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In today’s Wake Up Millionaire review, I’m going to explain how buying this product is exactly like giving Patric Chan$47 and him saying back to you, okay, the secret to getting rich is that you have to choose to be wealthy. Details on that and more in today’s review from

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The first problem that I want to discuss with Wake Up Millionaire is the fact that there are so much better products out there covering this exact same material in a much better, more efficient way for significantly less money. For the $47 that you’re paying Patric Chan to gain access to Wake Up Millionaire, you could buy half a dozen motivational books, half a dozen mindset books, half a dozen of any kind of book of your choosing: entrepreneurial books, business books, anything along those lines. It would be packed with so much more substance than Wake Up Millionaire has within it.

For example, if you’re the kind of person that likes to study attraction marketing or what they refer to as The Secret, then there are books out there for you that you could buy for $5 or $10 and learn the material much better than the way Patric Chan teaches it within this program and I’ll elaborate on that a little bit more later in this review.

If you’re the kind of person that hates that kind of teaching because I know there are plenty of people out there like that, then you could buy books that have more substance, that have more core training that explain more clearly what you need to do to develop a business. Both of those things are the kind of thing that Patric Chan tries to accomplish within Wake Up Millionaire but fails at miserably. As a result, he misses both markets. He misses the people that want to get a mindset product and he also misses the people that wants something that’s more serious training.

To emphasize that a little bit more, when you get into Wake Up Millionaire, you see that Patric Chan has filled this product out with so much fluff and nonsense that it’s difficult to drudge through. You have to drag yourself through this material because you’re constantly looking for true, solid information rather than all kinds of stories and allegories. All of these different content that Patric Chan is throwing into this product to try and fill it out a little bit more, to trick people into thinking that they got more than they actually did when they spent the $47 on the product.

As I touched on a little bit earlier in this review, this product is solely about mindset training. There isn’t really core, helpful training that will teach you how to build a business that’s going to make money. Patric Chan says on the sales page that if you lost all of his money tomorrow, he would be able to become a millionaire again within three to six moths. That training about how to build a business that would make you a millionaire within three to six months does not exist within Wake Up Millionaire. What exist within this product is a mindset training program which, in my opinion, especially in the case of Patric Chan, is completely bogus. You get a lot of fluff, a lot of filler content, not helpful direction at all. You will be much better off buying a $10 or $15 mindset e-book off of Amazon and reading through it there because that’s exactly what you’re getting within Wake Up Millionaire, just a whole bunch of e-books to download except they’re packed with fluff to make you think you’re getting more than what you actually paid for.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for the type of product that’s going to give you solid training, that’s going to teach you how to build a business that’s going to be profitable within the next few months over the next year, Patric Chan’s Wake Up Millionaire is absolutely not your product. There isn’t any real business training within this product.

And if you’re the type of person that is looking for mindset training, you want to learn how to start thinking and to get in certain habits that wealthy people typically are in a habit of doing, Wake Up Millionaire is still not your product because you could go out to Amazon and buy one, two or three of these books for $5, $10 or $15 each rather than paying Patric Chan and these are going to be from kind of world-renowned authors within that industry. You’re going to get much more bang for your buck at a much lower price point.

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