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In this review, we’re going to be discussing a product called My Advertising Pays by a guy named Mike Deese which presents himself as a person that’s just like you and me but he’s actually put together a low quality product that’s going to be a waste of your time and money. We’ll discuss all of the reasons why in today’s review from

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If you’re trying to make money with a website regardless of whether it’s a local business or a larger website that services a nation or the entire world’s population or if you’re just trying to make money as an affiliate or Internet marketer selling other people’s products or services, the key to making a profitable website is getting qualified, targeted traffic from the audience that is interested in the product or service reselling. The main reason that My Advertising Pays is receiving a negative review today is that it’s a traffic exchange.

What traffic exchanges are by nature is low quality, unqualified traffic that is very, very difficult to convert into sales or affiliate commissions. This is due to the fact that most people on traffic exchanges, if they are real people at all, I’ll get into that in a minute, but if they’re real people at all, they’re clicking on these text links within My Advertising Pays members’ area to just try and scrape up a few pennies at a time. There’s not guarantee that they’re qualified traffic, that they’re even remotely interested in your offer because they’re just being incentivised to click the ads, stay on the website for a few seconds and move on to the next site. Most of them are just going to stay the absolute minimum of time necessary to make some money.

Why I said if they are even real people is because a lot of people making money on traffic exchanges have just put together computers or built software programs that act like humans. They go on, they click a site, they stay on for a few seconds, stay around, then they go to another site. It’s just a software program. You have absolutely no shot at making any money or converting that software program or that computer visitor to your website into any type of sale or commission at all.

Within My Advertising Pays, it actually gets a little bit worse because not only are you dealing with low-quality traffic and a low-quality traffic exchange but Mike Deese has even added a way for him in the business to make more money and also the people that are clicking on ads within the My Advertising Pays members’ area to make more “profit share” by purchasing what are called credit packs. As you purchase these credit packs, the minimum one is $49.99 so let’s say $50, you will receive 550 clicks for that $50 which sounds like a lot but again, when you’re talking about low quality, unqualified, untargeted traffic that is extremely unlikely to convert into any type of sale or commission, that’s pretty expensive. Fifty dollars to pay for even a massive amount of low quality traffic is not something that Internet marketers frequently do. We would rather experience, Internet marketers would rather pay a higher price for a higher quality, qualified traffic that we are sure we can convert into sales.

If you’re looking for ways to get traffic to your website, I highly recommend looking at more legitimate sources of traffic, paid advertising, as well free advertising through the form of search engine optimization or social media promotion or something else along those lines. We’re not only avoiding My Advertising Pays but just avoiding traffic exchange systems all together because they don’t produce results. They don’t produce traffic that you can convert into sales or commissions easily at all. It’s something that I would recommend avoiding like the plaque.

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