The creator of DS Domination (Roger Langille) would like us to believe that dropshipping is your fast ticket to success on the internet. In a DS Domination promotional video, viewers are promised that all it takes it “an hour or two a day” to replace a fulltime income. The truth of the matter is that dropshipping is a time consuming process with razor thin profit margins, and the market for this niche is flooded way beyond capacity. The sales videos make it seem like all you’ll need to do is copy-and-paste, but the reality is that you’re looking at a tedious business model with lots of fees and little rewards.


Unrealistic Business Model = No Profits

The concept behind DS Domination is simple but unrealistic. Basically the creators would like us to believe that all you need to do is copy-and-paste the text from an Amazon listing and then list the same item on eBay. After the item is sold on eBay, you should purchase the item for less money on Amazon and then ship it directly to the eBay buyer, and you’ll earn the difference between the two prices.


After watching the video, I was excited but pretty skeptical, so I decided to test it out for myself to see if this actually works. For my test case, I used the Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser since it’s very similar to the example used in the training video.


On Amazon, the product sells for $76.85. Using the DS Domination business concept, I should now copy the text and image of this listing and then try selling it on eBay for a profit.

Amazon Price $76.85


The only problem is that on eBay the item sells for only $69.95—seven dollars less than on Amazon—so there’s no way you’d be able to make a profit dropshipping!

eBay Price $69.95


The real problem with DS Domination is that eBay is not a retailer with overpriced listings, and the people using eBay are looking for a good deal. I experimented with numerous items and found the same results—items on Amazon are rarely cheaper than on eBay. After all, if items on Amazon were really that much cheaper than on eBay, then these buyers would just buy directly from Amazon in the first place!


Time Consuming and Expensive

The creators of DS Domination claim that there are “millions” of products that you can use in order to earn a profit, but don’t expect to have an easy time uncovering any of them. It’ll be an extremely time consuming process, but even if you find a couple, you’ll run into further problems.


That’s because eBay fees add up and will cut into your profit margins. You’ll find a whole list of fees that apply to eBay sellers including insertion fees, final value fees, and don’t forget about PayPal fees! When all is said and done, these numerous fees will cut into any profit that you’ve made, and you’ll be left with nothing to show for your work.

Costly eBay Fees


As if this wasn’t enough, you’ll also have to make back the money that you’ve invested into DS Domination. Besides the $19.95 recurring fee just to gain entrance to “Pro Status,” you’ll need to spend a lot more money to receive access to all of the training videos. There are several tiers of videos, such as Elite ($99.95 a month!), Unleashed Status ($249), and Monopoly Status ($499).

DS Domination Added Expenses


Between the tremendous amount of time it takes to find items, the eBay and PayPal fees, and the DS Domination expenses, it’s hard to believe that anyone is making much money with this technique.


Unethical + Red Flags

But even if the DS Domination business model did work, you should be asking yourself whether it’s moral to earn money by ripping off customers on eBay. You’re not providing a service to anyone with DS Domination—all you’re doing is taking advantage of people who don’t know better. Is that how you want to earn money online?


Because this system is so shady, it’s not surprising that there are some major red flags on the DS Domination website. For one, there are is no refund policy, which is very unusual for a product with such bold claims as DS Domination. If this form of dropshipping actually worked, then why can’t they offer their customers a risk-free guarantee like everyone else?


Another red flag which is similar relates to the About Us page. Any legitimate business should have a descriptive About Us page which informs potential customers who exactly is behind the business. Well, if you go to the DS Domination website, this is all that you’ll find—it’s completely empty.

Empty About Us Page

Between the no-refund policy, the lack of an About Us page, and the unethical nature of this entire business model, I can’t in good faith recommend that anyone get involved with DS Domination.


Final Word: Too Many Flaws

As I’ve shown above, DS Domination is simply too good to be true. The prices on eBay are not high enough for this business model to work, and DS Domination fails to take into account the expensive fees that come with selling products on eBay. This process will take up a lot of your time and you’ll barely be making a profit, and anyway, there are far more respectable ways of earning a dollar online.


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Very Important Update: 2/25/2014

After finishing my review of DS Domination, I was so unimpressed and disappointed that I requested a refund (despite the “no refund” policy – you can’t make false claims on your sales page and then demand to keep an unsatisfied customer’s money). Just on a moral level, I didn’t want to fund someone that was selling something of such low quality.


After being told that there was a “no refund” policy and then having my ticket marked as “resolved” without any response to my reply to their “no refund” policy (they were just going to blow me off and hope that I went away), I demanded a refund and threatened to have my credit card company to charge the purchase back and enforce a refund if they didn’t, and I also threatened to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission if my money was not returned.


The ticket was escalated and I received the following response from DS Domination’s creator and owner, Roger Langille:

roger langille DS Domination support response

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the head of the company’s response to an unsatisfied customer demanding their money back after they found that the product didn’t deliver on the promises made on the DS Domination sales page – Roger Langille starting his support response off with “LOL”. That might be the most damning piece of evidence against DS Domination in this entire review. If you purchase the product, beware that this is who is at the very top of the organization: someone that laughs at and mocks a dissatisfied customer.