Where can I download your eBook?

You can download my eBook on the right side of any page on my website (except for the homepage). When you sign up, you will receive a confirmation message. After you click the link in that message, you will receive a second message with the eBook attached as a PDF file.



I clicked the confirmation link in your message but am just taken back to your website. I can’t download the eBook.

The eBook is not downloaded directly from my website. After you click the link to confirm your subscription in the first message, a second message is immediately sent with the eBook attached as a PDF file.  You can download the eBook from the email.



Can you email me a copy of your eBook?

Please read “Where can I download your eBook?” above to receive your free copy of “No More Bull$#!%: An Honest Approach to Affiliate Marketing”.



Have you reviewed _______ product?

In the top-right corner of my website (right below my picture/contact button) you can see a light grey search box. Input the name of the product you’re looking for and click the little magnifying glass or hit enter to execute the search. You will get a list of pages, and if the product you’re looking for does not appear there, I have not reviewed it.



Do a review of _______ product.

Unfortunately I no longer accept review requests because they are usually followed up with another review request, then another, etc… It is very important that you don’t get caught in this cycle where you’re constantly switching focus to the newest “shiny object”.


If you’re looking for a legitimate product to help you get started in internet/affiliate marketing, check my positive reviews section. I’ve reviewed dozens of products and found a handful of decent ones, plus one or two really good ones. If you buy one of those, you’re sure to get a good product.


If you buy anything else that I haven’t reviewed, I can’t tell you for sure whether you’re buying a legitimate product, but after reviewing dozens of products I’ll warn you – the odds are against you that it’s any good.



What’s your #1 recommendation?

You can find my top recommendations at http://www.nomorebsreviews.com/positive-reviews/. Out of the dozens of products I’ve reviewed, there are only a couple that I think are actually worth recommending. You can find out which they are on that page.



What programs do you recommend that allow me to make money on the internet easily?

You can’t look for easy. If you’re looking for easy in this industry, you’ll just keep getting ripped off because anything that claims to make it easy, automated, push-button, or copy/paste is undoubtedly a scam (this includes auto-blogging or automated traffic of any kind). You’ll have to anchor down and be willing to put in the hours of studying and work necessary to make it in this industry.


If reading that just now you said, “I can do that. I really want to work in this industry.” Then you need to get your hands on some honest and legitimate lessons. Refer to the question above.


If reading that you thought to yourself something like, “C’mon! There has to be a way!” or “This guy doesn’t know everything.” Then you’re right – I don’t know everything. But I’ve been in the industry a long time and any legitimate internet marketer will tell you this:


If you’re looking for a shortcut or something automated/easy, go to the bank and pull out $500-$1,000 (maybe more if you’re feeling generous). Then take it home, line it up in a nice, neat row, and set it on fire. Or you can flush it down the toilet. It’s really your call. Whether you do that or keep buying “systems” like that, the result will be the same.