About the Author of NoMoreBSReviews.com

My name is Ian and I’ve been studying different facets of internet marketing since I was 16 years old. In that time, I purchased many products from many places, often giving into fake reviews connected to affiliate offers that I wasn’t aware were fake in those early days. When I was 19 I finally found a product that I used to make money and become a full-time affiliate marketer, but as the years passed even that product is no longer valid and I believe purchasing it is a waste of money.

The internet has become plagued with these false reviews because affiliate marketing provides an opportunity to cash in for people willing to sell out. Affiliate marketing isn’t all bad though; in fact far from it. There are many products out there which provide great information and great tools to use to make money online. I haven’t found all of them and I doubt I ever will, but this website is my mission to at least find a few diamonds in the rough while simultaneously exposing much of the fraud that’s presently spread across the internet. You can reach my through my contact page.