In this Build My Income Daily review, you’ll see that Marvin Williams wants you to think BMID can earn you passive income, but in reality it comes up VERY short. You won’t be generating commissions with his free traffic methods, and it’s very likely that you’ll lose money by dabbling in his paid traffic strategies. There’s basically nothing of value in the product itself, so essentially you’re paying for the right to resell Build My Income Daily to other people. As I’ll explain in greater detail below, these are the main reasons why I think it’s be a big mistake to spend $119.00 buying into Marvin Williams’ hype.

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You’re Basically Paying to be a Build My Income Daily Affiliate

When you purchase the product, you’re given very specific instructions on how to earn money. It’s called the “Daily Success Plan” and each day you’re given a checklist of things you should be doing.

BMID Dailly SuccessAll of the steps revolve around selling Build My Income Daily to other people. In fact, Marvin explicitly states that you shouldn’t be using “any other marketing materials” and that you should be focused exclusively on his instructions. In other words, all of your attention should be spent trying to resell Build My Income Daily.

But there’s no reason to pay $119.00 for the right to resell BMID. That’s because it’s a Clickbank product (free to promote), and you can sign up to be a Clickbank affiliate for free. Then you’ll be able to be an affiliate for Build My Income Daily and thousands of similar products, and none of it will cost you anything at all.

Clickbank Is Free


Marvin Williams Pushes You Into Paid Advertising

There are two types of traffic-generating strategies that Marvin Williams suggests in the Build My Income Daily members area, and there are big problems with both of them. First, he recommends using paid advertising to generate faster results. In fact, you’re provided with an entire list of options for solo ad providers (paying someone to email their subscribers on your behalf; basically renting their list for a one-off email).

BMID Paid Advertising ListThis is terrible advice for newer internet marketers, since you’re highly likely to lose money while learning the ropes – especially with something very risky like solo ads (something that even experienced internet marketers can have trouble making profitable). The fact that Marvin Williams recommends paid traffic as being “much quicker and easier than free traffic methods” to beginners is a major red flag.

BMID Recommends Paid TrafficWhen you’re new to internet marketing, you’re much better off sticking with free traffic-generating techniques, since everyone goes through a lot of trial and error in this industry. It’s better to make these mistakes and learn the industry while using traffic methods that won’t cost you anything rather than getting involved with expensive solo ads that are very unlikely to make you any money at all.


Build My Income Daily Teaches Poor Free Traffic Strategies

The other side of this problem is that the free traffic options recommended by Marvin Williams are completely ineffective. He gives you several different strategies, including traffic exchanges, free classifieds sites, forums, and social networks.

BMID Free Traffic Methods

All of these methods are known for bringing in untargeted traffic that will be extremely difficult to convert into commissions. Although it was possible to leverage traffic like this very effectively years ago, it is significantly much more difficult to utilize these strategies in today’s search climate. Even Marvin Williams himself admits that you won’t see any results for a long time, if ever. You can post on every single one of the free classifieds websites below, but it’s still very unlikely that a single visitor will end up purchasing Build My Income Daily through one of your ads.

BMID Free ClassifiedsThe reason is simple: people browsing these types of sites are not interested in buying products like BMID, so you’re not going to convince  them to suddenly pull out their credit cards with a brief post or a banner ad. The same is true for traffic exchanges, forums, and social media. It’ll be nearly impossible to convert this type of untargeted traffic into sales. Using Build My Income Daily’s methods, you’re  trying to sell to an audience who hasn’t even expressed interest in the first place. Imagine going to Craigslist looking for a job, but instead you find someone trying to sell BMID. Would YOU buy it?

The best example of free traffic that actually WORKS (but unfortunately isn’t taught in Build My Income Daily) is search engine optimization (SEO) which allows you to connect with an audience that’s already interested in learning about the product you’re selling. It requires time and concentrated effort to raise your website’s search engine rankings, but this type of traffic is significantly more valuable than the methods recommended by Marvin Williams.


Conclusion: BMID Definitely Isn’t a Smart Investment

I’ve explained above why Build My Income Daily isn’t worth its expensive price tag. Firstly you can become an affiliate for free, so there’s no reason to spend $119 just to resell Marvin Williams’ product. There are also are serious problems with both traffic methods you’re instructed to pursue within the training. The free traffic methods he advises all involve untargeted traffic that won’t convert into sales, and the paid traffic techniques will likely cost you a lot of money but generate zero results.

So in the end you’ve paid $119 for Build My Income Daily, potentially lost even more money attempting to buy traffic per Marvin’s instructions, and wasted a ton of time posting to classified sites, forums, and other ineffective free traffic methods that just don’t produce results anymore. That doesn’t sound like a very good outcome for my followers, so there’s no way that I can possibly recommend this product.


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