I am committed to doing the best I can to equip new internet/affiliate marketers the best I can without charging anything. There are enough people charging for products, tools, and services in this industry. So I always do my best to give away my content and lessons for free in order to ensure I’m doing the best I can to help you succeed in this industry. Below you’ll find a list of several resources that should help you get an honest and fair start in your affiliate marketing business, free-of-charge.



No More Bull%#$! – My Free eBook

One of the most common and easily fixed issues in internet/affiliate marketing is the expectations you have going into it. VERY few people are honest about what it takes to succeed in this industry, and as a result most people don’t understand what it really takes to succeed in affiliate marketing. I tell you very bluntly and honestly what it will take, and I give you step-by-step instructions on the best way to approach this industry in this free eBook.



SIMPLE7: Niche Marketing Email Course

This particular email course took me weeks to get straight. SIMPLE7 is a free niche marketing course I created that takes you through the exact 7 steps I go through when launching a new website. I teach everything from niche research to building a website, email marketing to conversion optimization, traffic generation to testing and tracking. There is A LOT of information in this course and, like everything I do, it’s 100% free.



Wealthy Affiliate’s Free Membership

Wealthy Affiliate is an internet marketing program that offers two membership levels: free and paid. Both are excellent, but you’ll be blown away by how much information you receive for free when you create a “starter” account. It doesn’t require any payment information so you don’t have to worry about getting billed for something you didn’t want to buy somewhere down the road. I’ve done a full, comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate review and I would recommend looking it over if you’re thinking about checking out their huge library of affiliate marketing lessons and awesome community.


Video thumbnail for youtube video What is Affiliate Marketing?

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Maybe what you’re looking for at this stage is just a little less advanced. Affiliate marketing is a very complex concept and there aren’t a lot of good, concise explanations online. I wrote a very good explanation and had this video professionally produced so you had a good visual representation of everything I’m explaining, and it takes less than a minute and a half of your day.



Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

I can’t take credit for this free affiliate marketing resource, and I have no affiliation with Pat. I’d be surprised if he even knows who I am. But he has done a great service putting together articles, lessons, and resources that are incredibly helpful for new internet marketers. Long story short, he got into affiliate marketing by accident while studying for a big architecture test, got laid off not long after passing that test, and found that the blog he originally created to help him study for the test was getting a massive amount of traffic. He developed his own product and began marketing it, and so began the story of Pat Flynn and Smart Passive Income – one of the best resources in the affiliate marketing industry.