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In this review, we’re going to be discussing Build My Income Daily which is essentially a product where Marvin Williams tries to show you how to make yourself rich by selling more copies of Build My Income Daily. All of that and more in today’s review from

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Within Build My Income Daily, Marvin Williams tries to teach customers two ways to promote the product to make money. The first one I want to talk about is the free traffic methods that he recommends. Essentially, what Marvin Williams is recommending is that you go and spam classified sites, you go and spam forum sites, you spam your social networks with offers that tie back to Build My Income Daily and you try to sell the product.

Now, the only problem with that is especially with the kind of thin amount of training within the Build My Income Daily product, these are not legitimate ways to become an affiliate marketer and make affiliate commissions online. What Marvin Williams is essentially doing here is saying, hey, here are a bunch of classified sites, go and post some links to try and sell Build My Income Daily and these are some sites you’ve heard of like Craigslist or Backpage but then also, others that you have never heard of like KeyGG and Zickbay. They don’t make any sense. They’re low quality classified sites and on top of that, whether you go to forums and you’re posting links back to your site trying to sell an affiliate product or you’re posting your affiliate link on the forums, most of the times, you’ll actually get banned for self-promotion.

Once you get through the poor free traffic methods, there are equally poor paid traffic methods waiting for you. In this section, Marvin Williams instructs you to spend money on what are called solo ads and that is where you pay someone essentially to rent their e-mail list for an e-mail. You pay them to send an e-mail on your behalf with your affiliate link. You would be paying them to send an e-mail that had your affiliate link for Build My Income Daily so that if any of their e-mail subscribers purchase the product through that e-mail, you would make an affiliate commission.

There are a couple of big problems with this approach. One is that solo ads are not something that new Internet marketers should be pursuing because it’s a fairly difficult thing to convert and any type of paid traffic, if you’re a newer Internet marketer is much more likely to result in you losing money than making money by selling the product. There’s just so much more to learn as an affiliate marketer. I can tell you that I knew things in year 7 that I have no idea about in your 5 as an affiliate marketer. You’re constantly learning and growing and I wasn’t good enough at affiliate marketing to start pursuing paid advertising until several years into my affiliate marketing career. I just didn’t know enough about conversion optimization or sales copy or e-mail marketing. You just kind of pick that up over the years. So for someone selling a product that’s targeting new Internet marketers, entry level Internet marketers, and saying , hey, here’s the first thing you should do. Go throw some money at paid advertising, at paid traffic sources which does not have your best interest at heart but it’s good for him because if you sell any copies of Build My Income Daily, Marvin Williams is going to make money any way around it.

Finally, I want to address what, in my opinion, is kind of the elephant in the room and that is you were promised one thing on the sales page, you’re promised this great product that’s going to teach you how to build an online business and what you were delivered was a product that teaches you how to sell that product which doesn’t really make any sense to me.

Why should you have to pay for someone to teach you how to make them more money because that’s all Build My Income Daily is. It’s not a product that teaches you affiliate marketing or Internet marketing in general. It’s a product with an agenda to resell itself so that Marvin Williams can make more and more money. Every single person that he sells Build My Income Daily s going to go out there and try to follow his methods and sell more copies of Build My Income Daily. You signed up to do Marvin Williams the favor of making him more money.

You basically become a foot soldier for selling Build My Income Daily through the methods that Marvin Williams teaches which may be okay if you bought this product and you were actually able to make money with the strategies that Marvin Williams taught you, that would be one thing. I might say I’m going to give you a warning. You’re only going to be selling the product but hey, you can make some money here. But that’s not what the product delivers at all. It delivers poor training, poor resources and does not have your best interest at heart at all. That, amongst all of the other reasons I’ve discussed in this review, is why there is no way that I can possibly recommend Build My Income Daily to any of my followers or anyone listening to this review.

My name is Ian Pribyl with and I want to thank you for listening. I hope you found this review to be helpful. If you’re interested in legitimate step by step training on how to get an honest start in Internet marketing, visit and look under the free stuff section at the top of the site.