is it such a crappy product?” It’s not that I was having difficulty pinpointing it, because there are multiple flaws. The content isn’t very good, a lot of what they teach is inaccurate, and the software Chad Trent gives you isn’t anything special at all. You can find services online that do the same thing for free, but what’s worse is that they aren’t at all intended to generate traffic like he pitched it on the sales page.


The Promise

For me, that wasn’t the worst part though. I say that about a lot of products and that wasn’t what upset me the most about Affiliate Profits Blueprint when I was reviewing it. The best way to explain what really upset me is by pasting an image from the sales page:
Affiliate Profits Blueprint Review


The Reality

What Chad Trent really should have said was, “You don’t need them because I’ll give you a bunch of rushed, simplistic lessons in my member’s area to teach you.” Regardless of whether or not Chad intended it to be this way, the sales page makes it sound like you don’t need these skills to make money with this program. But once he has your money and you’re in the member’s area it’s another story! You have to learn how to build a website, you have to learn pay-per-click advertising (PPC – which should never be used if you’re new to this industry), and you have to build an email list. So Chad Trent is just flat out lying in the bulleted list above.


But I could live with that. I would mention it in this review and it would bug me, but if there were some really good, insightful content on the inside I could live with it. That’s so far from the case with Affiliate Profits Blueprint. You’re promised all of the false things above, and then you’re given sub-par lessons that you’re supposed to use to build a business. This is like a car salesman selling you an airplane, then after he has your money he rolls up on a pair of fingernail clippers. What’s that you say? “Ian, that doesn’t make any sense.” I know, and neither does anything about this program. Some of the lessons look like they were created on Windows 1998 so needless to say many of them are out-of-date too.


The Software

Finally, let’s talk about the software that Chad told you would generate large amount of traffic. Turns out that’s just a flat-out lie too. The software that you’re given in the Affiliate Profits Blueprint program is simply a pinging software. All pinging software does is alert the search engines (like Google and Yahoo) when you add a page to your website. It’s just like tapping them on the shoulder and saying, “Look over here.” They find your new content and add it to their search engine listings and that’s IT. They don’t add you at the top of the search engines either. You’re usually dozens or hundreds of pages back, which means no traffic at all. So the software Chad gives you doesn’t create any level of traffic to speak of, and on top of that he charged you for something you can free all over the internet (Ping’O’Matic is a good example).


The Final Result

The final result of Affiliate Profits Blueprint is nothing but disappointment. If you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing it may take you weeks or months of trying to figure it out, but this program won’t generate income for you online. It’s just a poorly designed product filled up with outdated information. I guess that’s something Chad Trent told the truth about on the sales page though – It won’t take you months to make money using this product. It could take years or decades. The information in it just won’t generate the consistent income you need to make a living in affiliate marketing.


If you have any questions or comments about this review, feel free to send me an email using my contact page, call me, or comment on this post! I do the absolute best I can to be a free resource for new affiliate marketers that are trying to change their lives and avoid getting scammed in this dog-eat-dog industry!


Affiliate Profits Blueprint reviewed by Ian Pribyl on .
Summary: Rushed, simple lessons that will get you nowhere
Description: Affiliate Profits Blueprint by Chad Trent is full of poorly put together, rushed lessons packed with outdated information. More details inside.
Rating: 1 out of 5.