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In this review, we’re going to discuss a product called 7 Day Cash Money which turns out to just be a confusing string of e-mails that lead you into nothing except feeling really, really ripped off. I’ll discuss all of the details that led me to that conclusion in this review from

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When you purchase 7 Day Cash Money, you don’t get access to a product like you might expect. What you actually get is an e-mail that says, hey, send us some information and then wait a day or two and we’ll get back to you with some more instructions. It’s a really brief e-mail and it was really off-putting for me because again, just like most people, I was expecting to gain access to some kind of product, some kind of training that taught me how to make money with Google and Clickbank like the sales page promises. But instead, what you receive is just a really plain template e-mail that says, hey, send us this information, this information, this information and this information and then we’ll tell you what to do next within a day or two.

So now you’ve bought this product, you get an e-mail, you send the information back and then you just kind of have to sit on your hands and wait. Thea’s your first impression of the product that you just paid for. Whenever you send that information in, what you receive back is another e-mail that instructs you on how to go apply for a Google AdSense account.

It makes very clear, you may not even get approved but they send you a website with a really, really low quality domain name, I mean it’s not memorable at all. The domain name that I received was That’s not something you can tell someone, hey, go view my website. It’s and they’re going to remember. This is one of the most blatant and insulting cases of a product publisher not living up to their commitments that they made on the sales page.

They tell you that you’re going to make all these money with Google and Clickbank and they’re going to show you how then they send you an e-mail, say, okay, send us this information and once you send that back, they just send back instructions on how to apply for Google AdSense which is something you can do for free and something that you can get better instructions on how to do for free just by searching the Internet how to apply for Google AdSense.

And the on top of that, they slap you in the face with this really cheap .info domain that nobody could possibly remember. And just to add insult to injury because I can’t possible figure out any other reason as to why this would be the case, my website didn’t even work. If you go to, you will get a non functioning, apparently non-existing website. They ask for information, I sent them that information, they send back a low quality domain name that didn’t even freaking’ work. So what have I just paid for?

On top of that, even if the website did work, the product publisher’s claim that the way you’re going to get traffic and start making money through Google AdSense and Clickbank is linking schemes which in the Google terms of service are outlined very clearly as something that is band, it’s against their terms of service. If you do it, your website is going to get penalized. Years ago linking schemes worked but they don’t anymore.

So they’re selling a product that’s a confusing maze of e-mails that once I got through that maze, they send me a website with a low quality domain name that didn’t even work and even if it had worked, their linking schemes are outdated, would get punished by Google and my website would be rendered completely useless.

All of these reasons add up to a very clear final verdict of there is no way that you should purchase this product because this product publisher has just strung together a confusing series of events to justify taking your money and hope that you don’t request a refund.

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