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In this Legit Online Jobs review, I’m going to discuss how the product promises one thing but delivers something entirely different after you pay for the product. I’ll give you several reasons to avoid Legit Online Jobs in today’s review from

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Based on the Legit Online Jobs sales page, I was expecting one of two things when I got into the product. I was expecting a series of training that showed me how to make money the multiple ways they describe that I could make money on their sales page or I also could have expected a piece of software because they talk about how this is kind of automated and set and forget and easy to do and it’s a system that you just kind of put in place and supposedly make money on auto-pilot which is a claim that I’m always extremely weary of.

When I got into the product, I was surprised to find neither of those things. Essentially, the core of the product when you get into Legit Online Jobs after paying is a massive list of classified sites and websites that you can post ads on. That’s it. That’s what they give you. That’s what Legit Online Jobs is at its core when you get in. It’s a list of websites that you could have compiled on your own or you probably could have found online for free.

Once you start clicking around, you realize the situation is even worse then you might have thought when you first got in to the members’ area because you have this overwhelming, I mean this is massive list of sites that’s not helpful at all. There’s no reason I should have paid for this. You get in there and you start clicking around and you find out that a ton of these websites aren’t even functional. They don’t even exist anymore. They’re just dead links. This site almost looks like it was abandoned because it’s not being updated anymore. Old, broken websites aren’t being pulled out and new ones added. It’s just this neglected, gigantic list of sites that doesn’t do me any good at all and isn’t at all what I was promised on the sales page.

To top it all off, as you continue going through this product, as you continue going through the Legit Online Jobs members’ area, it becomes really obvious that this is not at all what you were promised on the sales page. You were promised this kind of system that you could go and post ads for large companies and get paid which almost sounds like a data-entry job or a data processing job of some kind.

What you find when you get into the product is, hey, go sign up for a Clickbank account which, by the way, you can do for free right now without ever buying Legit Online Jobs, go sign up for a Clickbank account and after you do that, here are a bunch of classified sites that you can post ads on. That’s it, there’s no training at all. It’s just a massive overwhelming list and it’s not at all what you were promised. This is one of the most blatant bait and switch products that I have ever reviewed.

They talk about all these money you can make posting short text ads for these gigantic companies and once you get into the product, that is not at all what Legit Online Jobs is about. It’s a completely deceptive sales page. You are led to believe one thing and they delivered something entirely different and there is no way in the world that I can recommend to anybody buy Legit Online Jobs based on my experiences with the product.

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