One of the most common questions I get from new affiliate marketers is “How Long until I Make Money with Affiliate Marketing?”


Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer. Every affiliate website is a bit different, and nobody’s path will look like the person next to them. There are a lot of factors – how many hours you’re working per week, how efficiently you’re working, whether you’re following valid methods or “get rich quick” methods from a scammy program, and a whole lot more.


But generally what I like to tell people is that if you work very hard, you consistently give your business 10-20 hours a week minimum, and you learn quickly from your mistakes along the way you could be making a couple hundred dollars a month by the end of six months. There aren’t any guarantees – it could take three months, and it could take 12, but if you’re working hard you should see small results within a few months, and you should be able to scale up from there.


My name is Ian from and I’m doing my best to provide free, honest advice and training to make sure people like you never get ripped off again. Until next time, stay safe out there and I’ll talk to you soon.