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In this SEO Zen review, I’m going to explain why Alex Becker, Alex Cass and Mo Miah’s product is one of the downright, lowest quality and scummiest products I have reviewed in this industry in a very long time. The details on that and more in today’s review from

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One of the first things you’ll notice when you get into SEO Zen is how buggy the software is. As you start going through the tool, you start going through the software after it’s all installed and you’re trying to use the tool that you’ve just paid either $97 or $127 for, you find that SEO Zen has these bugs.

For example, whenever I went into the tool that Alex Cass shows on the sales page where he goes and pulls a high PR backlink really quickly, I put in my keywords, I submit it and it just starts processing and processing and processing and it tells you this may take up to 90 seconds while even after waiting 10 minutes at a point, it still had not pulled any websites that I could go and get a link from. I tried this with the keywords that I was aiming for when I was testing SEO Zen, I tried it on other keywords just randomly to see if there was a problem with that niche or if it was just a problem with the software overall and it was just a problem with software overall.

One of the biggest selling points of the software didn’t function at all whatsoever. You’ll find other tiny bugs as you go through the software that are kind of frustrating because they don’t work either. Obviously, these guys are not keeping up with updating the software and taking care of their customers like they should be.

Another big problem with SEO Zen is that it just flat out doesn’t work. It doesn’t function on the level that Alex Becker and Alex Cass promise you on the sales page. To test this product, I went for a niche that I know is pretty low competition and that’s optometrist or eye doctors in Sugar Land, Texas. I have a friend that owns a business there, he is an optometrist and I helped him get his website rank very easily. I didn’t want to pick a high competition niche to test the product because I thought if it’s worth anything at all, surely, it would get rankings in a semi-low competition niche.

Whenever I went in to the software and put in my keywords for optometrist in Sugar Land, Texas and eye doctors in Sugar Land, I put all of that into the silo creation as they call it which is what SEO Zen refers to the pages of content that it creates on your site, and I filled out all of that information, submitted it and it pulled content not on optometrist in Sugar Land but on carpet cleaning and professional carpet cleaning services in Sugar Land, Texas which is 100% worthless when you’re trying to get ranked for optometry keywords, eye exam keywords, eye doctor keywords.

If the software is legitimate at all, it would catch a really big error like that. It wouldn’t deliver a piece of content from a completely different industry within that area because even if it did get rankings for eye doctors, what good is that going to do with the business? It’s not going to do any good at all whatsoever because someone looking for an eye exam finds a website filled with how to clean their carpet, they’re not going to be interested at all.

To make matters even worse, SEO Zen just pulled duplicate content even after I spun the content which is what you call it when you put it through software that exchanges some words for synonyms so that supposedly, this doesn’t work this way anymore, but search engines supposedly will then rank that content as unique content because you swapped out a few words to make a certain percentage unique.

Whenever I did that, it went back and pulled the first paragraph from the article, put on my website, put it into Google in quotes to find any websites that had that exact same paragraph on it. I received 10 different results, 10 different websites had that exact same content on it. It’s pulling 100% duplicate content which Google has flat out stated and made very clear can either severely damage your website or make it so your website doesn’t even appear in the search engines at all so nobody can find it through Google. Yahoo and Bing are doing the same thing. Not only did it pull completely unrelated content but it pulled 100% duplicate content which is worthless if you’re trying to build any kind of business online.

For all of these reasons and more, there is absolutely no way that I can recommend SEO Zen by Alex Becker, Alex Cass and Mo Miah to anyone that’s listening to this podcast.

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