Bryan Winters promotes 5 Figure Day as a breakthrough online list and commission building system that can have you earning residual income on autopilot. In reality, 5 Figure Day is a pretty expensive system which can cost you a lot of money before you see your first dollar in profits. Even though there is a lot of helpful video training and advice on how to get started, your time and money are better spent elsewhere.


A Look At The Members Area

To his credit, Bryan Winters tried to make a strong training area. There are videos on everything from a basic crash course in 5 Figure Day to actual case studies of members, and even updates. Still, even though Bryan Winters put in the time and effort to make decent training videos, it’s still not worth buying as I’ll explain shortly.


Member Video Training


Another thing worth noticing about Bryan Winters and 5 Figure Day is that he doesn’t exaggerate the fact that members will have to invest time and money in order to make a profit. A lot of the sleazy marketers promote products by claiming that you can start making money on autopilot instantly, but Bryan Winters lets his members know upfront that there are no free lunches with 5 Figure Day.


Recurring Fees + Paid Advertising = Very Expensive

The greatest flaw in 5 Figure Day is that even with all of the video training, it can be an extremely expensive system to get running. First off, you have to consider the initial access free which is usually $47. Then you have to add the recurring monthly fee of $97 which you’ll need to pay to take full advantage of the 5 Figure Day features, such as earning commissions on back-end sales. Don’t be confused if you’re offered a $1 price to join 5 Figure Day—the fine print shows the real price.


$97 Recurring Fee


This already comes out to something like $1,200 a year, which is not even such a long time to truly get a feel for an internet marketing system. But you have to keep in mind that this $1,200 is just your investment in the product itself, before you even start adding up the additional costs of paid advertising.


For example, in order to make money with 5 Figure Day, Bryan Winters admits that you’ll probably have to spend even more money. It’s true that Bryan Winters offers free email swipes and free banners to his members to help with promoting 5 Figure Day, but this is not enough to start generating profits.


Affiliate Banner Ads



Bryan Winters is very upfront about the fact that you’ll have to spend money on paid advertising such as solo ads. Solo ads are when you pay a marketer to send out an email to their list using your affiliate link, and there’s no guarantee you’ll see a single conversion.


Solo Ads = Paid Advertising


This is a massive red flag for any internet marketing product, especially one that targets new internet marketers. Working with paid traffic can be extremely dangerous—even for expert internet marketers— and you can find yourself thousands of the dollars in the red before you realize what’s happened.


Bad Conversions = Low Return On Your Investment

For such an expensive system, 5 Figure Day doesn’t impress me that much. Below you can see the squeeze page that 5 Figure Day provides to its members, and you can see that it looks just like any other squeeze page you can get for free on Clickbank affiliate programs.


 Standard Squeeze Page


There’s no reason to expect high conversion rates, which means a lot of the money you’ll be spending on paid traffic will go down the toilet. You won’t be generating traffic on autopilot, since your squeeze page will have absolutely no SEO. Your landing page will be 100% duplicate content, and the new Google update called Panda makes it impossible to have this type of website rank well in search results. That means you’ll be pretty dependent on paid traffic, and it’s very likely that you won’t even make your investment back.


Remember that the people who do sign up for 5 Figure Day through your affiliate link may not choose to become paying members. But even if they do choose to become paying members, they will have 60 days to get a complete refund. This means that even after spending tons of money on getting users to sign up, you may not even receive a single dollar in commissions from them.


When you add all of this together, the math seems pretty simple. You’ll have to spend a lot of money hoping to make some of it back, but it’s not so likely.



My Recommendation: Hold on to your money

Bryan Winters made 5 Figure Day a product that seems attractive to new internet marketers, but I still don’t think it’s worth the price. The $97 monthly fee adds up very quickly, and when you factor in the cost of paid advertising, it’s not worth the risk of losing your investment.


There are so many alternative options for free squeeze pages online, and the potential conversion rates of 5 Figure Day makes the high cost unreasonable.


What’s Your Call?

Have you had experience with 5 Figure Day or other online profit generating systems? Do you think it’s worth the $97 monthly fee or is that high price tag not called for—let us know by sharing your opinion below!



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Summary: 5 Figure Day ends up costing a lot more than money
Description: A complete review of Bryan Winters’ 5 Figure Day (with screenshots), a “list building system” that will cost you a lot more than money.
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